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The Divergents, part six

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 5 min read
The Divergents, part six
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Sun shining in her face, Trix woke and grinned. She was still on top of Callum, who was still asleep. And he was still inside her, which for some reason, didn't alarm her.

Despite her carnal desires, she hadn't planned on visiting his tent last night. She wasn't that easy. But Bethany would not stop complaining, and Trix had been moments from strangling her.

So, when she kissed him, and he responded eagerly, Trix knew she wouldn't leave the sexy alien and his amazing mouth without going all the way.

Lifting her head and resting her chin on his pale blue chest, Trix studied Callum's face. He didn't look much different asleep than awake, although his relaxed facial muscles gave him a more child-like appearance.

Trix turned her head, the other cot empty but must, her cheeks heating.

When had Nola been there? And what had she seen? Since, apparently, Wanderers had damn near perfect night vision.

Trix closed her eyes; no way she would sleep now, especially now that her bladder had decided to chime in.

But as she went to crawl off him, two arms pulled her in. "Where are you going, little spark?"

Trix blushed at his pet name for her. "I have to pee."

"Hmm," Callum grinned, "Perhaps I'll allow it."


He cupped her cheek, tenderly kissing her.

Her body tingled as he became more assertive, grabbing her bare ass with the other hand.

Trix broke away, panting, "I really do need to pee, babe."

He lifted a brow, "I am not a babe."

She giggled, "It's a pet name couples say to each other."

"And are we a couple?" Callum brushed his lips against her neck.

"No," she sighed, "not yet, anyway."

Trix felt his grin, and her heart warmed.

"I will take that." He kissed her once more. "But go relieve your bladder."

Climbing off him and out from under the blanket, Trix remembered it was winter, shivering as she put on her clothes. Even if it was eighty degrees, there was no way she was streaking through the camp.

Trix stepped outside and, after finding a good spot, let her bladder empty itself. She'd never peed in the woods before, but it was a new experience, and she was always searching for new ones.

She noted that none of the other women were awake as she walked back to her Wanderer's tent. What time was it? Trix lost her watch when those soldiers snatched her from the street.

When she stepped back inside, Callum was mostly dressed, slipping his shirt on. But not before she spotted those delicious abs of his, biting her lower lip.

He lifted a brow, smirking. "Enjoying the view?"

"Very much." There was no point denying it.


Smiling, Trix tied her hair into a ponytail, not enjoying how greasy it felt in her hands. Her skin and hair produced oil like it was going out of style.

Although she hadn't had a true shower since being taken to the mother ship.

They used light-powered decontaminators, which were safe for daily use, and removed excess dirt and oil from the skin as well. But they couldn't beat the feeling of hot water on aching muscles.

Rumbling in the sky pulled Trix from her thoughts, her body stiffening. What the hell was that? Did the mother ship find them?

But Callum grinned, "It seems Nola's message reached its destination."

"So, that's them?"


She didn't know how to feel about their rebel allies showing. Everything was just happening so fast that it made her mind spin as she tried to mentally regain her balance.

He rested his hands on her shoulders, "It will be okay, little spark."

Trix glanced at her Wanderer, "Promise?"


Taking a deep breath, Trix stepped outside the tent, "Okay, let's do this."


Callum felt how uneasy Trix was when ships from the rebel base first flew over the little camp. He understood her apprehension, given everything that had happened.

But he was surprised it took Nash that long to get Nola's message, knowing how the Deviant's engines sounded.

Following Trix, Callum watched as the females gathered around Nola and the two ships, keeping his distance from them. He didn't recognize the other ship, but he wasn't exactly up-to-date on ship models either.

The Deviant's main opened, a shorter female with dark hair and light skin walking out first. He recalled seeing her face on the mother ship once. She must have been snuck out.

Nash stepped out, his face clearly shocked, "Nola, is that really you?"

Nola nodded, grinning, "Yes, it is, brother."

The female opened her mouth, but the other ship's door opened. Galen ran out and grabbed Nola, pulling her into his embrace.

Callum laughed, walking around the females, "I see you haven't changed much, my friend."

Galen lifted his head, still holding Nola, grinning, "Yes and no."

Then they shared a quick embrace as the other two latched onto each other. Damn, he missed being around Wanderers with the same ideals as him.

Callum pulled back, "Is that your ship?"

"Yes, the Defiant."

"And my brother?"

"Oh, he's just as anti-social as ever."

Another Wanderer walked out, obviously a trainee, "Thanks for ditching me with controls."

Galen turned his head, "Excuse me, we're having a moment."

The trainee rolled his eyes.

Callum chuckled, "A new pupil, I see."

"I'm sorry," The female interjected, "Who are you two?"

He moved toward her. "I'm Callum, and this is Nola."

"My twin sister," Nash added.

Her eyes widened as she turned to him. "And I'm just learning this now?" Then she punched his arm as she started yelling at him.

Galen smirked, "That's Nash's mate, Ava."

Callum blinked.

"Wait, what?" Trix stepped away from the group, "And who are you?"

"I'm..." But Galen stopped, gaze passed her, "Skye?"

Kassie stared at him, "You know my twin?"

"Uh, apparently," He rubbed the back of his neck, blushing, which wasn't normal for him, "I'm Galen, Skye's mate."


Trix nudged him, "Wow, this was getting weird fast."

Callum nodded, agreeing with her. How many more siblings would find each other today?

Ava stopped yelling at her mate, "Wait, Skye has a twin?"

Kassie nodded, not appearing to be shocked about their lack of knowledge regarding her existence, "I'm Kassie."

"And I'm Trix, thanks for asking." She crossed her arms. "Can we discuss this stuff later, like when we're safe and clean?"

Galen smirked, "I like her."

Callum smiled. So did he.

"Well, come on, then."

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