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Taking Dessert to a Whole New Level (Part 4 of 5)

An Awkward Situation

By MatthewKuszaPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 8 min read
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Nick chuckled to himself, walking towards the bathroom door. He understood the mentality of a football fan. Without a doubt, under normal circumstances, he would been in the middle of the bar watching. But, this date trumped all things, including beloved soccer. He was exuberant, thinking of how lucky he was to be here with Mateus. If someone had been paying attention, they would have remarked Nick unknowingly swaggered into restroom. Inside, he found two urinals and a stall. With the stall and one urinal occupied, he was grateful one was free. He rushed to relieve himself, just realizing how much he had to pee. Wine did that to him. The guy next to him snorted. He reeked of booze

“Yo! How long have you been drinking! You sound like a fucking firehose.”

Whoever was in the stall noisily began stinking up the bathroom. Nick’s urinal neighbor glared wincingly at the stall partition.

“Dude! What the hell did you eat? It smells like a pig farm in here!”

There was no response from the stall.

Nick didn’t say anything either. He found drunks extremely annoying. Nick kept his focus straight ahead on the wall, not acknowledging the man’s palpable stare.


Nick glanced over at the guy’s face.


Eyes glazed with too much drink, he held Nick’s gaze momentarily and then conspicuously looked down to check Nick out. Uncomfortable, Nick moved closer to the urinal and focused on finishing up.

"Ooh…Brazil!” bellowed the drunk.

Nick flushed, zipped up and walked over to wash his hands. The man was annoying, but Nick felt sorry for him. Most guys didn’t tolerate being ogled at while taking a piss. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong person and he’d end up with a fat lip, bloodied nose or worse.

“Yeah, hope they win.”

“Brazil’s got this in the bag! Germany’s a bunch of cock suckers! Did you hear about that midfielder who just came out. Proves it! All of ‘em sissies!”

The man burst out laughing. Nick turned hearing the door bang open as someone clomped in.

“Ah, Diego. What the fuck?! I can hear you all the way in the bar, bro!”

“Fuck off, Marcos.”

Nick quickly made his exit. He could hold his own in a fight, but he figured this was none of this business. He suddenly wondered what Mateus’ ex-boyfriend’s name was. That guy, Diego, certainly fit the description of an obnoxious drunk. He returned to find Mateus watching something on his phone.

“Miss me?”

“Horribly. You really must have had to go. Hope the food didn’t disagree with you.”

“I confess. I peaked into the bar to check the score. Looks like an awesome game.”

Mateus brandished his phone.

“Been doing the same!”

“Hey, come back to my place afterwards and we’ll watch it together.”

“I’d like that.”

“Cool. Look, I have to say again, I’m stoked you asked me to dinner. And that you brought me here. I love this place.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“It’s classier than the places I’ve been eating at lately. I kind of need a break from clubs and late night diners.”

“How do you do that and function at morning practice? I fail miserably at life without eight hours of sleep.”

“Believe me. It catches up with me. I try to pace myself. You don’t hit the clubs?”

“As an undergrad, I did my fair share of partying, but I lost interest after a while. Don’t get me wrong. I love music and dancing. But, now the whole scene is often just too much.”

“I understand. It’s definitely not conversation friendly. Not ideal for getting to know someone. And let’s be honest, most are only there to get drunk and hook up. Sounds good on paper. Pretty ugly in reality.”

“Exactly! Lately, I’ve been more into having a few drinks with friends over dinner. I hate being out of control. And hangovers…forget it.”

“Agreed. I’ve had a couple bad nights I try to forget. Although, one night, I heard about in the morning, I wish I remembered.”

“Same here.”

“While we’re on the topic of drinking, what’s your ex’s name?”

Diego. Why?”

“Just curious. I may have run into him. A drunken idiot in the bathroom, peeing next to me, was swearing and blabbering homophobic remarks about Germany’s team. He was anything, but discreet, as he peeked at my junk while at the urinal.”

“Oh no.”

“Oh, yes. And this other guy came in screaming, ‘Diego, I can hear you all the way in the bar!’ I left as the two of them were yelling and carrying on. The other guy’s name was…?”

Marcos.” Mateus interrupted.

“Yes! That was his name.”

Mateus buried his face in his hands, shaking his head.

“That’s my ex. How embarrassing. You can see why we’re not friends anymore. He’s like that most of the time. Sorry, he bothered you. He’s going get himself kicked out again, if he’s not careful.”

Nick laughed seeing Mateus’ horrified face.

“It’s ok. Honestly, when you told me your ex was here getting drunk, I was a little nervous. But, now I feel sorry for him.”

“Yeah? Why?”

“Two reasons. For one, I’ve lost count of how many guys I’ve met who are struggling with their sexuality and drink to feel better about it.”

“Every time we had sex, he was drunk. When he sobered up the next day, he was always weird about the whole thing.” Mateus revealed.

“Sounds exhausting.”

“You have no idea.”

“Thankfully, I’ve never had feelings for anyone like that.”

“You’re lucky.”

Nick paused thoughtfully.

“Wait! I did have a hook up once with this ‘straight-curious’ guy. He finished and then it was like a switch flipped in his brain. He practically ran out the door afterwards. My having too much to drink that night made that mistake possible. Hopefully, never again. Bad for my self-esteem and I felt awful for him.”

“Gosh, Nick. You’re sweet how you worried about the other guy.”

“Embarrassing. I don’t why I told you that.”

Mateus chuckled, patting Nick’s arm.

“There now. Doesn’t the honesty feel better?”

“No.” Nick moaned. “Not when I’m trying to impress you.”

“Chill. I’m not a prude or a saint. No judgement. Besides, I’m totally crushing on you.”

Nick’s grin was from ear to ear. He felt like he was floating. He had fallen for Mateus the first day they met.

“What’s reason two?” Mateus asked.

“Reason two?”

“You said you had a second reason for feeling sorry for Diego.”

“He was fortunate to find someone like you and he threw it away. I’m sure he regrets it already. He will for the rest of his life. I’m grateful though because it leaves an opening for me.”

Eduardo interrupted.

“I know you’re not in a hurry. I held off the dessert cart, as long as I could. She’s dying to show off tonight’s new pastry though.”

Mateus rolled his eyes. He turned to Nick.

“I’ve had time to make room.” he reassured.

“Yes, I guess we should start dessert.” Mateus sighed.

Eduardo waved to a young woman waiting across the room. She scrambled to action, pushing a large pastry cart toward them.

“Ready? Not only are you going to discover the ridiculous number of desserts offered here, you also get to meet, Marie.”

Nick searched Mateus’ deadpan face for some meaning. Seeing none, he turned to watch a stunning waitress approach. She painstakingly moved the cart back and forth, seemingly searching for the position affording the best view of its contents. Satisfied, she turned to face them. Tucking a loose strand of long, dark, luxurious hair behind her ear, she smiled at Nick.

“Good evening. Mateus, it’s nice to meet your friend Nick.”


Nick waved making eye contact. He was instantly captivated by Marie’s dark brown eyes. They reminded him of Mateus’ eyes.

“Welcome. I hear this is your first trip to the grille. It wouldn’t be complete without something sweet to finish with.”

Nick laughingly agreed. Watching Marie showcase the first sample, he reflected on how beautiful the people in the restaurant were. The place seemed to imbue its patrons with an air of easy grace and joie-to-vivre which served to amplified everyone’s better qualities.

“She lives for this part.” Mateus warned good naturally.

As Marie elaborately described each dessert, Nick tried in vain to make a selection. There were any number of cakes, coconut and key lime pies, custards, cheesecakes, sorbets and cannoli. Eventually, his choice fell to the flan, tres leche, and creme brûlée.

“So, what do you think? What is calling to you?” Marie asked.

“Ooh, this is a tough one. I want one of each.”

“That’s possible, but it could get pricy.”

Nick turned questioningly to Mateus.

“What do you suggest?”

“Ooh, sorry. I don’t interfere with dessert choices. It’s kind of a family thing I grew up with.”

Nick stood up to garner a better look.

“What do you recommend, Marie?”

“Sorry, you have to trust your stomach. Brazilians take dessert seriously. I wouldn’t dare to pick something you might not like.”

Flummoxed, Nick gave up.

“You guys take dessert to a whole another level.” Nick muttered.

He tried once more to worm his way out of making a decision.

“Want to split something?” he asked looking at Mateus.

“Sure.” Mateus replied noncommittally.

“What if…I.. pick something you don’t like?”

Mateus just shrugged.

“Well, I like cheesecake and the tres leche looks good too. Not in the mood for anything… fruity.”

“I know what you’re doing?”

“You do?”

“You’re fishing for a reaction. Don’t bother. I boorishly refuse to sway your decision.”

Marie and Mateus laughed. Nick sighed.

“Ah, you’re both cruel.”

Hands on his hips, Nick leaned closer, scanning everything. He made a decision.

“Well, I love caramel. Let’s split the creme brûlée?”

Beaming, Mateus locked eyes with Marie.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, let’s get the creme brûlée. Decadent, yet light. There! Happy? I made a choice.”

Nick turned around and witnessed Marie dance about squealing with excitement as she clapped her hands.

“Creme brûlée. Creme brûlée! Ahh Mateus! It’s a match!”

Mateus nodded, laughing wholeheartedly. Marie retreated dramatically towing the cart away.

“I’ll be right back.”

Nick was confused.

“Guess, she really likes creme brûlée. Is that the new pastry? Is she the pastry chef?”

“No, there’s a new cannoli filling. Pistachio. I think. And, no. She’s not the pastry chef.”

“What did she mean saying ‘It’s a match?’”

“That’s the only dessert I order here. It’s my favorite.”

“That’s so funny.”

They finished their coffee, listening to the music and people watching. Nick felt dessert was taking quite a while to arrive. Occasionally, he remarked Marie flitting about the restaurant.

“She’s full of energy.”

Marie? Oh, you have no idea.”

When dessert was finally served, Eduardo wasn’t the one to deliver it. It was Ana, the hostess. She carried two plates.

“I thought we were sharing?” Nick protested.

“You are, Nico.” Ana beamed. “This one is for Marie and I to share.”

Nick was completely surprised as Ana pulled up a chair.

“She loves creme brûlée too.” Mateus said.

Well that explains everything Nick thought sarcastically. Ana surveyed the restaurant. Spotting Marie, she yelled out in Portuguese.

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