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Seals and Bounty: The Bodyguard

by Ireland Lorelei 10 months ago in Short Story
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The Attack - Chapter 1 - Short Story


"Mari. Mari," she heard her name being called, "Are you okay? You seem distracted tonight?" asked her fellow showgirl, Addison.

"Yes, I am fine. Thanks for asking," Mari replied, even though I really wasn't. I had gotten a few weird phone calls over the last few days from someone where all you could hear was heavy breathing from the other end of the line. For several weeks, I felt like someone had been watching me every time I come in or left but saw no one. I played it all off as though it was just my imagination.

Then when I got to work tonight, there was a boutique of flowers sitting in my dressing room from a secret admirer. I freaked out a little now. But the show must go on. I had to brush it out of my mind. It was probably just an innocent gift and not related to the phone calls.

"I think I am just going to step out the back door for a second to get some fresh air," I said to Addison.

"Okay, be careful. I know there is usually a guard out there, but I don't think they are on duty yet," Addison replied.

"Thanks, I will be careful. I don't think anyone would expect to see us outside, anyway." I replied.

As I stepped outside, someone grabbed me around the waist like they had been waiting on me, at the same time they covered my mouth with their other hand. Shocked, scared, and surprised, I didn't know what to do. I tried to scream, but couldn't, I tried kicking, but nothing. Then I heard footsteps running and someone yelling, "Get your fucking hands off her." I felt a big push and then everything went black.


The crowd is loud from the casino tonight and it is making it hard to hear my radio in the back of the house where the Las Vegas Showgirls are getting ready for their performance. Sometimes security gigs really had their advantages, but I was always professional and never stepped out of line.

Everyone from the stagehands, production company, and even the showgirls themselves knew me by name. I was their protector. Of course, there were other security guards that would be out front and some in the back of the house and outside at the side doors, but he was the one in charge and was the personal guard for the girls.

I look out from the left side of the stage to check where my guards are and to make sure everything looks good on each end. The stage lights are still dim right now. There is a glow coming from the stage right making it see straight across. I will have to look into what that light was.

As the doors to the theater started opening, I heard the crowd start to come inside. I did one final round inside and headed out to do an outside perimeter check. All the outside guards should be getting into place in about two minutes.

I turned the corner saw Mari, one of the showgirls walk out the side door, then two seconds later, someone grabbed her. Instincts kicked in, I went into a full-blown run yelling, "Get your fucking hands off her."

By the time I got to her, the perpetrator had pushed her so hard that she was lying on the ground with blood coming from her head where she must have hit it on the building. Damn, I couldn't leave her laying there bleeding and unconscious to run after the guy. I radioed for someone to get an ambulance and call 911.

"Mari, Mari, it's Wyatt. Wake up. Can you hear me?" I said in a panicked voice as I tried to gently shake her. The last thing I wanted to do was frighten her if she regained consciousness. I put pressure on the cut on her forehead.

"Mari, can you hear me, wake up," I said again.

Then she groaned and lifted her hand to her head before opening her eyes. The look on her face of terror ripped at every ounce of manhood I had. I felt the rage become enough more powerful than it was already. About that time the guard that was assigned to that door showed up, and I had him run in the direction the perpetrator had gone to see if he saw him.

"Don't touch your head, I have it covered. Don't move too much either. I am not sure what is hurt," I said as calmly as I could make myself sound.

Still unaware of her surroundings, she screamed, opened her eyes and it took her a minute to realize it was me. She then reached out with shaky arms and grabbed a hold of me so tight it could have knocked the breath right out of him if he hadn't been a tougher guy.

"Shhhh, shhhhh, it's okay. I have you," I said calmly. I have an ambulance on the way to check out the cut and knot on your head. The police are on their way to take our statements. I am sorry, I didn't get here in time to catch him. But I promise you, I will protect you."

Crying into his shoulder, she said, "I just knew he was going to kill me. Thank you, Wyatt, for saving my life."

I started to back away, and she just tightened her grip.


My first instinct was to put my thumb in my mouth, but instead, I held onto Wyatt as tight as I could. All I wanted to do was ball up into a fetal position and rock myself, sucking my thumb until I calmed down and fell asleep. But I would never let this man see me like that, like a Little.


When the police officer got there, we discussed what had happened, and I gave my statement and theory of 'someone must have been staking out that door. Maybe they were originally waiting in the parking lot and just happened to be walking around when she came outside. I even told them the thing that I didn't understand was if the person was waiting specifically for Mari or just anyone. I explained to them that's the door the girls come in and out of every night at the end of the show. I also told them I am always there when they come in and that I have another guard stationed there during the show. When they get ready to leave, I go back to the door and help make sure they get to their cars safely.

Short Story

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