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The Day The Sun Was Cancelled

Causing panic, confusion and a whole lot worse

By Colleen MillsteedPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read
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When the people of Africa woke this morning, it was to mass hysterical confusion. Alarm clocks were ringing right across the continent and yet, it’s the middle of summer and the people have woken in darkness.

The population of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Australia, woke to the same confusion.

It was total darkness at 8 am, when normally the brightening of dawn was at some time around 5 am in summer. Now three hours later and the sun had not risen.

People didn’t know whether to get ready for work or to crawl back into bed. It’s still the middle of the night, regardless of what the clocks are saying.

The phenomenon, whatever it is, has turned this part of the world upside down and the rest of the world had no idea that there was anything different on this day.

Television news could be heard through thin walls, along with radio news, as people tried to find out what was happening, but all the news reporters could tell them, was that the scientific community was researching why the sun did not rise that morning.

People were deciding not to work that day, but to stay together, as they knew this was not going to be good, whatever the reason behind the darkness.

In fact, outside on the streets, random screaming could be heard, from all different directions. They were beginning to think the criminals were taking advantage. Maybe they were looting houses, raping women, anything was possible.

Families crowded around the news media, whether that be TV or radio, patiently waiting. Nervously jumping when the screams come too close. All expecting the apocalypse that the conspiracy theorist have been warning us about for years.

Finally, at noon, as the screams outside were now non stop, coming closer and closer to those who’d locked themselves in their houses, the news reporters were explaining they’d heard from the scientists and it seemed they have an answer. Not one easy to believe or even one that anyone wanted to hear.

Telescopes, satellite’s in space, all had been turned to where the sun should of risen and they were finally getting pictures, unreal pictures if the truth is to be told. Pictures of a large craft of some kind, so large that it was blocking the sun’s rays from hitting the earth.

So the sun had in fact risen, but this large ginormous craft, not like anything anyone on earth had ever seen, was hovering silently in between the earth and the sun, causing this side of the world to stay in total darkness. An extraordinary large craft — an alien spaceship.

Everyone listening to the news reports were suddenly speechless. Really? A UFO? But they don’t even know if aliens are real?

And what about all the screaming? Is that caused by aliens too, everyone was wondering but no one voiced the fear out loud. No, that might make it true!

The news reporters were still reading the teleprompters. There was more bad news to come.

Everyone was told to stay inside, lock their windows and doors, do not, under any circumstances open the door to anyone.

More confusion — it must be aliens. Why else would they tell everyone not to open the door.

They waited in anticipation, sure they were going to tell everyone the world outside had been overrun by aliens. How unbelievable? Surely this can’t be happening!

And then the world stood still, as if the earth no longer rotated, time must be stalled, deathly silence prevailed, until they heard the last sentence read by the news reporters.

“The government has put a mandatory stay at home order in place in all the cities and towns affected by the darkness, by the lack of sunlight. We have not, I repeat, we have not been overrun by aliens. No, not aliens, but something so much worse.”

Did they just hear that right? What could be worse than aliens?

“Repeating for those of you who have just tuned in. The government has a mandatory stay at home order in place. We are not being overrun by aliens, no it’s something far worse. The darkness has seen the darkside of the population, the hidden repulsiveness of the cities, take advantage of the lack of sunlight and a new found freedom. In other words, the Vampires have come out to play.”

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My first love is poetry — it’s like a desperate need to write, to free up space in my mind, to escape the constant noise in my head. Most of the time the poems write themselves — I’m just the conduit holding the metaphorical pen.

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  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    This is great. I was not expecting that ending. Well done.

  • Whoaaa if I was shocked at something far worse than aliens, it was nothing compared to when I read the ending. My mind was blown! This story was soooooo awesomeeee!

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