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Send to all the fat girls in the world

by Test 4 months ago in Short Story
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My dear, are you thinking that heaven has not given you a favor and turned you into a beautiful haze in the sky?

Send to all the fat girls in the world
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My dear, are you thinking that heaven has not given you a favor and turned you into a beautiful haze in the sky? No good-looking face, no standard body, and no slender fingers ...... I hate it when people look at you, always difficult to look you up and down, and then hesitantly spit out: "After all ...... Your body is so good ......" And you, no matter in don't care, can only laugh it off, because that is the indisputable fact, irrefutable.

  Yes, you also desire to stand confidently and sunny in the breeze and become the scenery. A knitted brows and a smile, the temperament of heaven, a word and a deed, the style of the best.

  Please walk to the mirror, carefully, well, seriously look at the girl in the mirror, are not you? Smiling, bitter? Pulling the eyebrows, showing pear swirls? Tell me, what do you see in the mirror? Gaze at the girl in the mirror for three seconds, are you confused and feel strange? Honey, yes, that is you, is your most real and your most beautiful look. Maybe you will deny it, will shake your head, in fact, before that, you never really know yourself.

  When you admit your shortcomings, there is no need to feel sorry for yourself and envy others. My dear, only those who love you will appreciate your beauty, a garden can not be full of bright roses. My dear, be confident, smile more, a smile will make your eyes shine. Don't always think that you are not beautiful, beautiful is what you earn.

  The fat overload on you is God's love for you.

  Don't believe in other people's eyes, don't believe in other people's jokes, just believing in your own heart is enough.

  Whether it is the beauty on the outside or the real inside, dear, believe in yourself, and you will end up with a wisp of Ya Ju fragrance like the pretty girl.

You can't reproduce it without permission.

  My dear, are you always envious of others and feel that you are not pretty enough? When walking, shrink your head to the neck, afraid to see the beautiful girl's long legs. Heart block. Honey, are you always bothered about your bloated body, if someone kicks you from behind, you become a rolling ball of leather? In high school, the pretty girl's face looks like a sculptor's craft engraved with a knife, while you, the fat in the jaw stacked high on the pagoda. Low self-esteem.

  My dear, do you hate the strange look in the eyes of others, and your mouth does not hesitate to spit out words like sarcasm? You stand at the edge of the luxurious villa, dare not go beyond half a point, because that is the boundary between beauty and ugly, fat and thin, once involved, the whole world will drown you in contempt. Just a little bit fatter, but all the beautiful things rubbing shoulders. My dear, do you feel like an ugly duckling, standing in the impermeable reeds peeking at the world? Is not looking, those boys to the beautiful girl's attentive, pursuit, heart astringent.

  But, my dear, have you ever seen yourself in your truest form?

  Honey, now you are the most beautiful look.

  Since you think you are too fat, then lose weight! However, don't let the love of beauty become the devil that controls your life. Insist on not eating after 9 p.m., insist on getting enough sleep and looking radiant every day, insist on a brisk half-hour walk in the evening, and let the sharp gasps rampage through your throat. My dear, time will prove that you grow little by little.

  Blame it on you for being too lazy, she is trying to tell you in this way, gently, girl, the time to exercise is here. Go, go to the playground, against the cold wind, do you know that you are cloak and dagger to send yourself the way of Cinderella into a princess? There's nothing to laugh about, honey, it's you, understand?

  Fat girls should not be humble, fat girls are more worthy of love than thin girls, because they have a heart that wants to become beautiful, their beauty will be their fight to come.

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