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by Jay Lawson 2 months ago in Love
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Jamere Lawson

The man lets the sweet-salty air from the ocean kiss his forehead as he closes his eyes to live in a better life that ended what seems like centuries ago. Her warm voice echoes through his head as he bounces from memory to memory. He yearns for her flavor like a baby needing his bottle. He revives her soft clutch on his arm and desires to inhale and savor what little essence in this world she has left as he lets a smile break free. Most would call it foolhardy, but he’d be a fool not to try. The piercing orange sky strikes the ocean as it reflects the declining sun. He rises from his kneeling position and faces parallel to the shoreline of the vacant shore and glances back only to see two shadows wrestling in the sand. The sun burns the outline of what is left of his former life onto the white grains and carries the shadows with it as it descends below the horizon, waving goodbye to the ocean itself as she once did. He can hear the red velvet sound of her voice, massaging his ears with each laugh she makes. The fading echoes of her giggles strum along the timestream of memories running through his neural network.

“You’re so annoying.” She said.

“It’s a part of my charm, babe.” He said.

“It was charming, at first, now—”

“It’s annoying?”

“It’s annoying.”

When they were young, she would often yank his leg over the tiniest misstep. A spitfire in the reigns of his meadow. She was not absolved from his actions. Her heartbeat was a fish suffocating on land before someone smashed its head, so it stopped flopping whenever he entered the room. His aura was pure temptation, a bottle of Bourbon to a recovering alcoholic. The scent of his cologne flooded her nasal cavity and sent a shot of serotonin directly to her brain. She would find herself wrapped in his web whenever he would look into her eyes, the windows to the soul. His piercing blue eyes mimicked the ocean’s waves and would send her in a frenzy. It was maddening to pretend to not notice him glancing at her smooth, glossed lips every other sentence. She would purposely stand close so that their conversations would be at a hushed and soft volume. He would stumble over his words when getting lost in her eyes. His eyes would roll to the back of his head when he inhaled too much of her perfume, but he took deep breaths anyway. Her voice was honey to a swarm of bees. Whenever she leaned close to his ear to spill her whispers, she’d grip his arm to balance her weight. His heart jumped from his chest to hers the longer her message lasted. Despite the electricity they shared in each other’s presence, they both attempted to shield each other from their truths. No matter the late-night phone calls.

“What if we dated, but as a joke?” She asked.

He couldn’t help but internally scoff. Was she too good for him to date seriously? Was he not good enough beyond having a laugh amongst her friend group to be considered her boyfriend?

He would chuckle a response, “I couldn’t imagine it.” To make it seem like he wasn’t interested beyond what they had now. Her teeth would grind together hearing this. Why couldn’t he imagine it? Does he not believe they would make a good couple? Was she nothing more than a friend, God forbid, a sister to him? Her mind could solve the class’s hardest equation within seconds, yet the enigma that he was, left her stunned in place. She had him trapped in a hurricane in an active volcano filled with daggers that were her words. He always loved a challenge. They had each other glued to their phones.

“Hey, is it cool if I come over,” she asked. “My dad is drinking again.”

“Of course, I’ll leave the front door open. My mom won’t mind, she always makes too much food for just us two.” He said.

His mother would always look at her and give him a smirk. His mother locked eyes with him as she let her in the house with a sunshine smile.

“So, can you see this going somewhere?” She would ask her son.

“I do.” He said.

“Your father’s mother asked him that same question.”

“Did he give the same answer?”

“No. She told me he didn’t know, but that excited him.”

“I miss him, mom.”

“I know, baby. I do too.”

The sun would fall hours after she arrived. She would stand on the porch soaking in the golden highlights against the red shine marinating in the sky. She often saw herself amongst the birds soaring above the clouds. She would spread her arms while taking a deep breath. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she tilts her chin backward, letting her long, silky hair drop to her lower back. He watches her get lost in her head from the porch door. He sneaks behind her, gently caressing her hips. His fingers melted against the soft fabric of her sundress that flapped behind her legs in the wind. He holds her waist close to his groin and hoists her slightly in the air, careful not to smack her head against the wind chimes that would roar violently during tornadoes. Her soul leaves her body as the deep breaths she’s been making shake out of her like rocks skipping down the side of a mountain. She can’t help but laugh as he struggles to maintain holding their weight steady against the wind but would eventually have her land atop of him. They both giggle as she slides down his biceps, touching every piece of his upper body. Her eyes would open and meet his gaze. His lips were calling to her and her scent to him. The light behind their eyes linked together and brought them close into a warm embrace. Their shadows imprinted on the porch steps, locked in a tender kiss. His eyes open to find the call of the night whistling throughout the beach. Her touch fades to mist and he’s left alone. A ghost shuffling the shoreline. A tear befalls his wrinkled cheek as he raises to the starry night sky.

“I’ll always love you.” He says.

“I’ll always be with you.” She says.


About the author

Jay Lawson

I'm an aspiring writer, hoping to hone my skills and build a sizeable portfolio! If you have any comments, please let me know. I write down ideas and flesh them out in a short story form that, hopefully, people find interesting.

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