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The Conflict of the Body

by Denece 5 months ago in Fantasy
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The Words of the Organs

The Conflict of the Body
Photo by Kevin Kandlbinder on Unsplash

“The Conflict of the Body”

Heart has a sultry voice

Who can do without me? I’m the chief operator and I do love my gift! I pump the magical red fluid throughout the body, I’m number one, The Circulatory System, is a very important part of this place, I am so necessary to the well-being and life! Love is my area and feelings and emotions are my specialty! None are better, not one!

Lung in a raspy voice

Boy!, lungs, the irritants come from the cigarettes, not the marijuana! I respirate better when the cigarettes are scarce but when he smokes a whole pack!! He smokes because he hates his boss said the nervous system, it relaxes me, LEAVE HIM BE! Ok! I get that said the veins, never mind little old me, I just get the blood circulating to EVERYBODY, that’s all! I just carry blood from every single place to that old special heart!! Blah Blah Blah, aren’t I the most special? Shouldn’t I be appreciated?

Veins sounding very irritated and irrational says:

Someone please, help me understand how the veins shouldn’t be held to a higher esteem? You?, said the blood, what would any of you be doing here if it weren’t for me, huh? I’m better than you all! I’m the one!! Look, I’m sick of this, I have the power over everyone because I can do lots of important things. How does this body get its oxygen? Me! Who’s responsible for getting nutrients into bodily tissues and the “Almighty Lungs”, Tis I, I am of quality. How? Because I keep the body healthy by carrying antibodies and cells to make sure there are no sicknesses and put nutrients in tissues to! Not only that, but I’m the best because I keep the body from losing too much of me! If that happens, imminent danger!! Come on guys, when am I finally gonna get recognition? Will it be in this life or my next one when I’m used to help other people live! My plasma is even a hot commodity, I save people’s lives! I AM The Supreme lifesaver!

Muscles uses a sexy make voice and says to the others

What about these handsome muscles though, I’m so attractive. And when he gets those good work-outs in I love the intense feeling! Yahooo! I enjoy the good breaths during workouts, sure makes me feel good! It’s amazing! Hey brain my friend, why don’t you give him a nudge and tell him to work out 4 times a day? Knees said, Oh hell No, I hurt bad enough as it is, please don’t tell him to do that! And back said, “I’m right with you, I feel so sore and tired after too many workouts in a day! I can stand pushing towards longer sessions but limiting to just one!

How dare you ask brain to avoid getting more healthy workouts in!! They don’t have to be strenuous but they do need to have a little punch to them, a sting! Yeah, said muscles, to build me up for self-defense! Eye said, please do, that’s a wonderful idea, last fight he had, I was swollen, black and shut closed, I couldn’t even be in any pictures for weeks, I’m too beautiful, I’m supposed to be green and not black!

Stomach is very irritable and grumpy

Alright, Alright! Enough already! What about me, brain, don’t you hear me grumbling down here, I need it man, I need it bad, I haven’t had it all day, I can’t take the pressure any longer!!! I’M STARVING!! Buttocks mumbled under her breath, fat thing, needs to starve, Because of him, I’m getting to big back here. Barely fitting through the door as it is! Don’t encourage eating or drinking more! Well, for once you care about me! No biggie huh? I’m just the nasty old spotted up liver right! WRONG! I’m EVERYTHING great! I even have special power that neither one of you has, the ability to regenerate, can any of you say that?

The Skeletal System has a thing or two to say and he is furious

Wait a freakin minute! All this boasting and conceited garbage! And I guess everybody forgets that I’m the chief!! I am the framework, internal that is and there are more parts to me than any of you have! It’s 270, that’s right and even with adulthood causing fusion there are definitely still more! 206 to be exact! Now, top that!

Kidney is making a clear point and he is annoyed

Well, we are two, we don’t care who’s better or does more, we all work together, we are a team, we all have our own importance! No one is greater or more help to the body alone! Sure, my twin and I, we get rid of all the stuff that can make us all go haywire. Wastes have to go! Fluid that is abundant, gone! The kidneys, we are the two that assure there is a maintenance that we perform and we desire to work hard to maintain a good healthy balance of salts and water as well as minerals!! Don’t wanna overload the body! We desire not to let sodium build up! There will be enough calcium and phosphorus and potassium in your blood!

Yelling out to every organ and part of the body

Look, we need everyone, there’s no “I” in team! Everyone is an intricate part and we all need one another to be whole and fiction properly! Eyes, important! Ears, key! Mouth, major! Hands, feet, arms, legs, etc., all deserve to be cheered!

Let’s realize we are all chief in working together to make the dreamwork through teamwork! We can’t do it without each other!!

Hip Hip Hooray! The parts of the body scream and shout and they learned the importance of each and how they can’t properly live without one another!!



About the author


I am Denece Thomas, I live in Nevada, born and raised in Ohio! Nice to make you’re acquaintance. I was born a Taurus the bull on April 28, 1971, 50 years young with one child who is 28, all grown up, and 4 babies, my grands, my loves!

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