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The Beginning Part 3

by Anne Xzon 5 months ago in Sci Fi
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By Anne xzon


Darkness seemed to be the theme when it came to dieing. First it was the world and then it was his afterlife.

Just moments ago Fitch had been with Robert at the lake. It had been a hot summer day and Robert had spent all day working himself ragged trying to obey every order Father gave. So Fitch decided to surprise him with a trip to the lake.

The only time both of them were free was after sunset, but that was just fine. That meant they’d have the lake all to themselves. It meant they wouldn’t need to hide their secret glances, or worry someone might catch them. Fitch figured it would be a nice treat after the long day, and it had been until the weeds caught him.

Wrapping around his ankles keeping him under the water no matter how much he struggled to get free. There was no getting free. Not as the water filled his lungs burning them. Not as his limbs gave up and his vision turned black.

Now he kneeled in water in the darkness with his head hung. Fitch knew he was dead. That was what happened when one drowned and couldn’t open their eyes to find the world that they had once known.

Glowing light made him raise his head. A glowing figure slowly began to approach him, appearing from nowhere in the dark. Its footsteps rippled the water as it came closer. The closer it came the more features he could make out. It was a girl dressed in white with ink black hair.

“Who are you?” Fitch questioned finding his voice.

She smiled softly at him. “I’m the one who’s going to be sending you back.”

Confused, his dark brows knitted. “I don’t understand.”

The girl shrugged. “Neither do I, but I can promise your life is going to be a lot more interesting for you now.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Well maybe I will next time we meet.”

She pressed her finger to his forehead and pushed. Once again darkness took over. He was getting tired of that.

When his eyes opened he was no longer in the dark room or at the bottom of the lake. The light of a candle was fuzzy but there.

“It worked.” A voice cheered filled with relife.


Fitch was certain it was her voice but he didn’t understand why he was hearing her voice. She hadn’t been at the lake with them. Mother was supposed to be asleep, they all were.

Eye’s focusing he could see it wasn’t just Mother but Father was also there, and so was Robert. It was strange seeing the three like this. Mother looked so hopeful, and Father, well he could feel his disapproval from here.

Panic came over him as his eyes moved to Robert. Had they found out? Did they know about the two of them? Why did Robert look so pale?

Robert smiled despite it all. “Welcome ba-” Water spilling from his lips interrupted him. His dark eyes widened as he gasped.

“Robert.” Fitch cried out without thinking, his throat hurting as he did so. He went to move but his body was stiff and hard, protesting each movement.

Robert fell to his knees, water flowing from his mouth as he clawed at his throat. He couldn’t breathe. Fitch looked to his parents for help but they just stood there watching.

No, This wasn’t happening. Whatever this was it wasn’t happening. Fitch tried closing his eyes to make it go away, but when they opened Robert was still there drowning in the middle of their drawing room. He had to stop it. He had to save him. He had to do something.

Fitch willed his body to move. He didn’t know how but he had forced himself off the sofa to the floor. Crawling to Robert his own body begged him to stop as if it were meant to stay frozen and still. He couldn’t. He had to do something to make it stop.

His fingers wrapped around Roberts arm making him look at him. “Breathe. You have to breathe.” Fitch told his own voice horse.

Robert met his eyes. There was so much fear in his watering eyes, and yet joy. He choked as if trying to force himself to breath but it only made him spit up more water. Falling forward Fitch caught him holding tight. Robert's whole being was shaking violently as water pooled down Fitch’s back side.

This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t.

“You have to breathe. Robert plase. You can’t die here.” Fitch begged of him.

“I-I-I….I’m sorry.” Robert choked out.

And then it stopped. Everything just stopped. No more shaking. No more water coming from nowhere. No more choked out words. So then why could Fitch still see light? Where was the darkness that was supposed to be taking him away? Why wasn’t it taking him away this time?


There was no response. Fitch moved so he could see his face. Robert’s mouth still hung open dibbling still. His skin was pale and waterlogged. His dark eyes watery and lifeless as they looked back at him. Fitch held his limp body as close as he could, and he screamed. Tears falling he held onto him never wanting to let go.

Why did this happen? How did this happen? This should have been impossible. Who even heard of drowning without water? The water had come from nowhere, but it was there.

“Fitch.” Mothers voice was soft but he still flinched at her touch on his shoulder. He moved his body over Robert’s as if that would protect him. “I know the two of you were close. Closer than the two of you should have been.” He shook his head not wanting to listen to her lecture. “But he did this so you could live.”

“Excuse me?” Fitch questioned not sure if he had heard her right.

Mother tightened her grip on his shoulder. “He sacrificed his life so that you could live. Fitch, my dearly Fitch, you can live your life now because of him.”

Trying to process the words he looked at Mother. She was smiling, and he felt a wave of nausea. He looked at Father. “What is she talking about?” He questioned Father hoping what Mother was saying was out of hysteria.

Father didn’t respond as he looked over the scene playing out in front of him. His lip snarled. “A small prince to pay. A lowly orphan who works for us or our son? The choice was simple to make.” He answered simply.

Fitch felt the world tilt. This wasn’t happening. “You killed him.” Even saying it outloud he didn’t want to believe it.

“No darling.” Mother said brushing her hand to his cheek for comfort. “He volunteered. He agreed to give his life for yours.”

Fitch smacked Mothers hand away. Shocked at his own actions he met her shocked expression. Father moved closer smacking Fitch across the face. “You do not hit your mother.” Father snapped.

Fitch’s eyes moved to Father. Sorrow had taken over and began to turn into something else. “I didn’t.” He assured. “I hit a murder.”

Mother gasped at the accusation, her hands clasping her mouth. “You know nothing boy.” Father told him.

“I know you ordered him to go along with this. I know at the end you wouldn’t have given him a real choice if he had said no.” Fitch raised his voice as he still held onto Robert. “I know you did something you shouldn’t have. I know I should have been the one dead and not him.”

“Stop it!” Mother cried as she covered her ears, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Fitch should have been the one dead, not Robert. It was him who had drowned at the bottom of the lake, not Robert. Yet he was the one who was here holding onto Robert’s body.

“Is that really what you think boy?” Father questioned. “No, what happened tonight with your death was a mistake and we simply fixed it. You never should have drowned in the lake. The only reason you were there was because this, this creature tempted you. I should have gotten rid of him the moment suspension began. Only in death was he ever useful.”

“Robert.” Fitch corrected. “His name is, was Robert. He wasn’t a creature but as human as the rest of us.”

“He was filth.” Father spat on Robert.

Fitch held him closer trying to protect what was left of his Robert. “He was better than you will ever be.”

That warren Fitch another slap across the face. “You ungrateful mongrel.” Father growled.

“Enough!” Mother cried. “Please Harrold, enough. The boy is just confused, in the morning I’m sure he’ll be right in his head again.”

Father paused, considering his wifes words. “That may be true. We still don't know all the side effects of using the Book the way we did. It may have scrambled his brains.”

It hadn’t. The only thing affecting Fitch's brain now was grif.

“Percissly. Maybe all that is needed is a good night's rest.” Mother suggested as she stood moving to her husband.

They were going to need much more than a good night's rest after what had happened. “We still need to punish his actions my dear.”

“Of course.” Mother assured.

After a moment of thought Father spoke. “Deal with the body. Once that is done you will go straight to your room and will not come out until morning. I do not wish to see you till breakfast. What happened tonight will not be spoken about even or to anyone.”

Fitch nodded, understanding he didn’t have a choice. He was also sure his cheek wouldn’t be able to take another hit as it still stung from the first two.

Once they were gone Fitch got to work, but he didn’t do everything Father had asked. Instead he had gone to Father's office to grab the pistol he kept hidden in the desk drawer. Tucking it in his pants line he left the house carrying Robert's body to the field.

It had taken till sunrise to dig a deep enough hole. The roster was already crowing by the time Fitch had finished burying Robert making a proper grave. Hours passed as Fitch knelt down in front of the markless grave. He had wished he could give him more.

Robert’s last words filled Fitch's head.

I’m Sorry.

He couldn’t live like this. Not with the knowledge of what his life had cost. Pulling out the pistol he made sure it was loaded. All he needed was one bullet. One bullet would do what he needed it to. Maybe this time the glowing girl would answer his questions.

Holding the end of the pistol to the side of his head Fitch took a deep breath. “I’ll be with you soon.” He promised before pulling the trigger.

Once again darkness had taken him.

Sci Fi

About the author

Anne Xzon

Hey there, I'm Anne and I'm a bookaholic as well as writer.

I hope anyone who decides to read my work enjoys it or is able to take something from it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day as well.

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