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The Crew

A Horror Story

By Nathan WeissPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
The Crew
Photo by Maksim Istomin on Unsplash

The year was 2115, and the world had undergone a drastic change. Humans had colonized distant planets, and all forms of research and exploration had reached unprecedented heights. It was an age of advancement and exploration, but beneath it all, there was a looming fear. A fear that surfaced every time a new planet was discovered or a new scientific breakthrough was made.

One such breakthrough came when a new chemical was discovered that could cure all known diseases. It seemed like a miracle, a dream come true. Humans were grateful to the scientists who had worked tirelessly to create such a life-saving drug, and it was distributed worldwide.

The effects of the drug were immediately felt. People who had been bedridden for decades suddenly rose to their feet, and ailing patients who had been on their deathbeds were cured overnight. It was a turning point in human history, and the world was forever changed.

However, as time went on, people started noticing strange side effects of the drug. Some people had unexpected mood swings, while others experienced vivid hallucinations. There were also reports of people turning violent and losing all sense of rationality. This sparked concern among the scientific community, and it was discovered that a side effect of the drug triggered an enzyme in the brain that caused irreversible damage to the individual's mind.

Despite the discovery of this side effect, the drug was still used worldwide, as it had already saved countless lives. Governments around the world worked to come up with a solution to neutralize the side effect of the drug, but to no avail.

During this turbulent time, the NASA research team discovered a new planet that had similar conditions to Earth. It was an exciting discovery, and the world was in awe at the possibility of a new civilization. However, the research team found something peculiar on the planet.

The team had landed on the planet and started their research when they discovered something lurking beneath the surface. They discovered a seemingly abandoned facility, which had been underground for centuries.

The team reported their discovery to their superiors, and soon a mission was launched to explore the facility. The crew members were given strict instructions to not touch anything as they entered the facility, and they were warned of the dangers that lay within.

The crew members entered the facility with trepidation, cautious of what they might find. The facility was in complete darkness, and they could hear the sounds of creaking pipes and dripping water echoing through the corridors. The air was dry, and the walls were barren.

As the crew ventured further into the facility, they started noticing things that seemed out of place. The walls had intricate carvings etched into them, and there were markings on the floors that looked like a map of the galaxy. It was clear that this was not a simple storage facility.

The crew also discovered that the facility had been used for experimenting with chemical compounds. There were rows of test tubes and beakers, and chemicals were scattered everywhere. The crew members were puzzled by these discoveries, and they wondered how an experiment center had survived on a distant planet.

It was then that they found the source of the experiments. They discovered a sealed door that had been embedded within a wall. The door was marked with warning symbols, and it was clear that whatever had been locked away behind it was exceedingly dangerous.

Despite the warnings, the crew was consumed by their curiosity and decided to open the door. As they did, a mysterious fog crept out of the room, and the crew members started coughing and choking on the thick air. They didn't know what the fog was or how it had managed to survive after being locked away for so long.

The fog infected the crew, and they started experiencing the side effects of the disease-curing drug. They started hallucinating and losing control of their minds. The crew members' violent outbursts and erratic behavior put everyone's lives at risk.

The crew's medical officer discovered that the chemical compound in the fog was designed to interact with the cure-all drug. The compound had been created to counteract the enzyme that caused the irreversible side effects of the drug.

Upon discovering this, it became apparent that the facility had been created to manufacture the cure-all drug and the anti-enzyme chemical. But something had gone wrong, and the chemicals had mixed together, creating a deadly concoction that had been sealed away in the facility for centuries.

As the crew members started dwindling in numbers, the remaining ones were forced to make a difficult decision. They knew that they had to destroy the facility and the deadly chemicals within it to prevent the disease from spreading. The explosives were set, and as the facility crumbled, they ran towards their ship, hoping to make it back to Earth.

The haunt of what they had faced on the new planet remained with them even after they returned home. The crew's descendants continued to live with the knowledge of this horrific incident, and it was a reminder of the dangers of playing with unknown chemicals.

The strange side effects of the cure-all drug were understood better but the fear of the unknown remained. The world remained cautious of new discoveries, and the dark facility on the distant planet became a mystery lost to time.

Despite the destruction of the facility on the distant planet, rumors about the existence of the cure-all drug and the deadly chemical fog spread across the galaxy. Governments, scientific organizations, and even underworld groups started looking for clues to discover the fabled cure-all drug and the anti-enzyme chemical that could neutralize its side effects.

Many years passed, and humanity continued to evolve and explore the galaxy. However, humans remained aware of the dangers of chemical experimentation and the potential consequences of tinkering with unknown substances.

Despite this awareness, a new wave of scientific advancements occurred. New planets were discovered, and new discoveries were made, among them, an advanced alien civilization. It was a discovery that shook the galaxy and raised new questions about the mysteries of the universe.

The alien civilization had technology that defied human understanding. The civilization was advanced in every possible aspect, from their architecture to their transportation systems. Humanity was in awe, and it was enamored with the seemingly perfect and advanced civilization.

The technology of the alien civilization were the subject of intense study. Governments around the world started investing heavily in space exploration and scientific advancement to catch up to the advanced alien civilization. Amidst all this, a group of rouge scientists discovered notes on an anomaly that the aliens had studied, something that was unlike any other alien artifact humanity had ever found.

The scientists were convinced that this artifact contained the fabled cure-all drug and the anti-enzyme chemical that could neutralize its side effects. They believed that by synthesizing the anti-enzyme chemical, it would be possible to create an effective cure for all known diseases without any harmful side effects.

The rogue scientists assembled a team and set out to retrieve the artifact. However, they quickly realized that the alien-centric artificial intelligence system that guarded the artifact was designed to prevent anyone from accessing it.

The team managed to bypass the security system and make their way to the artifact, which was held within a metallic sphere. The sphere was infused with energy, and when the rogue scientists touched it, the sphere released a strange mist, similar to the one on the distant planet.

The rogue scientists' minds started to slip into madness, and they became violent and aggressive. Within seconds, the entire team of rogue scientists turned on each other, fighting until none were left.

The sphere remained in its place, and the artifact that was believed to hold the cure-all drug and the anti-enzyme chemical remained out of reach. It was a reminder that sometimes, such things were not meant for humanity to discover.

The galaxy continued to evolve, and humans reached new heights, but the fabled cure-all drug remained a legend, and the mysterious sphere continued to guard its secrets, waiting for the next group of curious explorers to stumble upon it.


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