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The Divergents, part fourteen

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 4 months ago 7 min read
The Divergents, part fourteen
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Waking early the next morning, Callum found himself alone in bed, although the other side was still warm.

He frowned slightly. Unusual.

He didn't remember Trix returning to the unit last night, but he had gone to bed not too long after Galen left. He'd been more exhausted than he thought.

Now, Callum felt almost normal again, his mind clear of everyone's emotions. He needed a longer break from the infirmary, though.

He sat up, rolling his neck and shoulders as he heard Trix shuffle about in the kitchen. Was she making them food? He hoped coffee would be a part of their breakfast.

Callum then stood, walking into the bathroom to relieve himself and shower.

It had been a long time since he'd used water to cleanse; the mother ship used sonic waves, heat, and a sanitizing mist, not wanting to waste water. And Wanderers didn't need to clean themselves often like humans.

So, it was a fascinating experience.

Putting on Wanderer-sized jeans and a t-shirt, Callum exited the bedroom. He found Trix wearing headphones as she made food. He stood there and watched her, smiling.

Since meeting the feisty, intelligent female, Callum hated picturing his life without her in it. And while he didn't know if they were mates, also called a drixa pair, he wanted her as his.

After a few moments, Trix turned, jumping as she saw him. "Holy shit, Cal!"

He chuckled, moving toward her, "Did I scare you, little spark?"

"Yes, you cocky bastard." Trix removed her headphones, setting them on the counter.

Callum pulled her against him. "I didn't mean to frighten you."

She rested her cheek on his chest, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Then she looked over, rushing to the stovetop. "Ahh! Please don't burn!"

Callum sat down at the table as she hurried. He would've offered to help, but the last time he tried, she'd smacked his ass with a hot spatula, shooing him out of the kitchen.

He wished she'd do that again, although with her hand instead of a utensil meant for food.

Callum frowned as his member rose at the thought, willing it to soften again.

"You must have been tired last night, though." Trix grabbed two plates and two forks. "I tried rousing you, but you were out cold."

He nodded, "Humans are more tiring than I'd anticipated."

"Yeah, I feel the same way." She brought breakfast to the table. "People are exhausting."

He smirked as she got them coffee. "Not all of them, though."

"Yeah, I don't seem to wear out your brother." Trix sipped at her mug, "Eat."

Callum examined his plate, noting the strips of meat.

"It's turkey bacon, so it shouldn't cause you any digestive issues."

He grabbed a piece, biting into it. Yep, it was poultry. And tasty. It was a shame his race couldn't process dark meat, though.

Trix had already begun eating, bliss crossing over her face with each bite. Callum couldn't help but be a little jealous, saying nothing as he continued eating.

The silence was nice as they enjoyed their meals; many of the humans loved hearing themselves talk about mostly nonsense. And some of the trainees had picked up that habit too.

But she eventually broke the silence, "Not that I'm not enjoying you being here, but aren't you supposed to be at the medical tent right now?"

Callum sighed, "I'm taking a day off."

"You do look like hell."

He lifted a brow, hiding his smile, "Oh, do I now?"

Trix nodded, buttering her toast, not looking at him. "And you've been going nonstop since we got here, so yeah, you deserve a day or two to recover."

Callum leaned back, smiling now.

She glanced at him. "What?"

"Just you."

Trix turned away, clearly blushing as she fumbled through her bag. "Well, at least I get to try this."

She held some sort of box in her hand. Then she opened it, and he realized it was a communicator. And from the looks of it, she had built it.

Trix pressed a few buttons, and Bram's voice filled the air, "Well, now we know they work."

"I am so smart." Trix puffed out her chest. "But do you care if I don't come in today?"

"No, I'll be fine."

"Okay, see you later." Trix closed the communicator.

"Already building things, I see."

Trix sat on his lap, "Well, it sucks we can't call anyone, so I'm working on these." She grinned, "Inspired by a show I watched."

Callum grinned, "So, what do you want to do today?"


Hours later, they lounged on the couch watching TV shows Trix managed to find and stream. It had been a loaded question when Callum had asked what she wanted to do.

She wanted to do so much, but people usually found her likes too nerdy and annoying. So, she never said anything and did stuff on her own.

However, Callum had yet to pitch her shit as they watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. If anything, he seemed fascinated by the human imagination about the future.

And it was surreal watching it with an alien next to her.

But after a while, Trix found herself bored. She'd never been able to keep still for long periods without doing something with her hands; she was sure she had ADHD, although she never got tested for it.

"We had something else." Callum gave her a look. "I can tell you're bored."

She chuckled nervously, "I like being busy." Especially after having been locked up by herself for so long.

His mouth curved, a familiar spark in his eyes, "I can think of something."

Trix rolled her eyes but smirked. Men. Human or Wanderer, they always went to sex.

Luckily, her Wanderer was good at that.

However... "There's something I need to talk to you about first."

His head tilted, Callum resting his cheek against his fist, propped on the couch by his elbow. "What is it?"

She sighed, "I want compatibility nanites."

He blinked, leaning back slightly. "Not what I thought you were going to say, but I'm not surprised."

Trix narrowed her eyes. "Did they already tell you?"

"No one told me, but every human wants them."

"So, will you give me some?" she moved closer.

"Well, I must run tests first, and I can't guaranty anything, but I will try."

Trix pressed a quick kiss against his lips. "Thank you."

"Mhmm." Callum jumped on the chance, rolling them so she was on her back, running his mouth along her neck.

But she had different ideas.

Pushing him off, Trix backed him against the wall, working to unbutton his jeans. There was one thing she had yet to do to him, and she figured this was the perfect opportunity.

"What are you doing, little spark?" His voice was hoarse.

"Trying to take off your pants right now." His dick wasn't making that easy. "Then something I know you'll love."

Callum reached his hands down, undoing the button. The jeans fell away, revealing his rigid member.

Licking her lips, Trix grabbed its base, then put it into her mouth. Damn, he wasn't small. She'd make it work, though, feeling her body becoming turned on.

He stiffened momentarily but quickly relaxed as she moved her tongue. She held onto his hips as she went down on him, Callum rocking them as he started moaning.

God, that was hot to hear.

Trix continued, moving one hand to play with his boys.

In response, he fisted her hair and forced more of him into her mouth. She choked for a second, then adjusted her angle.

"If you don't stop," Callum sighed, "I will spill myself."

Of course, she didn't, and it wasn't long before hot liquid shot into her mouth, Callum's words incoherent.

She glanced up at him, pure pleasure on his face as he braced himself against the wall. Was that how she looked?

Trix slowed as his jizz ran down her chin and onto the floor. Damn, he had a lot in him. It tasted like sweet citrus, though, something she hadn't expected. But she liked it.

She pulled away once he finished, going into the bathroom and grabbing a towel.

Callum was fully clothed when she returned, wiping herself and the floor clean.

"What was that?" He pulled her into his arms. "And why did you wait to do that?"

Trix giggled, sensing his nerves calming as he moved them to the couch again. "That, my dear, is called a blowjob."

"Well, you do it well." He laid them down, Trix on top of him, his expression drowsy. "And I will reciprocate later."

"Damn right, you will." She looked at the TV again, feeling his breathing change as he fell asleep.

She was happy laying there, though, also relaxed as she continued her binge.

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