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The Alchemist & the Lady

Part 4

By Facundo RaganatoPublished about a year ago 9 min read
Awakening by Anna Steshenko

"The Alchemist & the Lady"

Part 4


Wiltshire kept walking his way,

Not knowing where Life would take him

With nine flasks inside his chest,

And a pure heart for those whom he could help.

And as he exited the village where he past last,

He encountered open fields and green hills,

Feeling far from the Kingdom he used to live.

As the noon sun shone,

And the day painted a fresh new wind,

Wiltshire found a house in the middle of nowhere,

A house covered in vines and a garden surrounding it.

He decided to go knock on the door,

To see what he would find.

And of course, Wiltshire was not ready for what was coming next,

For if the lessons learned have shared anything in common,

It would be that no one could guess what to expect.

Upon his knocking, the door opened and something happened,

A Lady was there; an old lady around his true age,

She had these blue eyes that stroke the alchemist,

Eyes that stroke him down to his heart and deep down his soul,

Now he was lost for words, lost in time,

He stayed quiet as the Lady asked:

"Hello, Young man, What brings you to my door?"

And in that transcendent moment Wiltshire was,

He said the only thing he could think of,

Even if it didn't make sense

To neither of them.

"Fate." He said, and then quietly stood.

"Are you alright, young man?" The Lady asked,

And he startled to mutter and stutter,

"Oh- yes, I'm sorry, I have not introduced myself:

I am Wiltshire." He said. "Wiltshire, the Alchemist, miss...?"

"Lady would suffice." She said, confused by his act.

"What brings you here, Wiltshire? What brings you to my house."

"Oh, you see, I am a traveler; a traveler whose path unwinds at each step,

And I go to travel the world, helping those who are in need."

The Lady held the door open, cautious to the presence of the young man.

"Well, I am fine," She said.

"I appreciate the offer, but I live alone and well.

There's nothing I require really.

That's very kind of you, but I don't need help."

But before she could close the door,

Wiltshire put his hand on it to say:

"Oh, but you see, Lady, I don't offer help like a common man,

I have a potion that brings Life;

A potion that brings back people from being dead."

Wiltshire spoke freely about his secret,

As his heart was pounding in a passion he never met.

"Is there someone you have lost recently?

Perhaps a son or daughter you miss so terribly?"

"Oh no." She replied. "No sons or daughters for me,

I never married and would never hope to,

I live alone and I prefer to keep it that way."

"I see." Wiltshire said,

"Strange to think a beautiful lady like yourself

Has never married, if you allow me to say.

I bet it is because you are free to choose any man you wish,

As they fall to the beauty of your eyes, as I see."

The Lady smiled admirably, and replied in a sweet tone,

"It is, indeed, very nice what you say young man.

Thank you, but that is not the case,

I appreciate the flattery, but you should save your breath,

As you can see, I'm a little past your age."

As the Lady dubiously closed the door kindly,

Wiltshire remembered that his body, face and hair,

Was younger than he was inside,

He looked to his hands and encountered himself

To speak loudly from the other side of the door:

"What if I told you we are the same age?"

The Lady heard the question coming from the young man,

And in her intrigue she opened the door again:

"I can offer you a cup of tea, Wiltshire,

If you wish to explain what you just said."

And he agreed.

The Alchemist entered the house of the Lady,

Never to think he would be walking out of it changed.

So upon the porch in the back they sat,

As they looked at the garden and drank tea,

The Lady told her about her life,

As Wiltshire confessed who he really was underneath.

For hours they spoke and shared,

As the sun moved across the sky to its sunset,

For even if the day was long,

It felt really short for both.

Yet in a perfect silence they shared,

As the Lady looked at the Elixir closely with intrigue,

Wiltshire decided to speak truly from his heart,

For there was no time left to lose indeed.

"I wish I were who I was," The Alchemist said,

"I wish it now that I have seen your eyes,

For when you opened the doors I was struck in a chord,

That has been kept me playing melodies in my heart,

Playing through the afternoon we have shared,

Playing to make me feel that I care for you as I never cared."

The Lady was enchanted by his words,

For he spoke wiser than his looks,

And his gently manners made her bloom inside

Like the flowers in her garden outside.

"I wish it were the case," The Lady said,

Grabbing his hand as she was also moved,

"But I guess we should appreciate what we have,

For I am not that young anymore to be with you in bed."

"Unless." Wiltshire said.

He kept a silence to repeat again:

"Unless, you choose to be young again,

For my potion makes this possible;

And if you don't believe me so,

My presence is its evidence."

The Lady looked at the Elixir closely that she held,

And thought about what to do:

"If that were so, Alchemist, how much should I drink?"

"Given the math of my patients past,

I calculated that 100 years hold in every flask,

So if 25 years you would like to regain,

I say only a quarter of it would suffice."

The lady kept quiet now to think,

For it was not a choice not be toyed with,

And even she were to be young again,

What would she do with her life instead?

As the evening approached and the sky darkened,

The Lady closed the windows upon smelling the moist of rain,

"A storm will approach tonight, Wiltshire,

So you are welcome to sleep on my bench,

I will think about the Elixir tonight,

Maybe I will have a clearer answer by day."

"As you wish, my Lady." Wiltshire replied,

And suddenly words grew quieter between the night,

The Lady took her time to think,

As Wiltshire took his time to wait.

The rain came and thunders struck,

There was lightning and flashes outside,

Water was pouring all night long,

Becoming a meditation they would never forget,

Because near the midnight hour,

As the candles melted the dim light,

Wiltshire could not think of nothing else,

But about the Lady and her eyes,

Indeed this day was unforgettable, no doubt,

But still little he knew about the night.

The Alchemist rose from his bench upon hearing steps,

And in the dark house he was cautious,

Even if he felt safe.

Shyly the Lady approached from the hallway,

Wearing only a white gown,

But there was something peculiar he noticed,

Which took his breath away:

The Lady was young;

Her hair was loose, her skin was smooth,

She was the most beautiful woman still

And her eyes have not changed.

Wiltshire was stunned to see her standing there,

Younger and more beautiful than seen last.

With the sound of the rain he approached her slowly,

As she quietly spoke to him:

"I only drank a quarter. Just as you said."

And Wiltshire nodded in gratefulness,

Walking enchanted towards her,

In awe he caressed her cheek,

In awe he touched her hair,

The Lady loved the way he was looking at her,

And Wiltshire loved the way she was looking at him.

And in all the nights that stars glistened,

Tonight there was only rain;

Wiltshire and the Lady kissed in such passion,

That both of their heart ignited in flames.

No more words were spoken,

Nothing else was said,

In the magical night of endless rain,

They went together to the same bed,

Letting the night end in the most magic way.

On the next day, as Wiltshire woke,

He saw the sun was out already; he slept late.

He found her side of the bed empty;

Where only a letter laid.

"Wiltshire, My Magical Man:" He read,

"You must forgive me for this,

And I do implore you so.

But I woke to find myself with Life again;

Life that I've been growing in my garden all these years alone.

This morning I was scared and confused,

But now not anymore, for I know what I must do.

You have given me a chance to Live what I have missed in my youth,

And that is to travel the world like you.

But as I said when you knocked on my door:

I live alone and I prefer to keep it that way,

For it is my independence that I always adored,

Even if last night was the most incredible night I have lived,

Even if my heart says how quickly for you I have fallen in love.

I still want travel and live what I have missed,

While in my dreams, I'll think of you.

Who knows perhaps someday our paths meet,

And how I wish it were to be,

But for that, first I must go,

And live what my souls call me to live.

I have only taken the flask you have shared,

And for that I leave you all my gold coins,

Please take them for your travels,

And take care of yourself, magical man,

I bid you farewell and good luck,

At least until we meet again."

And the Letter ended with no name,

But a silence Wiltshire now took as pain,

Pain with tears and smile of having lived

The most romantic night with her.

The Alchemist sat still on the bed,

Watching out the window the new clear blue day,

Thinking about the dream he has just lived

And a story he would take to his grave.

Now he understood more the Old Man

Who sat near the tombstone of his wife,

His sadness was more heavy than yesterday's rain,

But at least he had the hope to meet her Love again.

Now he understood more the Kid

Whose dad had left him with is mom,

For when someone you care about leaves you

It only leaves an empty hole in the heart.

And so, Wiltshire packed his things,

Took the gold coins the Lady left,

Counted eight flasks inside his chest,

And exited the house as a changed man.

Now there was more beyond the horizon,

Than what he thought to expect,

Now there was really nothing he would have to strife,

When so many wonderful things have happened

Since he had made the Elixir of Life.


- Facundo Raganato

The story continues in "The Alchemist & the Knight" - Part 5


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