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Spring sails from here


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

  Jiangnan's spring is more like spring after all, a hundred flowers bloom, spring full of color, with green, spring fragrance has been unable to describe the beauty of this spring. If you grow up in this picturesque Jiangnan, certainly not for the annual arrival of the spring as promised and marvel; if you are a bunch of decorations in this beautiful scenery, certainly not because of the year this day of spring and surprised; if you can be the first to see the colors of spring every year, certainly not because prematurely feel the intoxicating spring and unexpected. People are often like this, born in bliss, do not know bliss, do not know how to cherish when they have, the authorities are confused, the onlooker is clear.

  The spring in the north is also spring, just a thousand calls to come out, late, with a wobble, stumble, cover up to describe its speed and the way it comes is not too much. If you were born in the spring in this northern country, you will not ask the reason for the late spring; if this home in the late spring in the northern country, you must be able to understand the reason for the spring shyness; if you have long been accustomed to the natural laws of this spring does not bloom, you will not go and Jiangnan's spring in contrast to seek harm. In fact, people are like this, habit becomes nature, habit is good, where the soil and water are nurturing, the moon is the hometown bright, the landscape is unique.

  Geographical location, natural environment and climatic conditions directly affect the people in its domain to enjoy the fair and equal rotation of the seasons. "In spring there are a hundred flowers and in autumn there is a moon, in summer there is a cool breeze and in winter there is snow." This is the gift of nature to mankind, clearly is the real existence, it is reasonable for everyone is fair, for this spring flowers, winter snow is also equal, but because of the different places, the same season but presents different scenery. There are no flowers in the spring in the north, and no snow in the winter in the south. "Peach blossoms do not bloom, how can spring come in time", especially in our north, to the foot of the Tianshan Mountains more prominent. Not to mention "spring has a hundred flowers", even "a red apricot" can not be seen. Jiangnan is "vernal equinox wheat up", while the northern equinox only "a wind". Some writers once exclaimed, "The east wind is coming, spring will be far away!" In this land, from the beginning of spring, the east wind is blowing vigorously, scraping the earth can not stand, but still the winter snow is not eliminated and the spring snow is falling, the only smell of spring in the air is also scraped away. People living here have long been accustomed to the spring without flowers, also accustomed to the vernal equinox a wind, and sometimes a snow scene, have been accustomed to the flowers have been waiting until summer to open the "custom". As time goes by, people lose confidence in spring and look forward to the arrival of summer from winter. The reality is really changing the saying that "spring has a hundred flowers", and people here have long doubted the authenticity of this saying. Later, through the Internet media, we understood the reason for this, and the literati said that "spring has a hundred flowers" refers to Jiangnan, or even places other than us, so we felt some envy and jealousy.

  In fact, starting from the seasonal spring, spring in the north is also trying its best to express itself and prove its existence with practical actions. The snow that has been deposited for a winter slowly melts, the earth that has been sleeping for a winter gradually wakes up, the cotton clothes that people have wrapped for a winter are taken off one by one, and the force of the wind tries its best to activate all the factors that are conducive to the display of spring, making all the preparations and going all out to meet the arrival of the real spring.

  People living here have already put spring in their hearts, and even if they can't see the flowers blooming, they naturally do what they should do in spring on time, and let spring set sail with their practical actions.

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