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Once upon a time there was a king who had ten sons and a daughter named Elsa.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 4 min read


Once upon a time there was a king who had ten sons and a daughter named Elsa. They were all very good children, and unfortunately their mother died suddenly. The king married a new queen, and the new queen was a bad woman.

The king loved the queen very much. She took advantage of the king's favor and designed to drive away all ten sons, and used magic to make them turn into ten swans and fly into a large forest far, far away. Then, the queen made excuses to drive away Elsa. Elsa was very sad and determined to find her ten brothers.

After all the hardships, Elsa finally came to the big forest. Night had fallen, and she fell asleep under a big tree.

After dawn, she met an old woman. The old woman gave her some food and asked, "What are you doing in this big forest?"

Elsa said, "I'm here to find my ten brothers. Have you ever seen ten princes pass by here?"

The old woman said, "I saw ten swans this morning, and they all had golden markings like crowns on their heads. Maybe they were ten princes."

Then the old woman led Elsa to the beach. At the beach, Ellie saw ten swans, but unfortunately they could not speak.

"Do you want to save your brother?" At this time, the old woman had turned into a beautiful fairy.

Elsa said, "Yes, I must save my brother."

The fairy said, "I see that you are very brave. Please remember to find those golden nettles, soak them in water, peel off the skin, dip them in the water many times, and then weave them into cloth and make them into clothes. You must make ten pieces with your own hands, one for each brother. And you can't speak until the last garment is made, and if you speak before that, your brother will die."

Elsa worked hard for her brother and quickly made six pieces.

The king of a nearby country found such a young and beautiful woman in the great forest, and he came to Elsa every day. Because she had not spoken, the king was very sad, and one day the king finally said to her, "Will you be my queen?" Elsa cried, she could not speak, so she had to walk away with the nettle in her arms.

The king was considerate of her and let her go to the palace with the nettles and six clothes. In this way, Elsa left the forest and lived in the palace. She saw her brothers often fly over the palace, and she knew that they missed her very much.

The king's brother is very bad, he wants to be king, but if the king marries Elsa, there will be a prince, then he will never be king again.

Elsa was still weaving clothes every day, and two more were knitted. The nettles were gone, and it happened that he met the king out again, so his younger brother acted for the king. When he found that Elsa was out every night, he said to the ministers: "The queen does not speak because she is a witch. For the sake of our country, we must kill her before the king comes back."

The ministers agreed. Elsa had only one last dress left to make.

At that time, the king was riding back to the city when a swan flew down and landed on the head of his horse.

The king found the mark on the swan's head, and he remembered that it was a divine bird. After the queen returned to the palace with him, he always saw these swans flying in the palace. It must be something wrong with the queen, so he changed quickly and ran to the palace. The swan also called from above his head.

Elsa worked all night again, and she was taken out of the palace.

In the clearing mound in front of the palace, the firewood has been set up. They are going to burn the queen.

A man came over with a fire to start it, but a swan flew down and put out the fire.

Then, another person went to light the fire, and the swan flew down again to put out the fire. Finally, many people went to light the fire.

Elsa took the finished clothes and came to the open space in front of the palace.

When the king returned to the city, he saw many people gathered in front of the palace and hurriedly asked, "What are you doing?" The king pushed away the crowd and found ten swans standing beside Elsa.

The king saw that they had made a fire, and suddenly understood that they were going to burn the queen, so he rushed over.

His younger brother shouted again, "Burn her!"

At this moment, Elsa threw her clothes on the swan, and they immediately stood up and became ten young princes. The princes ran over, grabbed the hand of the king's younger brother, shouted, "One, two, three," and threw him into the fire.

The king rushed over and hugged the queen.

He said, "Will you speak to me now, my beautiful queen?"

Elsa smiled, and she said, "Thank you very much, my dear king."

Before long, the bad woman was kicked out of the court, because the ten princes had all grown up, and they returned to their father to help him, to govern the country, and to make the country as beautiful as a garden.

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