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Sky blue rocking chair

This is the story of a northern town where potatoes and milk are especially delicious.

By ElsaPublished 4 months ago 14 min read


This is the story of a northern town where potatoes and milk are especially delicious.

Outside this town lived a young chair maker and his wife. All the chairs he made were very strong and comfortable to sit on.

One day, the chair maker made a lovely rocking chair.

"Ah, what a beautiful rocking chair! Who ordered it?"

The lady boss asked while making stewed potatoes.

"Whose is it? Let me tell you, it's ours."

"Our family? But, who is sitting?"

"Sit down, child."

The chair maker answered happily.

It's time for the lady boss to have a baby.

"Sit down and watch."

The chair ingenuity said it best. The lady boss gently sat on the rocking chair and tried it.

"Ah, it's so comfortable..."

The lady boss swayed her chair and looked at the sky in a trance.

The day before the baby was born, the chair maker asked his wife with sparkling eyes:

"Well, what color do you paint that rocking chair?"

"Yes, the red one is so good."

The lady boss replied. The chair maker thought: Tomorrow, go buy a red paint like the newly opened red rose.


On a very blue day, the lady boss gave birth to a girl.

But sadly, the child was blind. After learning this, the chair maker hurried to the town to call a doctor. The doctor examined for a long time, saying that he was born blind and could not be cured, and then went back.

The chair maker and the lady boss have been crying ever since. For many days in a row, I have been crying.

It wasn't until the people in the town came to urge to make a new chair quickly that the tears of the two finally stopped.


One day in late autumn, when the chair maker was on his way to bring the chair back, he suddenly remembered the rocking chair.

"Not yet painted."

He said to himself. But the thought that no matter how beautiful the red is painted, the child cannot see, and he is extremely sad. Yesterday, the lady boss also said:

"This child can't see anything. What a beautiful flower color, the color of the water, and the color of the sky, you can't see it."

"The color of the sky..."

The chair maker repeated. The sky is a beautiful blue. The chair maker sat under a dead tree and looked up at the dazzling sky. If he could only teach the child one color, he thought, teach her the color of the sky.

At this time, a rustling sound came from behind the chair maker, and then a child's voice came:


The chair maker looked back, and just behind him, under the tree, a small boy, as if buried in fallen leaves, was sitting there. Although the child was young, he was painting with paint.

"Never. Where are you from?"

Asked the chair maker. The boy smiled narrowly:

"I'm painting."

Simply answered the question.

"Hmph, what painting?"

The chair maker crouched beside the boy, looked at the drawing paper, and was stunned. Because the drawing paper is painted a color of blue.

"This is not a painting."

"It's a painting, it's a painting of the sky."

"Painting of the sky?"

The chair maker was surprised again. But if you look closely, yes, it is a painting of the sky. The blue on the drawing paper is exactly the same color as the sky that day.

"I see. It's really good."

Said the chair maker. The blue looks more and more like the color of the real sky. That blue seems to seep into my heart. Even when I close my eyes, the blue sky expands in my eyelids.

"I'm talking about you."

At this point, the chair maker came up with a brilliant idea.

"Can you give me that blue paint?"


"Painting chairs."

So the chair maker told about his blind daughter, and said that he wanted to teach her the color of the sky.

"I know. I'll give it to you. However, I only brought so much today."

The boy picked up the small bottle and showed it to the chair maker. In the bottle, only a little melted blue paint remained.

"Uncle, can you take it tomorrow?"

"Ah, okay."

"Well, if the weather is fine tomorrow, I'll come here."

The boy said.

"Uncle, when the sun comes out tomorrow morning, come here with the bottle and pen!"

"Got it. If the sun comes out, come here with a bottle and a pen."

In this way, the chair maker and the strange boy parted.


The next morning, when a ray of sunlight came through the narrow crack in the window, the chair maker went out into the field with the empty bottle and pen. Under the tree of yesterday, where the boy was sitting yesterday.

"Good morning."

Said the chair maker.

"Good morning. What a lovely day."

"Ah, yes."

"Did you bring the bottle?"

Without saying a word, the chair maker handed over the bottle and pen that he had carefully brought.

"Then, let's get to work."


"Yes, that's hard work."

Saying that, the boy took out a transparent three-cornered hat from his pocket. The chair maker took a look and said hurriedly:

"You, I'm here to divide the paint."

The boy's bright eyes smiled:

"But uncle, don't you want the color of the sky? The real color of the sky has to be taken from the sky."

The boy took a snow-white handkerchief from another pocket and spread it out on the grass. Then, block the sun with that glass hat.

So, what happened? Isn't there a little, little rainbow hanging on the white handkerchief?

"Uncle, dip your pen in the blue part of the rainbow and put it in the bottle."

The chair maker picked up the pen and did wholeheartedly as the boy said.

Dip the pen in the thin blue strip of the little rainbow that suddenly hangs on the white handkerchief, and watch the pen bulge. Take the pen to the mouth of the bottle, and the blue water droplets fall down.

The chair maker repeated this many times. The sun gradually rose.

The chair maker looked away, moving the pen from the rainbow to the bottle, from the bottle to the rainbow. The blue of the paint accumulated in the bottle changed little by little, sometimes the color of purple flowers, sometimes the color of cornflowers, and the color of gentian grass, duck plantar grass, orange stalk, hydrangea...

Suddenly, the paint was surprisingly red, and soon turned dark purple again. Then, when the purple water droplets fell into the bottle, the little rainbow on the white handkerchief disappeared.

The chair maker holds a bottle full of exotic paint.

It was dark all around.

"So, it took a day..."

The chair maker exclaimed.

"Well, so Uncle, you got the best color of the sky."

On the field at dusk, I remembered the boy's lovely voice.

"Thank you."

The chair maker took the child's small, warm hand.


When the chair maker got home, he quickly dragged out the rocking chair and dipped a pen in the paint he just got to paint it. The eyes of the rocking chair turned a beautiful sky blue. It's an amazing sky blue!


When the blind girl was three years old, she sat in the rocking chair and remembered the color of the sky. Since then, she has also learned that the widest, tallest and most beautiful thing in this world is the sky. She also often said this:

"Look, there are birds flying in the sky."

"There are beautiful clouds floating."

Blind children can see the sky, and the strange story spread all over the town. The news reached neighboring towns, and then neighboring towns. Many people flocked to the chair maker's house to see the strange girl and the sky-blue rocking chair.


This was the fall of the girl's fifth year.

The chair maker is at work. The lady boss is stewing potatoes. The girl swayed in the rocking chair and looked at the sky.

At this time, someone came.

"Hello, uncle!"

There was a sound from the other side of the door. The lady boss opened the door and saw a boy of about ten years old standing there.

"Ah, where are you from?"

Asked the lady boss. Before the boy could answer, the chair maker jumped out of the workshop and cried:

"Ah, you are the child from before!"

How big he has grown! The lady boss also knew who the child was. So she added more milk to the potato stew.

"Uncle, where's the little doll?"

The boy asked in a long voice.

"Little doll? She's already a five-year-old girl."

The chair maker pointed happily to the window. The girl sat honestly in the sky blue rocking chair by the window. The boy approached and said:


The girl turned this way. The boy felt it was inappropriate not to say anything.

"Well, I..."

At this moment, the girl's cheeks suddenly lit up, and she continued to shout:

"I know wow! Are you the one who gave me the sky blue?"

The boy was completely happy. Too happy, after nodding deeply, he only replied:


Later, around the small table, the boy and the chair maker's family ate stewed potatoes.

When the boy went back, the chair maker quietly begged him:

"Well, I want to teach this kid the color of flowers. Can you bring me red paint?"

The boy nodded, then said softly to the girl at the door:

"I am the child of the wind. At the end of autumn, will there be a little gentle wind blowing? That's me."


In early summer, the child of the wind went to a southern town. There, he saw a beautiful rose garden. So he remembered the red paint he was commissioned to last year.

One night, the boy carried a big basket, sneaked into the rose garden, and pinched off many red roses. When the basket was full, put it in the pockets of his clothes, and when the pockets were full, put it in his hat, and escaped while the sun was still up.

The next morning, the caretaker of the Rose Garden almost fainted when he saw that all the red roses had been plucked away. The Rose Garden immediately started screaming.

The child of the wind knew nothing of these things, and he went down to the beach, where he lit a fire, and boiled the red petals. After cooking for a long time, he could easily get a full bottle of paint. It was a sticky and beautiful paint in the color of red roses.


Autumn came, and the child of the wind carefully hugged the paint and came to the chair maker's house. As for how the chair maker and the proprietress rejoiced, and what a fine stewed potato they made for the boy, it is needless to say.

The chair maker hurriedly painted red paint on the new rocking chair made in summer. When the lovely red chair was painted, the child of the wind said to the girl:

"This is the color of the red roses in the Southern Rose Garden."

"Ah, the color of roses!"

The girl fumbled and sat gently on the rose-colored chair... ah, what happened? The girl stood among the red roses in the Rose Garden...

Ah, is this red? Like a warm thick cover, like a knee blanket. Like a stereo, like a low-octave harmony. It's a color that seeps deep into the heart. Is this red? Is it the color of a red rose?

The girl forgot to breathe and looked at the color red fascinated.

When the child of the wind was going back, the girl said:

"Okay? I hope the New Year has the color of the sea."

"The color of the sea..."

The boy thought: This is a bit difficult.

The girl begged enthusiastically. The child of the wind nodded and replied softly:

"Do it and see."


The next morning, the girl sat on the rose-colored chair of yesterday and tried it.

But what happened? Yesterday's red color was invisible. On the contrary, the barren rose garden without a single flower appeared like a painting without color. The chair maker noticed that the red paint on the chair yesterday had faded overnight.

The girl desperately wanted to bring to her mind the color she saw yesterday called red. She didn't think she would see that color a second time. Therefore, she wanted to keep that color in her heart with care and care.


When the child of the wind crossed the sea to the south, he begged the sea and said:

"Mr. Hai, think of a way to give me your light blue. I want to bring it to a blind girl."

The sea didn't answer anything. Wow - big white waves washed the rocks. The boy ran up and down the wave line begging the sea. The waves clattered and washed his little feet.

The child of the wind begged the sea again when he returned from the south.

But the sea said nothing. The sea is so blue that it can be held in the hand, but it is as transparent as sunlight, and will never become the paint of the color of the sea.

The child of the wind stood on the beach, looking sadly at the sea until the sun went down.

Behind the waves, the boy suddenly heard a faint song.

It was Hai who sang it to him, it was a good song.


Autumn is over, and the child of the wind is here again. The chair maker opened the door and was taken aback. The boy grew five centimeters taller! Really, the boy stood tall and thin at the door. If it wasn't for the smile showing his white double teeth, he might not have recognized who it was.

"I can't get the paint in the color of sea blue."

The child of the wind said apologetically.

"However, I remember the song."

So the boy sang the song of the sea. It hummed brilliantly at that time. Listen quietly, like the expansion of the warm and deep blue sea, the brilliance of the waves, the distant horizontal lines, and even the slight smell of the tide can be detected.

The child of the wind taught the song to the girl. In this way, the girl knew the sea.


The girl sat on the sky blue rocking chair, sang the song of the sea, and waited for the arrival of autumn.

But for some reason, after the autumn came that year, the leaves had fallen, and the boy had not come. The next autumn, and the next autumn, did not come.

The girl sat in the sky blue rocking chair and waited for several years. Black braids, very long.

Soon... the girl herself didn't know what she was waiting for. Even so, she was still waiting for autumn.

The girl is fifteen years old.

One day, the girl was taught by the proprietress to try stewed potatoes. The stewed potatoes she made became more and more delicious.

A few more years passed.

The girl's sky blue gradually faded. The girl sat in the rocking chair, desperately trying to remember something and restore something. Later, she wanted to take out a good thing that she kept in her heart. It used to be a good thing... I forgot where I kept it... The girl sighed.


One autumn day, someone was knocking on the door.

At the door stood a tall and beautiful young man. The man said that he had come by boat from a southern town. He asked the chair maker to accept him as his apprentice. The chair maker was very happy, and from now on, he taught the young man how to make chairs every day.

Young people like the stewed potatoes made by girls the most. Girls gurgle potatoes every day.

One day, the young man was humming a nice song while making chairs in the workplace. Hearing the song, the girl sitting in the rocking chair was not surprised.

Yes, it's that song. It's the sea, it's the sea!

In an instant, the girl's eyes clearly saw the color of the sky, and the color of a rose that was once a precious collection -

The girl ran to the young man and shouted:

"It's you, it's really you, give me the sky blue person!"


Before long, the blind girl became the young man's wife, a happy wife who knew the true color of the sky better than anyone else.

She became a good wife who could still sit in a rocking chair and stare at the sky even if her long hair was completely gray.

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