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The Black Death

The Slow Loss

By Jeffrey AllisonPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
The Black Death
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"The mirror showed a reflection that wasn't her own." It had said on the bottom of the stand.

"Could you imagine that!" Sarah laughed with her best friend.

"No, never!" Her friend said out loud.

Sarah Myiewicz was an upright, well-behaved, christian and a teacher. Headed on the right path to life. Her boyfriend was a iron worker by the name of Jeremy Johns. They had been together for some years. After their first fry and chocolate shake date. They had made off with it. Her mother was happy for them both. Johns was all alone and by himself. After the loss off his parents he switched states and became closer to Sarah after she found him alone at a table.

"Let's do something fun!" Sarah smiled evil.

"No, let's go home. I'm drunk!" Her friend replied.


"No, hun it's time to go."

"Okay, but i still think we should see a psychic."

"Never, haha."

Sarah had started to frown as they both left the amusement park. The moon was up and full. The night was to strong for them as they drank. The smell of smoke filled the air. Their happiness was in over abundance. It was time to go back to their families. While, a few months had pasted. Se could not help, but feel that it was a mistake that night. Almost something calling out to her from somewhere. She couldn't help it, thinking about it. She wanted more in life. More than just a boyfriend and friends. More than a job and a career. She needed something else that she had to find.

"Look at this, Jeremy."

Khloe Baker by Khloe Baker

"Yeah, love."

"It's an ancient mirror, hun"


"We need it for the living room or at least the hallway."

"No, we don't"

"Yes, we do."


"The emptiness, time to fill the void."


"I already ordered it, hun."



By Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

It had finally arrived in the mail. It was well protected and ready to be hang upon the wall. The black tint instead of silver spooked them, but they couldn't help to be in all of it. It was from a gothic castle or something close according to the note attached. She did not care, Miss Myiewicz and her boyfriend was ready. The nights started passing everything seemed okay and normal, but a chill hung in the air. The phone began to ring.

"Hey, how are you?" Sarah smiled darkly.

The whisper on the end gave grave news of an appointment they made with the doctors. Cancer of how late, if she had only knew of it somehow. Her mom was her life after all and without her would be terrible to live. She would have to find a way to let Jeremy know with her tear filled eyes.

"I wanna go see a psychic, hun?"

"Okay, but that will not help our mom now."

"I know, but if i could just get an edge around us to know more."

"Okay, love."

He couldn't stop, but fear her getting lost in it. The play and the dark show a farce in his mind. Something he would have to end. The mom had smoked for years it was only about time it caught up to her. He couldn't say that, though. Only comfort her and more. The love of his life, Sarah Myiewicz. He couldn't help, but think of the nights that she stood in the mirror looking at herself.

"I can see her."

"See who?" He asked sadly.

"Mom, living cancer free, being fully healed."

"It's a mirror."

"It's more."

"No and no whispers comes from it."

"I'm going to see a psychic tomorrow and no stopping me."

"We are done Sarah."


"I can't live this no more, you are barely sleeping hun or eating, you need a doctor. I'm gone hun."

She slammed the door as he left. He was a good for nothing that didn't stop. Back to his Mom's house she thought with a laugh. Her Mom was passing than she had started to cry. His mother was already gone. How could she be, so callous towards him.

"Come look."

She heard on eerie voice pushing her towards the mirror. She started to walk comforted by the black glow around it. There he was happy, again. She smiled knowing everything would be alright. The mirror kept showing her what would be as they talked together. Every night alone her and the dark spirit calling her. The psychic would be by tomorrow for her.

"Hi, i'm Stela Joo." The psychic smiled to her.

By Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash


"My Dad is Chinese and Mom Venezuelan."

"Oh, right" she smiled.

"The mirror is nice."

"I had just got it."

"Do you know more about it?"


"It shows spirits captured and taken to another life."


"It slowly takes energy off of you to bring forth a demon."


"The tortured souls are drained slow to feed on, while the leader of them sees them happy, until the demon can beat her."

"What my mom had just passed and is now?"

"Trapped still, who all do you see?"

"My exe, mom and shockingly you?"

"It knows i'm here."

Sarah had just noticed the smell of smoke in the air and glow of candles.

"We must break the mirror in away where the spirit can't come."

"Okay, but how?"

"Take your clothes off and start rubbing this mud upon you, cover you!"

Joo had all the lights off and it was to dark to see. The mirror shined an eerie purple glow. They would have to start battling the spirit. It had known Joo was there. Stela Joo had built a rep. with this.

"Your exe is next."


The smoke is prematurely drawing the creature out."

There was three cracks in the mirror. It had been a different realm in there. It was now changing her life. They had to destroy it, but how? She trusted Stela Joo that knew. They were both naked and covered. Ready to fight a spirit that couldn't see them back. The battle was long and hard, but they destroyed the mirror and ended the cruel realty that Jeremy saw that crept slowly. If sarah only knew that she would have protected him more. He stared every morning while shaving as the mirror proved him wrong silently. She ran to him afterwards, to his place of work he smiled.

"We destroyed it, Jeremy."

"I love you!"

Stela Joo sat back and wondered if the mirror was ever wrong. Why show her heaven and him the future? To torture in such a way. They were happy and back together like the mirror showed her after he left. Stela didn't ask Sarah what she had seen for herself. What she was doing with it and knew it was little time for the demon to try, again. The evil spirit with unrest.

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Jeffrey Allison

Grew up in Oregon on the bay where I learn to seek adventure in life as my parents got divorce. Travelled the Americas to learn more and be vocal on it all.

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  • Kimberly 2 months ago

    Nice story

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