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Shadow Academy, chapter 32

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

"Why do you think the headmaster called us here?" Taryn whispered in my ear.

Once again, we were gathered in the Assembly Hall, no one knowing why it had been called. It had interrupted all class for the day, and we would probably have the rest of the day off.

Like before, all the instructors sat on the stage in chairs, appearing just as confused. Ha, the tables were turned. It felt nice, a smile forming on my face.

"I'm not sure, but I hope to the divine it has nothing to do with me this time."

Wren growled at us, "Stop talking!"

Taryn narrowed her eyes, "Why?"

"It's annoying me."

"Everything annoys you right now."

That was true. Wren's season of fertility left her in a foul mood, having to constantly fight away aroused males, including Elys.

It was so bad Gabe and Kade sat between him and Wren, with Taryn and me making sure other students didn't try anything. However, I wasn't sure which female would be worse to piss off.

Luckily, Owen decided to show early, striding along the stage as the voices silenced around us. Thank the divine. Sitting around was aggravating me.

"Attention, students!" Owen's voice boomed loudly. "I know you must be wondering why I called this assembly."

I rolled my eyes. Of course, we were.

"Well, it is my pleasure to announce that we will be hosting the tournament at the end of this quarter."

I leaned back, hearing gasps fill the atmosphere.

Va had told me about the Academy tournament. As a competition between the students, it was a chance for students to show the skills they had learned to the rest of Khysfyre.

I rubbed my hands together as the headmaster explained the details.

I wasn't sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, I would finally be able to test what I'd learned. But, on the flip side, my parents would be witnessing this, and I couldn't shake the suspicion Ma would try to keep me from competing.

"I know, this is a surprise," Owen moved his hands in a downward motion, "but I know all of you will do the best you can."

Taryn sighed, shaking her head.

I raised a brow at her.

She gave an 'I'll tell you later' expression.

Kade leaned forward, making eye contact with me.

It was likely we would be pitted against each other. Yet, I grinned at him. I wasn't even sure why, considering last time. Maybe he just wanted to mess with Ma.

I didn't blame him.

'What do you think of this?' I sent to my Gemini.

'I'm excited,' Elys purred in my mind. 'I've been waiting for the opportunity to prove myself.'

I bobbed my head. 'Understandable.'

Wren and Gabe seemed rather indifferent about it. Weird.

Everybody else looked either ecstatic or terrified. Not much in the middle, not that I saw at least.

For the rest of the assembly, I listened to the rules, dates, and regulations of the tournament.

It would be a nice shake-up from the usual routine, though. Unlike most of the students, I had been somewhat bored lately.

Once the assembly ended, I quickly found Tarek waiting for me by the doors. I stepped over to him, allowing my classmates to pass by.

"You worried about me?" I smiled.

He shrugged, "Not really."

"Good, because even if I don't win, I'll be fine."

"Glad to hear it." Tarek squeezed my shoulder. "Meet up later?"

"Yes." I grinned before returning to my group outside the Assembly Hall.

Taryn and Kade smirked at me, Wren carefully placing herself between them.


"You and Tarek, so cute," Taryn smiled wider. "Makes me feel good."

Kade raised a hand, "Me too."

I focused on my dreamwalker friend. "So, why did you look annoyed?"

"Because I was." She sighed, "My House expects me to win the whole thing."

"Well, our powers won't to dampened." Gabe stroked his beard. "That will be nice."

I agreed.

"But I don't care about much." Taryn brushed her hair back. "Despite how it may appear, I'm not a competitive person."

Gabe snorted

"Well, I do care," Elys growled, staring at Wren.

"Good for you then."

Wren snickered, "I'm happy about it too." Her smile turned wicked. "I'll be able to kick some ass."

I was already experiencing new sides of my friends. This was going to be an interesting quarter.


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