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The Divergents, part eleven

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 6 min read
The Divergents, part eleven
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It had been a few days since Trix started working with Bram. While his gruff answers and body language were still something she'd have to grow accustomed to, his knowledge was invaluable.

And if she needed conversation or something translated, Galen was more than happy to provide it to her. And he was a gossip. But Trix didn't mind it; it gave her an idea about the social dynamics on the base.

She hadn't spent much time with the other enhanced women since their arrival. Trix wanted to feel bad about it, but during the day, she worked on alien tech, and at night was with an alien.

From what she did know, Callum had pissed off almost everyone in the medical tent. And she understood both sides, although she leaned toward his.

Currently, she was hunched over Bram's worktable, watching as he tinkered with one of the medical scanners from the shuttle; it had been brought to the base a couple of days ago.

Apparently, it was shorting out and giving false readings. It also needed to be calibrated for both humans and Wanderers, as did most of the medical equipment.

"So, Trix," Galen began as he read one of the manuals from his book stack, "why did you become an engineer?"

Trix lifted her head, grinning. "I wanted to piss my parents off."

He lifted a brow, urging her to continue.

"All they wanted me to do was look pretty and stay home while a nanny tended to my kids while my 'man' was bullshitting somewhere."

"And you didn't want that."

"Hell no! I have a one-sixty-five IQ and am a huge nerd." Trix exhaled loudly, standing. "There was no way I would waste my talents on that life."

Galen grinned, "You human females are so vibrant and boisterous."

"Depends on the human female." She moved closer to him. "What about Wanderer females?"

He shrugged, although his lavender eyes carried some hurt, "Often aloof and calculated."

Damn. "Guessing you prefer us to them."

"I do," Bram stood, rolling his neck and shoulders.

Trix crossed her arms, smirking, "Coulda fooled me."

Galen snickered behind her.

Bram shrugged, "Yes, human emotions can be exhausting, but there's just something about humans. I can't describe it."

She sighed, wishing he could. "Well, it's nice you tolerate my presence."

"You are the only human on the base who is interested and understands what I do." His seafoam green eyes sparked Fascinating.

"Well, I'm happy to help."

"You're also the most Wanderer-sized human female we've seen." Bram barely lifted his head as he continued tinkering.

Trix's cheeks blushed.

"What my friend means to say," Galen shot him a glare, "is that you don't appear as fragile as the other females."

"But don't all of us have nanites of some form?"

Bram shook his head, "Besides you twelve, only Skye, Ava, Evan, and Max have nanites, and theirs are different from yours."

"And the females still appear delicate." Galen set down the manual. "Especially Skye."

Bram snorted.

"Not from what I've seen." Trix raised a brow, remembering Ava's outburst toward Nash, "And why not?"

"No one else has volunteered."

"Well, I do." Because while the enhancement nanites gave her awesome powers, they didn't make her body strong and fast like the compatibility ones seemed to for the four.

Both Wanderers froze, staring at her like she suddenly grew another head. Then they glanced at each other.


"We don't know if that's a good idea." Galen sighed.

Bram stood, stretching, "But I can discuss it with Cal, who knows more about nanites than anyone here."

Trix nodded, her stomach growling loudly. "Well, I should probably go eat something now."

Galen grinned at her, "We'll be fine, we promise."

Smiling, she left them to do their thing, heading to the dining hall.


Several days in, and still, almost none of the medical people liked him.

Callum didn't care about their opinion of him, but their fear or obstinance made the job twice as difficult as needed.

The male known as Olsen had warmed up to him a bit, though, occasionally asking questions. And Skye seemed smugly happy about the situation. So that was something.

Luckily, Callum was on a break, sitting in his new quarters with his eyes closed. Feeling the humans' emotions had given him a headache, and he only felt them when touching them.

Bram was similar but didn't require the tactile connection. However, Callum could also feel a person's physical well-being. It was one of the reasons he became a medic.

He'd treated more species than he could count, but humans were different in many ways, not only physiologically. And his heart pounded at the challenge, a smile curving his mouth.

Hearing the door open, Callum opened his eyes. Trix stood in front of him, her hands dirty and hair in a 'messy bun.' He knew she'd been slipping into Bram's workshop, probably annoying him.

Although he was a little surprised she was there; Trix almost never hung out in their shared unit outside of sleeping and showering. He understood why, though.

"Did I wake you?"

Callum chuckled, "No, I wasn't asleep."

She stepped into the cooking area, "I just need to wash my hands."

He stood, stalking toward her as she scrubbed her hands clean, need suddenly making him ache. Then, unable to help himself, he grabbed her and hauled her to the bed.

Trix squealed. "Hey!"

"What?" Callum set her on the bed. "Don't you want to feel good?"

She stuck her tongue out, and he took the opportunity, crashing his mouth on hers. She moaned, pulling him on top of her. That answered his question.

Callum didn't know what it was about this female that drove him crazy, but he'd be even crazier not to do anything about it.

He quickly removed their clothes, still hovering over her. Trix eyed him greedily, sending shivers down his spine as he pushed himself inside her.

He started slowly, not wanting to lose control yet. But she was impatient, pushing against him.

"Relax, little spark."

"No, you tease."

Quickly changing positions so she was on her hands and knees, Callum slipped a hand between her legs as he moved. She gasped as he found that sensitive spot, lightly playing with it.

"Better." He moved faster and harder as he felt her pleasure. No way he'd come before her, stroking her spot more intensely.

"I--I--I--" Trix's body shook.

"Not yet."

She fisted the sheets as he pounded into her, clearly trying not to come. But she wouldn't have to wait for much longer. He was almost ready to explode.

Then Trix stilled, her body clamping down on his as she came. Callum continued moving and stroking, stars dancing across his vision as he followed.

After a few moments, Callum pulled out, rolling onto his back. Then he yanked her into his embrace. She was so warm compared to him.

"Are you sure I'm your first human?" Trix's laugh was breathy as she lay on him.

"Oh, I'm sure." He traced circles onto her back. "I just studied first."

She giggled, and heat rushed through him.

This session was not over yet.

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