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The Demon in the Closet

Chapter 1

By ElsaPublished about a year ago 4 min read
The Demon in the Closet
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Being a child of divorce parents has it's perks. You usually get two of everything. In my case, I had a great childhood, a loving family, and many happy memories, except for the demon in the closet.

Growing up in the 90s was a feat in itself. We played outside, came in before dusk, stayed up watching MTV (when it actually had music videos), and we tried to keep our Tamagotchies alive. I just remember everything being great until my dad bought that house.

I saw my dad every other weekend. The day he bought the new house I got a terrible feeling. Something inside of me felt wrong. I remember being on the phone with my dad and him describing the new house. He was very excited but I felt that something wasn't right. I told my brother and he felt the same way. You see, my brother and I are kind of odd. Ever since we were kids we see/feel things around us. I only feel or sense things, my brother sees them. That day we hung up the phone with my dad. I remember not wanting to go with him that weekend. That's when it all started.

The House

"Mom! I just don't want to go!" I yelled at my mom through my bedroom door. I stared at my bed with my weekend clothes splattered around. I refused to go to my dad's. I just felt that something was not right.

"Ester! We don't have time for this. I have to go to work after I drop you and your brother off. It's only one night!" My mom yelled at me through the door. I continued to stare at my clothes just wanting it to be Monday already. I love going to my dad's, he is pretty great. My brother and I always have fun but I don't want to go to this new house he bought. I hear more banging on the door that makes me snap out of my trance.

"Ester. It's me, let me in." I hear my brother say in a concerned voice.

"Fine. Come in." I snap while slumping into my messy bed.

"I'll be with you, whatever this feeling is we will get through it together. Like we always do. It's just one night." he said while kicking my feet. I sit up and look at him. My older brother is very tall for his age, at 14, he is already taller than my dad. His curly black hair frames his thin face. He looks at me and gives me a nudge.

"Fine." I say reluctantly. I start packing my clothes into my pink Jansport backpack. I make sure that Frankie, my Tamagotchi, is full and ready for the ride. I also pack a book and of course my Teen-Beat magazine. I go out the door to meet my mom and brother. On the way to my dad's my mom gives us her usual speech. She always says that if we see anything scary to call her and let her know. She is good at calming us down. My brother and I have had this "gift" since I can remember. My parents don't like to say it but I know that our abilities had something to do with their divorce. My dad doesn't believe us, my mom does. We keep this to ourselves or else the counselors at school will send us away again. We know all that caused a wedge in their marriage.

The first time I had that feeling, I was 5 and my brother was 7. We were dropped off at a new babysitter's house and I remember being very afraid of a corner of the living room. I felt something heavy, staring at me. There was this immense pressure, so much that my ears popped. My brother came rushing to me and asked in a scared tone "Do you see him?" I looked at him and said "See who?". His eyes grew wide and he whispered "The man in the blue jacket with blood." I looked at him and told him I couldn't see anything but I felt something was in that corner. I pointed to it and he said that is where the man is. We never went back to that babysitter.

"If you need me, page me. Your dad is very happy about this house. Try to be nice. Whatever you two are feeling can maybe just be nerves." Mom said. I hope so, I thought.

"Okay mom. It's only one night." My brother responded quietly while playing his Gameboy. I looked out as we turned into the street. By the way my dad described the house on the phone, I knew exactly which one it was. The house was two stories and an off green color. It had three windows on the top and two large windows on the bottom, on either side of the front door. It was surrounded by large pine trees and had a large fountain in the front.

My mom parks the car and I see my dad coming out of the house with a huge smile on his face. I instantly regret coming here. I start to second guess my choice and my mom turns around and gives me her most calming look, "It will be okay." she says.

She kisses my brother goodbye and I lean over to her and give her a kiss. She grabs my face and says "You page me right away if you need me, okay?"

I give her a big nod and hug. I jump out the car and speed walk towards me dad. He does seem very happy. His huge smile creates extra wrinkles on the side of his eyes. His bald head shiny with sweat in the Texas heat. He envelopes me in a big bear hug and waves goodbye to my mom. My dad then leads us up to the front door.


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