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snowy weekend


By Zulqarnain HaiderPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
snowy weekend
Photo by Abbat on Unsplash

It was a snowy weekend in December, and Emily and her husband Mike had decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by renting a cozy cabin in the woods. They had packed all of their warm clothes and winter gear, and they were ready for a weekend of relaxation and quality time together.

As they arrived at the cabin, they were greeted by a picturesque winter wonderland. The snow was falling softly, covering the trees and the ground in a thick blanket of white. The cabin itself was small and rustic, with a chimney that was sending plumes of smoke into the air.

Emily and Mike quickly unpacked their things and settled in. They spent the first day exploring the woods around the cabin, taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the fresh, crisp air. At night, they built a fire in the fireplace and snuggled up on the couch with some hot cocoa and a good book.

On the second day, they decided to go on a longer hike through the woods. They put on their snowshoes and set out, following a trail that wound its way through the trees. The snow was deep, and they had to work hard to trudge through it, but they were rewarded with stunning views of the forest as they climbed higher and higher.

As they reached the top of a hill, they stopped to catch their breath and take in the view. The sun was shining, and the snow sparkled like diamonds all around them. They felt a sense of peace and contentment that they had not experienced in a long time.

They spent the rest of the day hiking and exploring the woods, before heading back to the cabin for a warm dinner and another cozy night by the fire. On the final day of their trip, they spent the morning lounging in the cabin, enjoying each other's company and making plans for future trips.

As the snow fell gently outside, Rachel snuggled deeper into the cozy blankets on the couch. She had been looking forward to this weekend getaway at her family's cabin in the mountains for weeks.

The fire in the fireplace crackled and popped, casting a warm glow around the room. Outside, the snow continued to fall, blanketing the ground in a thick layer of white.

Rachel's husband, Dave, emerged from the kitchen with two steaming mugs of hot cocoa. "Here you go, hon," he said, handing her a mug and sitting down next to her.

"Thanks," Rachel said, taking a sip and feeling the warmth spread through her body. "This is exactly what I needed."

The two of them spent the day lounging around the cabin, reading, playing games, and enjoying each other's company. In the evening, they put on their warmest clothes and ventured outside to build a snowman.

As the sun began to set, they headed back inside, rosy-cheeked and grinning from ear to ear. They cooked a hearty dinner of stew and crusty bread, and enjoyed a glass of red wine by the fire.

The next day, they decided to go for a hike in the snow. They put on their snowshoes and headed out into the woods. The snow was so deep that it reached up to their knees, but they trudged on, taking in the stunning scenery around them.

Eventually, they reached a secluded clearing where they stopped to take in the view. The trees were covered in a layer of frost, and the snow sparkled in the sunlight.

"This is exactly what I needed," Rachel said, taking Dave's hand. "Thank you for bringing me here."

They spent the rest of the day exploring the woods, and by the time they returned to the cabin, they were exhausted but happy.

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Zulqarnain Haider

I write short stories and poetry. I hope you find yourself in between the spaces of my words.

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