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The Defiants, part twenty-two

The Wanderer Rebels, story two

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 9 months ago 7 min read
The Defiants, part twenty-two
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Returning to the base, Galen barely waited for Bram to land th ship before picking up his mate and marching them back to their quarters. Where they belonged.

Skye squirmed in his arms, a wave of pain obviously gripping her. He hated seeing her in pain. But he'd take the pain away from both of them, clenching his jaw as he walked.

As soon as the door was closed and locked, Galen removed both of their clothes, Skye blushing as he did so. It was so adorable.

"So, how long does this last?"

"Anywhere from two days to a week," Galen swept her into his arms again, stepping to their bed, "Why do you ask, my sweet?"

"The Thanksgiving dinner is tomorrow, and I want to go." After all, it had been her idea, and despite Dae'lon's protests, everyone else agreed, especially him.

Galen set her down, lying beside her, "Then we will go." He would keep it together for a few hours if it meant she could participate.

Skye smiled, "So, aren't you gonna climb on me?"

"No," He exhaled, "you're gonna climb on me."

She blinked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Galen wanted her to take control, his dick aching for his mate. "I want it."

Skye's smile turned wicked as she moved on top of him.

He felt the fear trying to claw its way up, but the Mating Fever overrode everything as she slowly slid onto him.

He groaned. God, she felt so good.

"You good?"

Galen grinned, "Yes, now move."

Placing her hands on his stomach, Skye began to rock her hips, keeping the tempo slow. He matched her pace, despite his primal instincts screaming to pin her down and claim her.

Galen gazed at her body, loving the view being on the bottom provided. He could look at her all day. Why had he been so afraid? This was heavenly.

Gripping her hips, he urged her to move faster. He wasn't feeling terribly patient, a low growl rumbling in him as she deliberately slowed her pace.

Skye smirked, "I'm still mad at you, buddy."

Galen frowned, "Now, who's the tease?"

"This is punishment, not teasing." She'd stopped moving, still sitting on him. "And I don't wanna reward your asshole behavior."

Delicious torture was more accurate. "Can't you be mad at me after the Fever has dissipated?" Galen bucked his pelvis upward, making her yelp.

Then he moved his hands up, cupping her breasts. "We can't afford not to complete the bond."

Skye sighed as he gently played with them. "I'm still...mad."

"I know." He rocked his hips again. "But later, my sweet." She could punish him all she wanted after the Mating Fever was over.

"Fine." She started moving with him, quickly falling into a rhythm.

It wasn't long before Galen had to concentrate on not releasing, clenching his jaw. The Fever made his control almost nonexistent. But his mate wasn't quite there yet, rocking madly on him.

"I-I-I—" Skye whimpered as he slid his right hand down and found her sweet spot. "Yes!"

Her body suddenly squeezed him as she came, Galen throwing his head back as he followed. Sweet, divine, this was amazing.

Skye fell on top of him when she finished, seeming content.

He wrapped his arms around her. "Still mad at me?"

"Maybe, but it's not easy to be." She rested her chin on his chest. "Especially since I know you."

Galen raised a brow. "Are you saying I'm too nice?"

"No, although you are one the kindest people I've met." Skye sighed, "And I think I love you."

"You think?" He couldn't help but chuckle. "I know you do."

"Really? Are you a mind-reader?"

Taking her by surprise, he flipped her over, so he was on top. "No, but you are in Mating Fever, and I feel the same." He pressed a gentle kiss on her mouth. "I love you, too, Skye."

"Well, I can't be mad now." She pouted cutely, but her lust filled the air. "But is there anything else you haven't told me?"

"Yes, but I will tell you after the Fever has ceased." Backing up, Galen pushed her legs apart. "But for now, let's make sure you can go to Thanksgiving."


Walking toward the banquet hall, Skye still felt the Mating Fever pump through her, but it was calm enough that she felt comfortable being around others for a few hours.

Her new mate had an arm draped around her shoulder, growling at any male who dared move in their general direction. Luckily, most were Wanderers who understood the situation.

"Dude, relax," Skye stroked his chest, "No one's trying to claim me or anything."

Galen looked at her, "I'm sorry, my primal instincts are still here."

"I know, but growling at people isn't helpful."

He grunted, gripping her tighter as they went inside. Would Ava and Nash show? She also was in the throws of Mating Fever, but he was as levelheaded as usual, and both wanted to attend.

The banquet hall bustled with people, both Wanderer and human, most at the tables with some serving food.

Skye led them to an empty table, "You just sit while I'll get the food." She didn't want to test his control more than necessary.

"Thanks, my sweet."

Skye stepped in line with two trays. No one even made an odd expression, much less a comment, as she piled on the food. Neither had eaten the day or night before, and she and her nanites starved for protein.

Skye had barely set the trays on their table when Galen shot out of his seat, violent vibes rolling off him.

She turned her head and curled her lip as her asshole stalker marched their way. She'd almost forgotten about Devin. But he had balls confronting her while they still experienced the Fever.

Skye looked to her mate, mouthing, 'Don't,' knowing he read lips.

Then she turned around, "What do you want?"

Devin kept a few feet between them. "Making sure you're okay."

She snorted, the urge to choke him roaring through her. "Why do you care? I'm damaged goods to you now anyway, so go away!"

Devin sneered, "Whore."

Oh boy.

But as Skye went to block her mate from killing him, from nowhere, Ava tackled him to the ground, putting him into a chokehold.

"How dare you talk to her that way." She growled through her teeth.

Devin smacked her thigh, his face turning purple between her legs, but she didn't relent.

Leave it to Ava to make a grand entrance like that.

Blinking out of the shock, Skye noticed Nash just watching her with a grin as he ate a roll, although he wasn't the only one.

Jo'dan, Evan, Max, Jessica, and Bram walked over, watching everything. Even Opal, Christine, and Mara eyed them from their table.

She was used to having an audience these days. She, her mate, and her friends knew how to draw a crowd.

However, Skye grimaced as she eyed her stalker. Okay, she couldn't let Ava kill him. It went against her training.

So, Skye walked over and pried her from him with ease. "That's enough."

Ava stared at her with wild eyes but didn't try attacking him again. "Sorry, I wanted to apologize for yesterday, but I saw him, and the Mating Fever is still strong with me."

Skye squeezed her shoulder, "Same with us."

"Finally," Nash walked over, ensuring he kept some distance from her. "It's about damn time."

Galen shrugged, sitting down, "I agree, although this one is potent." He then began eating.

He had told Skye about his first mate, Soshi, in between their sessions, explaining that Mating Fever was stronger with older males or males who had a former mate. And he was both.

"Yeah, I have much more respect for you now, buddy." Skye also sat.

Nash blushed a little, "Thank you."

"Yeah, things were going too smoothly earlier anyway," Evan chuckled, "So, thanks for the show."

Jo'dan smirked.

Bram raised a brow, shaking his head. "And everyone wonders why I don't socialize much."

Galen's mouth twitched as he ate.

Skye also started eating a piece of synthesized turkey. Tasted just like the real thing. How novel.

"But I'm sorry for attacking you yesterday." Ava clung to her mate, his arm holding her in place. "I know now you didn't touch him."

"Apology accepted."

"Well," Jo'dan clapped his hands, throwing an unconscious Devin over his shoulder, "we should leave you to it."

They quickly left their table, Galen's body relaxing. "I should've expected that bastard to show."

Skye shrugged, forking some green bean casserole, "Don't beat yourself up; Ava handled things just fine."

He smirked, "True."

They continued eating in silence as everyone else chattered around them. There was nothing to say at the moment. And that didn't bother her. She was just happy to be there with him.

Sci Fi

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