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The Cabin Of Darkness

by Louay Shakuri (founder of the fantasy GK Universe) 3 months ago in Horror
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Haunted campfire story

"The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window." An elder widowed lady named Olga with scars and stitches all over her face holding up a gas lantern and pitchfork had emerged from the front doors, just to witness her younger son Malgor; a night hunter, mauled down by the mercy of a pack of hungry black wolves feasting creek-side near her home. Pacing slightly upslope towards the rocky creek, bound to scare off the predators, her elder son’s torn head suddenly comes rolling downward towards her feet from the dark forest horizon. Picking it up screeching in fear helplessly as Olga raises his head skyward to confirm it's her own son, she suddenly hears a series of loud howls echo in the distance and finally decides to turn back towards her cabin for safety.

Rocking back and forth by the crackling fireplace on a skull and bones chair her husband Bonz built, having placed deceased Malgor’s bloody head next to his graduation photo after cutting off several dangling jugular veins as if it were a ritual, Olga suddenly hears a window at the back of her cabin shatter. Grabbing a fitch fork once again in self-defense, experiencing bodily tremors along the way, Olga soon comes to the realization that her schizophrenic condition has elevated out of control and that the sound was just a hallucination.

Traumatized by the haunted wave of ghostly spirits that ejected from Grave Creek Manor three years ago and punctured a hole through Bonz’s heart while visiting the tombstone of grandfather Willy, the retired widow decides to take sleeping pills in order to relax her mental state. Heading off to bed, Olga turns off the room lights in pitch darkness and is suddenly haunted by the red haloing sight and whispering voice of her deceased husband lit up with a scarred bloody face reaching out to her from the dressing room mirror, attempting to strangle her neck.

Almost certain the projectable bodily image was not her imagination; terrified Olga sweating her pants within the bed, decides to quickly hide under a homemade fur blanket. Overhearing the sound of his wicked voice once again screaming out to her “I told you before, you will not get away with murder you witch”, dead silence suddenly engulfs the bedroom. Taking a sneak peek from below the blanket with blood-shot red eyes to view where her husband’s ghostly image has relocated, the blanket mysteriously hovers away from her onto the floor. Exposed and desperate to seek help from Grave Creek Manor’s southern forest-dwelling sheriffs, Olga races towards a corded phone in the kitchen to attempt a call out.

Witnessing another round of red light shred the electrical cord as her conversation with Sheriff Wrangler is disconnected, Olga suddenly finds herself anonymously roped by the neck while screaming, trying desperately to defend against the light’s spiraling momentum now in control. Unable to breathe normally with the phone’s cord wrapped a full three hundred and sixty degrees around her neck, Olga turning blue, suddenly drops to the floor in near death, as the wave of red light slowly exits the haunted wooden cabin through an open window. Leaving behind traces of her husband’s blood-stained on the walls reading; “your death is near”, the cabin is suddenly left in silence.

Minutes later several loud repetitive knocking sounds are heard coming from the front door, as breathless Olga tries desperately to cut the cord after reaching out for a kitchen knife that had been lying on the floor. Smashing down the wooden entrance infrastructure to save her, Sheriff Wrangler races inside to find distressed Olga on the floor who had called out for help earlier. Driving her on a dirt path road to a nearby emergency center in the woods, Olga slowly catching her breath, shockingly finds out near the end of the ride that Sheriff Wrangler’s soul had been possessed by Bonz’s haunted blood wave of light in action.

Turning the truck's ignition off at the hospital, the sheriff suddenly locks all the doors in the vehicle, trapping the two of them inside. Attempting to reach out rear-bound like a hungry zombie and take a bite of her deoxygenated blue-veined head, Olga panting, manages to quickly pull out a small knife stored in her pocket that she brought with her. Piercing a hole through Wrangler’s heart as he concludes his death attack by leaning his mouth near Olga’s juggler veins, the trapped lady breathlessly gets a chance to toss the deceased body aside. Reaching out onto the driver’s seat for Sheriff Wrangler’s ignition key set that would help her escape the locked vehicle, Olga finally makes it out alive, covered in green intestinal juices over her face. Taking a breath to recollect her train of thought, wounded Olga slowly paces herself inside the hospital, as she screams out to medical staff for help.

Discovering they have all been transformed into blood-seeking zombies, the poor old lady suddenly finds herself chased by a herd of the walking dead. Possessed by horrific voices of her husband’s dialogue calling out from their mouths “you will never get away with what you did, Malgor was my son, you stole him away from me”, Olga covering her ears, presses forward into the woods towards safety. Miles away from home near an upslope creek, she unfortunately tramples over traces of Malgor’s gory heart and kidneys that had been partly scavenged away by the night predators during a feast.

Catching a mysterious white note drift by the wind onto her face while hiking back home through the woods, exhausted Olga soon discovers from it that the cabin Bonz and herself purchased years ago had unfortunately been abandoned by an ogre family of four on the run. Forced to flee the cabin, infested by haunted blood-sucking ghostly spirits resting internally that choose to relocate from Grave Creek Manor due to a surge in competitive grave dwelling bats, Olga decides to change direction away from her haunted home and pace towards her daughter’s acreage to seek refuge. Suddenly bit from behind by a trailing zombie, the old lady battling for her dear life, manages to grab a sharp branch from a burned-down tree and stab the zombie in both eyes. Fleeing the scene with blood gushing from her right shoulder, Olga finally arrives at Hauntara’s place, bleeding heavily as she screams out in terror for help.

Sending her husband Danley outside with a rifle to hunt down the zombies approaching their large forest acreage, Hauntara; a nurse quickly takes her biological mother to a medical room within the cabin to house the wounds. Diagnosing that Olga’s human bloodstream had been infested with the green-colored Zombarion blood type, Hauntara without a cure on hand suddenly witnesses her mother’s entire body slowly transform into a zombie, taking on the face of a witch. Unable to contain her, Hauntara quickly paces towards the kitchen to grab a knife in order to defend herself from several neck-biting lunges.

Thinking twice about killing her mother, she heads outside to team up with her husband defending the cottage. Witnessing wounded Danley eaten alive by a herd of ten fanged pack hunting zombies acting like preying hyenas, the alpha leader suddenly shifts eye attention towards Hauntara standing alone on the deck. Outnumbered with nowhere to hide, Hauntara luckily remembers the bio lab room her father Bonz built for her while living at her parent’s cabin during medical years of school study.

With a medical solution lingering in the back of her mind that could possibly cure her mother’s zombie condition instead of kill Olga, terrified Hauntara losing her husband, decides to jump the surrounding acreage fence in order to escape into the dark woods nearby. Holding a gas lamp in one hand to navigate, sixteen zombies including her mother are suddenly spotted chasing Hauntara from behind down a long curvy dirt path road. Visited by a whispering death chant voice and the haunted bloody image of her deceased father stocking her along the way, Hauntara’s heart begins racing heavily as if to explode from her chest.

Overhearing her father’s cruel voice repeatedly state “I destroyed your medical room with my haunted wave of darkness”, courageous Hauntara intentionally ignoring the comment, covers her ears, and continues pacing towards the cabin in the hopes to save her mother. Unwilling to leave, her soulless father persistently whispers out once again over both shoulders; “your mother could not escape her imminent death and now it’s your turn”, Hauntara nearly experiencing a heart attack, manages to luckily catch a ride from a friend traveling northbound. Unaware she just jumped into a truck of a night shift grave worker, Hauntara suddenly spots two black coffins housed at the rear, rise wide open and then slam shut several times. Explaining to her that lately, sights like that are normal around here and not to worry, trembling Hauntara anxiously decides to hug Malcamp for manly comfort.

Desperately explaining the horrific story of her mother and the cabin to Malcamp and that she needs to cruise towards Olga’s cabin to prepare the antidote, the two friends with an urge, suddenly accelerate off into the distance. Arriving at the cabin minutes later, Malcamp’s truck is suddenly flipped over by two colored waves of light passing underneath the vehicle’s suspension. Killed upon impact with the broken glass windshield and raging fire, Hauntara lucky to be alive finally emerges from below the burning vehicle, forced to trample over Malcamp’s cut n’ burned remains.

Standing on her own two feet, she hustles away from the burning vehicle towards the cabin, witnessing the truck suddenly explode in the distance. About to enter the wooden structure, Hauntara overhears two loud argumentative voices haloing skyward over the cabin. Glancing upward into the darkened star-lit horizon, Hauntara spots her two deceased parents fighting over spousal issues and a troubled past, as we see their colored ghostly spirits intermingle with each other like competitive boxing athletics.

Yelling at mother from down below that she intends to develop a cure to save her, father’s crazed whispering voice suddenly echoes from the horizon; “your too late Hauntara, I took your mother, and now I will end your life to join us in the afterlife where we can live together happily once again”. Racing towards the room to prepare the serum, Hauntara suddenly hears the living room light bulbs and windows shatter as several family wall pictures crash to the ground. Drawn away from the bio lab preparation counter to hide from the emerging waves of argumentative light, the electrical power in the cabin suddenly shuts off, leaving merciless Hauntara crawling on the floors in pitch darkness. Spotting her mother’s green afterlife wave of light cry for help from within the haunted room, the cabin’s wooden roof suddenly begins to fall apart slowly as her father’s destructive circulating wave seeks to pierce a hole through Hauntara’s heart.

Without enough light or any time left to create a cure, Hauntara finding a way out of a broken window in the room accidentally punctures several veins in her legs exiting. Unable to stand up normally as blood gushes everywhere, nauseated Hauntara crawling for her dear life under the outdoor deck, shockingly overhears the entire life story her parents went through to acquire the cabin. Discovering egocentric Bonz while alive had purposely haunted the cabin just to force a wealthy ogre family to evacuate so that he can unlawfully purchase the cabin from landowner Mr. Pilgrum in order to acquire surrounding fertile patches of agriculturally productive cropland, Hauntara is left in disbelief with chills down her spine what she just heard. Spotting a neighbor named Lisnik living nearby throw out several bags of night trash, Hauntara suddenly seeks an opportunity to cry out for medical help.

Running over to the deck to help her get up, helpful Lisnik decides to drive Hauntara to the emergency, hauling her sluggish body into a pickup truck after wrapping a leaking blood wound with a cloth. Shockingly discovering along the way that the neighbor had a ritualistic family history of joining Olga and Bonz conduct blood sacrifices of children to the lightning Gods of the grave, Lisnik mysteriously parks the truck at Grave Creek Manor. Unable to comprehend why she is at a grave site and not a hospital, Hauntara suddenly faints after spotting each family member’s tombstone including her own read; “Rest In Peace”.

Awakening outside around the campfire after a long hypnotizing spell-story Bonz put his entire family through, including Olga and the children, we see sweat settle over their faces as the family members slowly soak up the reality that it was just a hypnotizing experience their father imagined up for the thrill of it.


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Louay Shakuri (founder of the fantasy GK Universe)

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