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That One Co-Worker

by S.D. Kang 8 months ago in Short Story
Report Story

Ride or Die

Photo by J.D. Peffer

Sandra looked through the numbers for the third time. Everything looked okay. She quickly pasted the daily numbers into the weekly report’s last column.

“Did you finish the weekly report yet?” Doug asked from beside her, making her jump as she had momentarily forgotten that he was there.

“No.” She said curtly, concentrating very hard to not take a deep breath. “I am working on it right now.”

“Well, are you done with the daily report?” Doug persisted.

“Yes, that’s done but-”

“Why didn’t you send it out yet then?” Doug interrupted her.

She paused for a second before answering.

“Because, as I was explaining,” she emphasized. “the director specifically asked that I send out both of the reports in the same email.”

“I see. And did you finish the meeting log from yesterday with CelCore Pharma?” Doug quickly changed the subject, but she was ready.

“Making meeting logs is not part of my work scope. I did it that one time because you said it was a one-time thing while you hired someone to take Selena’s place.” She stood her ground, making herself almost proud of herself. “It is a breach of my contract to have me do that, without mentioning that I am already overworked as is. If you insist that I must do this, we could talk about formally adding it to my contract, with the appropriate compen-”

“Sandra? Sandra!” Karen’s voice in Sandra’s headphones brought her attention back to the Zoom call meeting. “Your microphone is muted, do you have anything to share? I see your mouth moving an awful lot.”

“No, ma’am.” She quickly answered after unmuting her microphone, feeling her cheeks heating up.

Karen audibly and visibly sighed.

“Well since I have your attention now, have you finished the weekly report?” Karen asked in that annoying voice of hers.

“Not yet, I am working on it right now.” Sandra answered, just as she had practiced.

But Karen’s slight frown annoyed Sandra much more than she had anticipated.

“What about the daily report, have you finished it?”

“Yes, that’s done, but-”

“Why haven’t you sent it, then?” Karen interrupted her and Sandra almost let a smile slip.

Sandra cleared her throat quietly.

“Well?” Karen asked impatiently.

“Because, as I was explaining,” Sandra was almost trembling from the anticipation of slam dunking on Karen. “the director specifically asked that I send out both of the reports in the same email.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Karen said, still sounding impatient. “Do that if you have to, but send a separate email to me right now with the daily report. Honestly, is that too hard for you?”

Sandra felt her stomach drop.

“And what about the meeting log with CelCore Pharma from yesterday?”


“That’s a no, then.” Karen sighed again, looking almost disgusted. “Honestly, Sandra, you have to get it together. What does this company pay you for? Please, do your job. Tom, do you have the sales report?”

“Yes, ma’am. “

Tom’s voice blurred out as Sandra muted her microphone and looked at her spreadsheet. Hundreds of reports, day in and day out. For what?

“I’m sorry that our practice didn’t help much.” Doug said beside her.

“It’s not your fault.” Sandra murmured. “She went off script.”

“Well, it is obvious to me that we can stay in this company no longer.” Doug stated as a matter of fact. “But you can’t afford to just quit without anything else on the horizon.”

Sandra looked at him, knowing he was right. But was this what her life had become? She couldn’t accept that.

“Let’s start looking and applying for new jobs.” Doug said, as if reading her mind. “We need this.”

“And you would quit with me?” Sandra asked, feeling anxious but also excited for her uncertain future.

“Of course. Ride or die.” Doug said, as dependable as ever.

“Ride or die.” She agreed as she pet her ever so silent cat on the head as he started to purr. “You are the best cat-worker ever.”

Short Story

About the author

S.D. Kang

Dreamer by birth, Writer by choice.

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