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The Adventure of the Little Leaf Bedtime Story

by Test 4 months ago in Short Story
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Once upon a time, on a big tree, there was a leaf, this leaf was free and carefree all day long.

The Adventure of the Little Leaf Bedtime Story
Photo by Elias Morr on Unsplash

  Once upon a time, on a big tree, there was a leaf, this leaf was free and carefree all day long.

  One day, she met a grasshopper, and she and the grasshopper played happily. After a few days, the grasshopper said he had to leave, and the little leaf couldn't let him go: "Why do you have to go? Aren't you living a good life here?"

  "I'm going to find happiness."

  "What is happiness?" Little tree leaves are confused.

  "Actually ...... I don't know." The grasshopper replied, "But I can go in search of happiness."

  This question made the little leaves wonder: what is happiness anyway? Can happiness go looking for it? And if so, where exactly is it? These questions bothered Little Leaf for several days, but, in the end, he decided to go with the grasshopper to find happiness. "You"? said the grasshopper, "You're daydreaming, aren't you, Little Leaf? If you walk for a long time, it will cause the water to run dry. Besides, if you want to walk, you have to go with the consent of the mother tree, right?"

  "It's okay, don't you forget, I'm one of the many leaves that Mama Big Tree likes the most." The little leaf smiled, "As long as I convince her!"

  The little leaf had a quick tongue, and soon the mother tree let her go.

  The little leaf bounced along the road, folding flowers and stepping on the grass for a while, very happy. However, after a morning of walking, the leafy tree could not support itself anymore and asked the grasshopper to stop and rest for a while. "How about I go get a handful of spring water for you to drink?"

  "That's a good idea, you go ahead!"

  The grasshopper came back to find that the little leaf had dried up. The grasshopper was so sad that she sprinkled the cupped water on her, and every day after that, the woo mang would come over here and sprinkle a few cupped glasses of water so that she would no longer be thirsty. On the hundred and the first night she sprinkled the water, a miracle happened, and the little leaves sprouted and grew quickly where they had dried out. The next morning, she had grown into a large, dense tree, the tree is the incarnation of the small leaves, there is a leaf on the tree, actually and the original small leaves, also to find happiness, the grasshopper is torn, go, it will "repeat history", do not go, it will not meet her curiosity, just as the grasshopper hesitated, the tree speaks: "Grasshopper, my tree. "Grasshopper, my friend, you can take her there!" The grasshopper thought twice and went with her.

  On the way, the little leaves folded the flowers for a while, stepped on the grass for a while, and played as happily as the original little leaves! "She still has a little bit of him in her!" The grasshopper could not help but exclaim. The grasshopper didn't want to repeat the tragedy of history, so he said, "Little leaf, you can't stop looking for happiness!

  "Why can?"

  "Because ...... because there is a leaf-like you walked all morning, and then just stopped, and then ...... dried up!"

  "Ah!" The little leaf said, "Then ...... that I immediately ...... immediately go!"

  The little leaves dragged their weary steps forward, little by little, with the grasshopper following behind.

  They came to a small river, and dry-mouthed little leaves immediately rushed up, gulping up.

  "Be careful, little leaf, here ......"

  Not waiting for the grasshopper to finish, small leaves have been washed down.


  The little leaf thought she was washed away by the water "intact" it, she opened her eyes and found herself in the hands of a little girl.

  "Mom! Mommy! I found a leaf in the creek." The little girl ran home and said to her mother, "Can I use it as a bookmark?"

  "Of course, you can." The mother, who was washing dishes, said to vacate a seat, "But you have to wash him well.

  The little girl washes the little leaves under the faucet and then dries them. Clipped in her favorite fairy tale book.

  In the little leaf's opinion, this is her happiness.

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