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The Defiants, part six

by Amethyst Champagne 2 months ago in Sci Fi
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The Wanderer Rebels, story two

The Defiants, part six
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Back in her quarters, Skye had regained enough mobility to turn on her TV and stream movies. It still amazed her that even with the end of the world, things like Netflix were still going.

Her legs were dead, though, which sucked since she had to use the bathroom and didn't feel like dragging herself on her floor.

Skye was also hungry, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Why had she wanted to train so badly? Oh, right, so she could better defend herself against hostile aliens and control her tiny robots so she didn't accidentally snap someone in two.

She had a newfound respect for Ava, though.

Although she already knew how to shoot a gun and fight with a knife long before the Wanderers showed.

Skye continued streaming on her Netflix, catching up on some shows she'd missed over the past year. Was she still even paying for it? She didn't have a lot of money before the invasion and was sure she was broke now.

A knock on her door brought her back to reality.

"Come in."

Ava came in with a tray full of food. "Nash told me what happened, so I thought I'd bring you dinner."

Skye's stomach growled loudly. "Thanks. Could you help me with the bathroom?"

"Can your legs move at all?"

Skye concentrated, managing to wiggle her toes and bend her knees. "Slightly, but I have to pee really bad."

"Alright." Ava picked her up with surprising ease.

"Wow, you're stronger than I thought."

She laughed, "Thank you, although you are stick light."

Skye rolled her eyes, smirking. "You'd do well with nanites."

"Nash thinks so too."

"Well, like me, he's smart."

Ava laughed again, helping her sit on the toilet, "Need anything else?"

"Not for the moment, but yeah."

She turned around as Skye relieved herself, which felt like five pounds lifting off her pelvis. She might have even moaned a little.

"You're very noisy, you know."

"You should hear me during good sex." Skye rangled her leggings back on, then dragged herself to the sink so she could wash her hands.

Ava looked back at her, "I probably will soon."

She paused, "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh, don't play dumb with me, girl." Ava helped her back to bed. "We all know a certain Wanderer has it for you bad."

Skye lifted a brow. "Which one?" Because most of the trainees had crushes on her. "I kinda have a following."

"You're gonna go down fighting, huh."

"Maybe." Skye grabbed her tray, hiding the rising blush as she started eating. "But many of the trainees do have a thing for me."

Ava smiled, "Well, there's only one who would kill for you."

What an alarming thing for her to say. "I thought Olsen was a family friend of yours."

"He is, but I'm still mad at him about the whole thing." She moved a section of her dark hair out of the way.

"Fair enough." God, this was tasty food. Or maybe she'd been hungrier than she first thought.

"But seriously," Ava leaned closer, "I would jump on him as soon as possible." She grinned, "Before he jumps on you."

Skye's eyes widened, "What?"

"You and Galen sittin' in a tree, f-u-c—"

"Okay, okay, shut up now." All Skye wanted to do was bury her face in her blankets.

Laughing, Ava stood, "I should get going, though. Nash has something planned for the evening."

"Yeah, have fun."

Skye threw herself on her bed as soon as the door closed, groaning. Oh, how she wanted him to take her like that. But Galen was way too gentleman-like to actually do it.

Perhaps she would seduce him.

Skye tapped her chin. She did like the idea. The question was how.


"Umm, are you paying attention?"

Galen glanced over, seeing Nash's brow raised. "No, what did you say?"

They sat in the food court area, eating dinner and discussing the girls' training before his shift started. Only that was the last thing he wanted to do.

"I was asking how training with Ava went."

"It went well, as usual," he sipped his water, "she even figured out that Jo'dan is left-handed."

"Really? How odd."

Galen thought so too. "How about Skye?"

"By the end of our session, she couldn't move." Nash drank his water. "The nanites kept her from moving so they could repair the muscle damage," He grinned, "but she's got potential."

Pride swelled in his chest. "Your mate also hinted that I should try to whoo Skye."

Nash smiled, "I agree." He bit into his sandwich.

"I'm afraid it won't go my way." More like terrified. "And I'm not sure how to ask."

"Just ask her out on a date," Ava chimed in from behind, "or keep her company tonight." She walked over, sitting next to her mate. "She's very much into you."

"Oh, is that so?" Galen hid a stupid grin threatening to erupt on his face. "Did she tell you?"

"It was more what she didn't say." Ava took some food off Nash's tray. "But I would get on that if I were you."

Nash nodded.

"Why are you two trying to play matchmaker?" he ate more of his dinner.

Ava moved, so she sat next to him. "Because we love both of you and want you two to be happy."

Galen smiled, pulling her into a hug, "I love you too." She'd become like the sister he'd never had, and he would do anything to protect her.

He looked over, "Both of you."

Nash lifted a brow but smiled. "I know."

He turned back to Ava, releasing her, "So what should I do?"

"Well, I'm sure she'd like some company tonight."

"That is tempting; I won't lie." Galen frowned, "But I have a night shift."

"I think Jo'dan can handle things by himself." Nash continued eating. "He's a good soldier, and I trust him to do it."

All of those things were true. "Okay. Just hope he's up for the challenge."

He noticed Jo'dan walking around, "Hey, Jo'dan. May I have a word with you?"

Looking up, the trainee rushed to him, "Yes, sir?"

"Do you feel confident in doing the night shift without me?"

A strange smile spread across his face. "Yes, sir."

Galen knitted his brows. "Good."

Jo'dan went to move but paused momentarily, "I'm rooting for you, sir." Then he left.

Nash and Ava laughed as Galen blushed hard. Did everyone know? What a bunch of gossips. So much for privacy.

He supposed it didn't matter, though. Tonight would be many things, but hopefully, good things. And no matter what, everyone would know tomorrow.

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