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Status Update

by Tuesday Daily 18 days ago in Short Story

Chapter one of a book I'll never finish

Status Update
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Good Morning, everyone! It is such a beautiful morning here AND I actually woke up to my alarm when it went off, instead of snoozing until I am ultimately running around like a chicken without a head. I put a little extra effort into my make-up and hair this morning, I look pretty hot for 7am. OH!!! I even dug out this extra soft cute white top! I had completely forgotten about it but with the extra time this morning, I managed to look past my “go to” work attire and find something a little cuter than normal.

Alright, guys, I do have to run though. I want to stop by the coffee shop and get a yummy latte before hitting the office to do all the broker’s fun busy work! If this morning has any implications on the day, then today is going to be GREAT! Have a great day y’all!


Well, I made it to work early, and I was able to get a latte. Great start, right? NO. Fuck this morning already. Once I got inside the coffee shop, because I thought it would be nice to skip the drive-thru, I ordered my coffee and the barista just couldn’t understand my name;


“Tuesday,” I stated, very clearly.

“Today? Today is Tuesday. What name do we put on your order?”

“Tuesday,” I again state, very clearly, “My name is Tuesday.”

“Oh,” she says and giggles this ditzy giggle, “I see, today is Tuesday so like, I thought you were asking the day.”

So, I survive this intellectually draining conversation, grabbed my coffee and turned to leave the coffee shop. To which, I smacked right into a very solid construction worker, who tried his best to defy fate and prevent what happened next. My very hot, very dark, mocha latte flew from my hand and straight into my chest. Hot, dark, coffee and whipped cream flung at me in all directions but mostly landing on my very cute white top. I apologize to the construction worker, and offer him $5 to pay for his coffee for the inconvenience I had already caused, I apologize to the barista for the mess, as she wheels the atrocious yellow mop bucket out from behind the counter, and I take my coffee splashed self to my car.

Yay! I made it to work early, and I was cute this morning. Now, I have a huge light brown stain on a very white shirt, my hair is not nearly as cute now as it was just over an hour ago, oh and I can feel my eyelashes sticking together from the sugar in the coffee. Think I’m gonna go splash some water on my face, get a warm cup of office coffee, and start doing some bullshit receptionist stuff.

Kick today’s ass, everyone, because it’s kicking mine!


Having lunch at the office so I thought I'd jump on real fast and let you all know that my day has not gotten much better at all. Madeline, one of the senior brokers, decided to move all of her files from cabinets to computers, which, I agree is a very smart idea and will save so much time in the future but I don’t want to be the one to personally input every client’s paper file into our fancy new online filing cabinet. My next week or so of work is going to be very, very mundane and might actually drive me to insanity. I guess, stay tuned to see. 😜


FUUUUUCK today, good night.

No, that’s not fair to y’all, you didn’t have anything to do with the day that I have had. After Madeline gave me a super fun assignment, I spent all day transferring files, barely making a dent on the mountain of files that are waiting for me in the morning. Finally, the work day ended and I was able to leave and head home. However, instead of heading home like I should have, I stopped at the bar right off the exit to my apartment. I went in, ordered a shot of crown and before it could even arrive, this less than appealing creep starts a conversation.

“You look like you need a hero”

Caught off guard and more or less annoyed, “Fuck, What?”, I say.

This dude starts approaching me and says, “You look like you need a hero, I can be your hero. Do you need me to save you babe?”

At this point, my shot is sat down in front of me. I slam my shot back, look at creep and tell him, “I don’t need a hero, I needed a drink and some quiet. You ruined the quiet and I just had my drink. Thanks for ruining what was already a shit night. Fuck off.”

I then put a $20 on the bar to pay for my drink and to tip the server generously because I'm leaving and I don’t think that creep plans to any time soon. I grab my bag and leave. I drive home blaring old pop hits on my Sirius and I finally pull into my apartment complex. I get to my place and get out of my coffee-stained bad luck white top, never to be worn again, I actually threw it away tonight.

Now, I'm in my comfy cozy pajamas and I’m letting my friends know that my day sucked but I hope you all had a great day! Until next time!


Good Morning, or is it? It’s already 9am, I’m at the office and I was late, SURPRISE! I woke up by the third or fourth snooze alarm, threw on one of my “go-to” office outfits, flung my hair up in a messy bun and made it out my apartment building by 7:10am, so not horribly late.

I start my car and there it is, one of my least favorite sights... ”need fuel” light. Whelp, there goes my decent timing. I pull out of my drive and head towards the closest gas station. As I pull onto the street that leads to the oh so convenient, conveniently out of my way gas station, I drive over what appears to be loose gravel... that apparently, had some nails in it. 🤦

Being maybe 150 feet from the gas station, I drive slowly and carefully, feeling my tire as it slowly flattens. I pull up to a pump and hop out to “check the damage”, so to say, I know the tire is flat but obviously, I have to check.

I walk around to my tire, and surely enough, it’s well on its way to flat as fuck. Being the grown-up that I am, I jump up and down yelling “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!”, for approximately a minute and a half, putting on quite the show for the extremely hot guy at the next pump.

After I finish throwing my mini tantrum, the extremely hot guys asks if he could help me with anything. I, in turn, politely say “there is no help”, and strut off to the gas station.

Conveniently, this gas station offers tire service and can have my car ready by lunch. This is great, except that I still need to get to work. I tell gas station dude that I'll be back to get my car around noon and head out the door.

Walking to my car, I begin talking to myself because it’s something I'm fond of doing.

“Jesus, fuck, who am I gonna get to take me to work right now? Who’s gonna be fast enough that I'm not horribly late? Fuck.”

“Uh, I can help you with a ride. If you need one.”

I look up from my phone and it’s the extremely hot guy standing by his car. I’m not usually the type to jump in a car with a stranger, but I'm already late for work and this ride would be faster than uber so....

“You know what? You can help me with a ride to Lake of the Woods. Do you know the area?”

“Just your luck, I do. I actually work around there.”

“Hey, so do I but with my morning, let’s not talk about my luck, let’s just hope I can make it to work by 8:30.”

“Get in then, and let’s try to change your luck.”

I hop in the car, as does extremely hot guy. He turns out of the gas station and we head towards the highway. Once we pull on the highway, we make way with small talk, getting to know you questions, and some not so awkward silences. It was quite nice, just to coexist with someone in a confined area without feeling awkward or anxious.

We pull into my office parking lot, at 8:25, which is impressive. I thank him for the ride and told him I'd see him later... let me explain... he’s taking me back to the gas station at lunch to get my car. Also, his name is Marcus, and he took a vacation day from work today to just wander around, seeing what he could find to do and he found me.... not that way, you pervs.


My car is fixed! Yay! I bet you’re really wanting to hear about my little lunch date with Marcus when he picked me up to go get my car, aren’t ya?

Well, you twisted my arm, I guess I will kiss and tell.... wait, did we kiss? Maybe...😉

I walk out of my building, just a touch after 11am, maybe 11:07am to be more precise. Marcus is parked waiting for me... what a timely man, I like that. I open the passenger side door and slide into the car. I look at Marcus and before I can even thank him for showing up or compliment him on his timely manner;

“Hey, you’re late.”

“Excuse me?” I say, stunned with his audacity, “I got caught up in the office and couldn’t get out, I didn’t know you were watching the clock”

Marcus begins to grin, “I’m just fucking with you, girl, I’m always early, all the time so it’s easy to fuck with people on timeliness.”

“I was going to compliment you on your timeliness, but that audacity of yours has me contemplating whether or not I should,” I state back, with a bit of sarcasm in my voice.

“Oooh, she bites back, I like that”, He says as he pulls the car away from my building.

We drive just for a few minutes in a not so awkward silence and then Marcus asks one of my favorite questions:

“You wanna grab lunch first?”

“Absolutely,” I respond, as if I'm starving to death.

“Well, you are in such luck, my favorite sub shop is right on our way to your car. They bake their bread in house and toast every sub, it’s amazing,” Marcus excitedly says.

“A sub sounds delicious.”

We make it to the sub shop, having a little more small talk on the drive. We each get a sub and it really is one of the best subs that I have ever had. This man knows some things about food... that’s a great start to me.

Once we get to the gas station where my car is parked, Marcus pulls up to the service area and I run in, pay the guy and get my keys. Marcus is waiting by my car when I get to it.

“So, I had a lot of fun doing nothing with you. This weekend, I’m going to this party at a friend’s place. I’m taking an Uber because I plan on drinking, a lot, but if you would like to come too, I can pick you up on my way?”

“Um, yeah, totally,” I muster to say, sounding like a teen girl getting asked out for the first time, “that sounds like fun and I'm always down to drink, especially after the week I've had already,” I grab a scratch paper and jot down my phone number and address, “Just shoot me a text when you are on your way.”

I smile, and hand Marcus the piece of paper, he grabs it, grazing his fingers across mine and says he’ll see me this weekend. THEN, he kisses me, this sweet, fast amazing kiss, and he walks away. I’m left there with this stupid grin on my face and before I can remove it, he turns around, grabs both sides of my face and really kisses me. My entire body pulses with the euphoric feeling and I swear I’m floating. Marcus releases me, smiles and walks away... until we see each other again, my extremely hot stranger.


Sorry, I have been MIA for all of today!

It’s Thursday night and I cannot wait for the weekend! I cannot wait so much that I took a personal day tomorrow so I can sleep in and get super cute before going to some party with Marcus. Oh yes, I have that date with Marcus this weekend. He texted me earlier today to make sure my tire was still holding up and that I still planned on coming with him to the party. I wasn’t even sure I would actually hear from him. Usually, when I give out my number, I never get a call and somehow people that I would never give my number to end up with it and that really annoys me. I really could use a night to just get completely drunk and forget about this awful week. The piles and piles of files at work, just makes my time in the office drag so much ass while I'm there. I can’t wait to get through this assignment so I can at least tolerate work a little more.

Maybe Marcus is just what I need, maybe he’s the distraction that will get me back on track with my luck because as of recently, Marcus is the only good luck I have had. The ruined white top, the new wonderful assignment, the creep at the bar, the low fuel and the tire... wow, what a fucking week and Marcus really was the only bright moment.

Short Story

Tuesday Daily

I enjoy writing and have for a very long time. I think I have a knack for it, just no direction. I prefer to write erotica. Other styles to keep my brain fresh. Enjoy reading my work.

Tips are appreciated but absolutely not necessary.

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