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The Clock Goes Backwards

When You Can't Even Trust The Time

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Tempus Fugit or Maybe Not

4:30 PM

Time to start getting things wrapped up. No more meetings, the network is being a bit slow, these new systems were meant to make our jobs easier and more productive, but we just spend our time rustling up work arounds to deliver what we need to do. We seem to spend more time doing that than our excellent job.

4:35 PM

Had a few cups of coffee this afternoon and it’s gone right through me. I need to go to the toilet, what goes in needs to come out so they say.

4:25 PM

It says 4:25 on my screen. I'm sure it was later than that when I went to the toilet, checked my watch and the wall clock and it’s 4:25. I must have made a mistake,still need to save some files , close that workbook, and make sure the figures balance. I thought I had closed and saved them, but it must be just my short term memory. Must just be my old age.

4:30 PM

Time to start getting things wrapped up. This seems familiar, yes I do it every day, but I am sure I have done this already today. It just feels weird. There is no one else in the office, everyone left half an hour ago . It’s weird the sky outside is just grey. The clouds don’t move. It’s like time has stopped.

4:22 PM

I almost fell asleep. The computer says it’s 4:22 but it was 4:30. I check my watch and the wall clock and it looks like 4:22 is right. My head is getting totally messed up. I need to go for a pee, I was sure I went but definitely need to go. The office is so quiet. I get up and go to the loo. Relief.

4:15 PM

That’s wrong. It’s only 4:15. My files are all open and there is a half drunk cup of coffee on my desk and it is still hot. I haven’t a clue . My files are still open . I closed them I am sure, but they are open. I look out the window. The sky is grey. I drink my coffee. It tastes good although it’s instant. I use oat milk and put it in the microwave. I don’t have one at home.

4:21 PM

The phone rings

“Hello, can I help you? This is Finance”

No answer, though there are breathing noises.

“Hello, who is this?”

No answer, then there is a click they have rung off.

4:40 PM

Switching my computer off , work saved going to get off home. Then I think “Where do I live?”

I look up and realise I can’t see a door

I am scared.

Outside has not changed.

4:18 PM

I am going to get finished early today. I want to get something nice for tea, but I can’t remember what to get. I’ve still got to wrap this work up, I don't want it left for tomorrow.

4:21 PM

The phone rings.

“Hello, can I help you? This is Finance”

“Am I speaking to John Smith”

“Yes, How Can I help you?”

“You Can’t”

“Why are you ringing me?”

“To Tell You”

“To Tell Me What?”

“This is what you signed up to when you sold us your soul, this is your life now and forever”

I am stunned

I don’t remember selling my soul, I’m not religious, I don’t believe in souls, God or the Devil.

“When did I do that, and what did I get for it?”

“You sold it to save your family, but you are not there to protect them now, we thought we would just let you know”

4:10 PM

I just poured my coffee, instant with Oat Milk microwaved………….


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