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See is not as good as remembering

by BobBam about a month ago in Short Story
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To be honest, Wu Yinghui is not the kind of natural beauty, a thousand charm, let people fall in love at first sight of the girl. She is short, of mediocre appearance, and seems a bit ugly at first, but she is good in her studies, has a temperament, and is cultured. She also seems to not care about her appearance, love to talk and laugh, lively and cheerful, funny and playful, over time, will slowly taste her beauty. "People are not lovely because they are beautiful, but they are beautiful because they are lovely." This famous quote by Mr. Tolstoy is aptly applied to Wu Yanghui.

Wu Yinghui is my junior high school classmate, her language and English are excellent, especially her essays, after each essay, the teacher left the word "excellent" with a red pen, and a dense comment. She also writes beautifully, and when I think of her imitation Song, I am reminded of Song Huizong's thin gold.

Wu Yinghui also loved to sing and had a beautiful voice. At that time, the popular Li Guyi's "sister looking for brother tears flow" ah, Li Shuangjiang's "Goodbye, Mom" ah, Guan Guimin's "Our tomorrow is sweeter than honey" and so on and so forth, Wu Yinghui always hum a few lines, gentle and melodious, I never get tired of listening to, is really a kind of beautiful enjoyment ah. In the process of her singing over and over again, I listened over and over again, I unconsciously liked her, of course, by the feeling that Wu Yanghui is also quite fond of me. At that time, I studied hard and did extremely well, often praised, what "class representative" ah, "three good students" ah and so on and so forth.

After all, Wu Yinghui is a girl, logic thinking is slightly poor, mathematics and chemistry often encounter difficult problems blocking the way, encounter this situation, sometimes, she will take the initiative to ask me: "Jiu Man, how to do this problem?" So, I gave her a detailed explanation, of course, is also "drunkenness is not wine", until she was enlightened, then, she will always turn her face, grateful smile at me, at this time silent better than sound, everything is in words!

At that time, boys and girls rarely communicate, when you think about it, I really did not say a few words with Wu Yinghui, not to mention what sweet words, but gradually we have a "heart to heart" tacit understanding. Once, I inadvertently touched her delicate hand, it felt a warm current "electricity" through the circumference, numb, sweet, panic, Wu Yinghui it? Flushed face, shy infinite ......

Once, Wu Yinghui suffered from a cold, three days did not go to school, my heart has been empty and lost, there are too many thoughts and concerns, what are not interested in, like years ah! Until Wu Yinghui returned to school after recovering from her illness, I was surprised and warmly concerned, she must have read me, her eyes were full of crystal tears.

There is another incident that I still haven't forgotten, that day in language class, Mr. Wang wrote exercises on the blackboard and had to turn them in after class, it so happened that I had an eye disease, looking at the blackboard white, listening to the students "sand sand sand" writing, I was anxious scratching my ears, cold sweat, I didn't know what to do?

The attentive Wu Yinghui saw my dilemma and let out a laugh. She finished copying an exercise, "chow" from the homework book to tear off the hard, gently pushed to my front.

I was very touched by the fact that she was a real "helper in times of trouble". Thanks to her, I was able to finish my homework thanks to her tearing out the exercises one by one.

After class, I said quietly, "Thank you, Wu Yinghui!" Perhaps these words revealed too much of my true feelings, and Wu Yanghui blushed and she bowed her head. At this time, a glimpse of the sunset's afterglow sprinkled on her body, beautiful! My heart was pounding, I really wanted to embrace her into my arms and kiss her face ......

Wu Yinghui was also my introduction to the group. That afternoon, she and Chen Yan came to my house to investigate, and my mother received them warmly. As soon as I got home after school, my mother told me that the two girls were nice. I asked my mother, "Do you want that small, delicate girl to be your daughter-in-law?" My mother, who was worried about the marriage of my fourth and fifth brothers, had a rare look of joy on her face. At dinner that day, I had an extra egg in my meal ......

I didn't know that I had graduated from junior high school, and my classmates had gone their separate ways. I went south to Guangzhou. I had a family, a child, mixed in the red dust, dusty face, sideburns like frost, living a dull life. Thirty years have passed, after how much suffering and tired wind and rain, often think of Wu Yinghui, not seen for many years, how is she?

After several twists and turns, I finally found out that Wu Yinghui in the old home of the forward elementary school teaching, forward village in my heart suddenly became close, warm. Because there are my ties, there are my teenage dreams ......

In 2017, I went to the village of Nandi to pick up from the United States back to visit relatives of Gui Changyun students to the county to attend a small gathering of high school classmates, suddenly wanted to stop by to see Wu Yanghui, at that time, my heart only one thought: must find Wu Yanghui! I had only one thought in my mind: I had to find Wu Ying Hui! I had to tell him how much I had to say and how many tears I had to shed.

However, when I arrived at Nandi Village, I suddenly changed my mind. After all, things have changed, what can we do when we see each other again? We've all changed, we've all grown old, we're just talking about our families, our children, our lives together, what else! Wu Yinghui, will still be that shy girl who loves to talk and laugh and sing and blush? We are not only separated by the years, but also the vicissitudes and clouds ......

I suddenly realized that I was frantically looking for Wu Yinghui, but I was actually looking for the once pure and beautiful golden years, looking for the once pure as white paper self, alas! So many good days have turned into memories.

I just have to painfully choose to give up, see rather than nostalgia, treasure this beauty.

That day, the sky was blue, without a cloud, the sun was brilliant and warm; the wind was soft and soft. People were coming and going on the country lane, and the traffic was full of vitality and prosperity ......

In the distance comes the song of old wolf: "Who married the sentimental you, who comforted the crying you, who put your long hair up, who made your wedding dress ......". It is the song "You at the same table" of old wolf.

My heart couldn't help but sour, hot tears like a broken sea...

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