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Thank you

by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in Short Story
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In my thirteen years of life, there are many people I want to thank. They may have given me help,

Thank you
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In my thirteen years of life, there are many people I want to thank. They may have given me help, they may have brought me companionship, and they may have brought me a wake-up call. The one I want to thank most, however, is my brother.

Since my brother was parachuted into my home, some things have quietly changed: the snacks at home no longer belong to me alone, I always have to take a small tow bottle on trips, and my "precious" stationery toys are always inexplicably missing ...... my momentary novelty and patience with my brother. Finally exhausted, my brother also gradually to the most naughty age, we naturally three days a small quarrel five days a fight, home sparks flying.

It was an ordinary evening when my brother was asking for candy, but he only had one candy left. I cursed in my heart: who told you to eat so fast! You don't know how to save your food. I swaggered over and was gloating, trying to tease him like I usually do. But for some reason, I saw my brother's face scrunched up into a ball, blinking his eyes as if he could cry at any moment. I suddenly thought of how sad I must have been when I was a child in such a situation. "Don't grunt, come here, I'll tell you a secret." I had an idea and mysteriously waved at my brother.

The brother was attracted over, skimming his mouth, "What secret?" I smiled slyly, "Do you know how to grow sugar?" "Sugar? How can sugar be planted?" My brother's eyes widened as curiosity squeezed the loss he had just felt into the clouds. "Just put the sugar under the big tree downstairs, grandma candy will cast a magic spell on the sugar, and tomorrow you can harvest a lot of sugar!" I danced around with my hands, my brother had long been convinced by me, so I asked him to open his palm to reveal the last tiny candy.

My brother was so excited that he couldn't sleep and asked me to tell the story of Grandma Candy and the candy planet. "How old is she this year? Is there 100 years old?" "Is her home all made of candy?" "How did she know I grew candy?" ...... brother's eyes were shining brightly, and his childish voice was filled with anticipation. The young me made up the story but gushing and colorful as if I had seen a silvery-white-haired grandmother with candy flying to every tree that planted candy ...... brother slept with a sweet smile, and in a soft snore, I tiptoed and pushed open the creaky door. Only I understood that the real work was only now beginning.

I grabbed the keys and ran downstairs, "knock knock knock", clutching the candy canes I had left over from my "frugal" diet. I quickly used a shovel to cut open the hole where my brother had just planted the candy. But when I twisted open the candy cane for a moment, I suddenly hesitated: is it worth sacrificing so much of my "savings" for the sake of my brother's momentary playful request? My brother's disappointed expression came back into my mind, and I was a little sad, so I closed my eyes and poured all the candy into the pit. I saw a tattered note and remembered that my brother had seriously and regretfully buried the candy in the soil, patted it, and left a message for "Grandma Candy" in crooked handwriting. I didn't know that the corners of my mouth had already curled up and I waved my hand to write a letter back, patting my hand that was covered in dirt.

"Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Sister!" My brother got up early in the morning and ran and jumped around the house, yelling, "There's candy! Grandma Candy is real! Thank you, Grandma Candy!" Seeing my brother's smiling face, which was like warm sunshine, I couldn't help but smile widely too. "Did you plant the candy?" Dad rubbed his sleepy eyes and smiled meaningfully. I spat out my tongue, "I planted the joy."

I guess I'm the one who has to say thank you. Thank you, brother, for showing me how to leave my selfishness behind, how to be a sister, how to be responsible, how to love even more, and how to grow up and complete a growing metamorphosis.

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