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Street where the wind lives

by Elsa 2 months ago in Short Story
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The wind lives at the end of the street. He knows everyone and is familiar with every corner. Whether it is sunny or rainy, he often shuttles back and forth in the street.

The wind lives at the end of the street. He knows everyone and knows every corner. Whether it is sunny or rainy, he often goes back and forth in the street. In spring and summer, the wind is very happy every day. He plays with the children and brings coolness to the people. Everyone likes him very much. But in autumn and even winter, everyone avoids him. Because it is so cold! Another autumn is coming. The weather is getting colder and colder. There are fewer and fewer pedestrians on the street. Even the children are willing to play at home. The wind runs around on the street every day, feeling very boring. He saw that the old grandfather who lived on the corner of the street could not go out in cold weather, because there was no heating, he could only shrink under the quilt all day to keep warm. The child who could not speak upstairs on the street could stand at the entrance of the alley and watch others play when the weather was good. When it was cold, he could only sit at home and look out the window. The wind felt very depressed, and he went home early, but he could not sleep. He thought of the cold weather and people's pain, and often cried in a low voice late at night.

  Winter is still here. On a cold morning, when the wind went out, he saw some small white dots falling from the sky, gradually getting denser and denser. At first, it was still small dots, and then it turned into pieces. It was the wind's good friend Snow Maiden! Snow Maiden is a group of happy beauties! They danced in the arms of the wind while giggling and dancing in lace white dresses. The wind became happy again! What he was looking forward to most was the day when he was accompanied by Snow Maiden. The snow girl came, and the streets became lively again. The adults used various tools to sweep the snow, the children shouted and fought snowball fights, built snowmen, and skated. What a lively scene! The wind was also so happy to shuttle among the people, no one was afraid of him, and everyone had a great time!

  Winter passed unknowingly, and Snow Maiden gradually came less and less. One day, Snow Maiden, who had become very small, wanted to say goodbye to the wind. The wind was so sad that she cried, but Snow Maiden comforted the wind and said, "Please don't be sad, although our time in the world is very short, we have a very happy time. We bring joy to the children, nourish the earth with our bodies, and can be useful to others. It is very meaningful for them to remember us! Thank you for your company. What a wonderful thing to be with lovely people day and night! Goodbye my friend! I wish you happiness!"

  The wind said goodbye to Snow Maiden, and he seemed to suddenly understand something. Although it was still a while before spring, the wind was no longer melancholy, and he still ran up and down the street every day, but as he ran he thought he could do something. Once he found a colorful windmill and sent it to the child's window. When the child looked out the window again, he saw that the windmill was turning fast, he grinned, and the wind laughed, and whirred even more vigorously. The wind collected coal in the roadside wilderness and piled them in the old grandfather's stove. The old grandfather found the coal and lit the fire. The wind helped to make the fire more prosperous. The room was hot, and the old grandfather was smoking by the stove. It was so warm and comfortable! The wind retrieved the kite lost by the child and helped the mother dry the sheets to dry...

  The weather gradually warmed up, the wind woke up the grass on the side of the road, blew open the small flowers in the fields, and woke up the small animals. Wherever the wind went, everyone felt the warmth. They kindly greeted the wind and thanked him for his help. Feng finally understood that no matter how the seasons changed, he could be everyone's friend and make everyone happier because of his presence! Feng likes his work more and more, he is happy every day, and people often hear him singing softly in the air...

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