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The Death Train

Life might just go by at the snap of a finger

By Brandon CorlinPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The old steam train had been a fixture of the town for as long as anyone could remember. It chugged along the tracks, its wheels rattling as it pulled its cargo of goods and passengers to their destinations. But one day, something changed. The train began to travel through time, hurtling through the decades and centuries at an impossible speed.

At first, it seemed like a blessing. The passengers would step onto the train and emerge at their destination years or even decades in the future, eager to see what the world had become. They marveled at the technological wonders of the future, the sleek cars and towering buildings that stretched towards the sky.

But as time went on, something sinister began to emerge. The passengers on the train began to age at an alarming rate, their bodies withering away before their very eyes. What had once been a miraculous journey through time had become a death sentence for those who dared to board the train.

The town was in a panic. People avoided the train, fearing for their lives. But there were still those who were desperate enough to take the risk, who saw the chance to see the future as worth the price they might pay. They boarded the train, ignoring the warnings and the stories of those who had never returned.

One such passenger was a young woman named Sarah. She had always been fascinated by the concept of time travel, and the chance to see the future was too tempting to pass up. She stepped onto the train, her heart pounding with excitement and fear. The train lurched forward, and she was plunged into the darkness of the time tunnel.

When she emerged, she found herself in a world that was unrecognizable. The buildings were towering structures of glass and steel, and the streets were filled with sleek cars that zoomed past at dizzying speeds. She marveled at the wonders of this new world, eager to see more.

But as the hours ticked by, she began to notice something was wrong. Her skin felt dry and tight, and she could feel her joints creaking with each movement. She looked in a mirror and gasped at what she saw. Her once youthful face was now lined with wrinkles, her hair had turned gray and brittle.

She tried to leave the train, but the doors wouldn't budge. The train had become her prison, hurtling through time at a pace that was killing her. She could feel her body weakening with each passing moment, her life slipping away before her very eyes.

Days turned into weeks, and Sarah was on the brink of death. She had seen the future, but at a terrible cost. As the train thundered through time, she knew that she would never see her loved ones again, never feel the sun on her face, never experience the simple joys of life.

In the end, Sarah died alone on the train, her body a withered husk that barely resembled the young woman who had stepped onto the train so many weeks before. The train carried on, hurtling through time, carrying its cargo of doomed passengers to a future that they would never truly experience.

The town tried to forget the train, to pretend that it didn't exist. But there were still those who were drawn to it, who saw the allure of the unknown as worth the price they might pay. They boarded the train, ignoring the warnings and the stories of those who had never returned.

And so, the train carried on, a relentless force hurtling through time, a harbinger of death and decay. It remains a legend in the town, a reminder of the dangers of curiosity and the price that must be paid for tampering with the fabric of time.

Short StoryHorror

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