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The Banshee

A rhyming tale

By E MPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but…

One night, a candle burned in the window, my dears…

A story to tell around campfire flames,

A tale full of fright, murder and pain.

The campers around us asked me to talk,

So I told them the truth, in the woods we did walk.

In the heart of the trees, a cabin was spied,

Abandoned and old, but our eyes, they did lie.

Entrapment abound, we were no longer free,

Enticed by the candle, we daren’t try to flee.

The light of the flame cast a fearful green glow,

Something inside us said, “Leave! You must go”.

But our feet became stuck, we daren’t move a muscle,

In the dark of the room, we could hear someone shuffle.

Thinking; “At last! We would now meet our host”,

We didn’t expect to face up to a ghost”.

Now I know what your thinking, this is all playful fun,

But if you’d seen what we’d seen you’d be the first one to run.

Eyes of pure white with a stripe of gold amber,

It took all of our might not to clamour and scamper.

Her skin was silver, wearing dripping wet robes,

The water, it seemed, was her natural abode.

With greasy black hair, stuck down like a mop,

She screeched and she howled but she seemed not to talk.

A banshee she was, with her cries high and shrill,

She called through the night, announcing her kill.

If ever you hear it, in the dead of the night,

She’s sure to awake and fill you with fright.

We knew in our hearts that the shrieks were for us,

That the banshee would kill us, never mind how unjust.

What could we do? Just stand there and let her?

What evil was lurking? We had to deter.

So we cried our own cries and shrieked just as loud,

Until screams in the night were all that abound.

Confusion and chaos soon filled the room,

All three of us screeching in the green glowing gloom.

A scuffle ensued and a knife pierced some skin,

More screaming and screeching could not cut the din.

There was blood of course, and a heart that had stopped,

The banshee had won and the knife she did drop.

She opened the door and pulled the body away,

Down to the river, dragging her slay.

She chopped it and cut it to reveal the flesh,

Wanting to feast while the meat was still fresh.

Her teeth ripped and pulled and the meal she devoured,

I sat there and watched and felt like a coward.

My best friend, I let him be killed and consumed,

By the ghostly banshee in the light of the moon.

I knew I’d fight back and avenge his death,

I swore on my life to fight ‘til my last breath.

So I picked up the knife and started my plight,

To her riverbed home, the banshee I’d fight.

She did not expect me, I gave her a fright,

Full from her meal, and in no mood to fight.

Instead she cursed me, and damned me to hell,

My soul left my body, an empty dead shell.

As I floated away, one thought filled my mind,

Could I get out of this terrible bind?

The answer was no! Not at all, I was damned!

I’m sharing this story so you’ll understand.

So campers beware, take heed and be wise,

Do not be tricked by your tired eyes.

If you happen upon a cabin in the woods,

Keep your distance, walk away, for your own damn good.


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  • Suzanne 2 years ago

    EM. Girl. You wrote a campfire horror story in the style of The Night Before Christmas. I freakin’ LOVE it. You are really, really good. The best of lick with the challenge.

  • This was a great change of pace for the cabin stories. I had to read this one because we heard a squall last night that my grandmother would have said was the bean sidhe, but it turned out to be a barn owl. LOL! LOVED this!

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