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Seahorse dad

The remorse left her boat, the shark, to find something to eat and change its taste, and escaped halfway. As she fled, she shouted: Something strange happened, Daddy Seahorse has a baby!

By ElsaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The remorse left her boat, the shark, and wanted to find something to eat and change the taste. She escaped halfway back. As she fled, she shouted: "Something strange happened, Daddy Seahorse has a baby!"

  Her call alerted the swordfish and swordfish, who swam over and asked, "Where is it?"

  "In front." The remorse turned around and pointed forward.

  Since ancient times, only mothers can have children, how can fathers have children?

  Swordfish didn't believe it and said, "You read it wrong, how could Dad have a baby?"

  "Maybe you see Mother Seahorse as Father Seahorse?" Sailfish was also suspicious.

  Seeing that the swordfish and the swordfish didn't believe him, the remorse jumped in the water in a hurry and said loudly, "How could I be wrong!" The remorse glanced at the shark not far away, and then continued: "Every time I come here to play in my own'boat ', I always have to meet the seahorse couple a few times. Which of them is the mother seahorse and which is the father seahorse, even if it is burnt to ashes, I can also recognize it, how can I be wrong?"

  "It's a wonder in the world that Dad will have a baby, let's go and see." Swordfish said to Swordfish.

  "I'll take you there." The remorse volunteered, and she swam into the swordfish's mouth.

  Even with such a little road, the remorse did not forget to "take the boat".

  The swordfish and swordfish came to the seahorse and saw small seahorses popping out from under the tail of the seahorse.

  "I didn't blame you, did I?" After the remorse came out of the swordfish's mouth, it pointed to the seahorse that was giving birth and said.

  "Excuse me... are you the mother seahorse or the father seahorse?" Sailfish asked uneasily.

  "Don't you see I'm giving birth? Of course it's Daddy Seahorse." Daddy Seahorse said, and gave birth to another little seahorse.

  "Oh, I know, your seahorse is the father who gives birth to the child, and the mother will not give birth to the child." Swordfish seemed to suddenly realize.

  "Mr. Swordfish, don't throw dirty water on our seahorse mother 2" Suddenly, a seahorse that did not have children was looking at the swordfish angrily. When Guo Yu saw it, he exclaimed in surprise: "She is the seahorse mother."

  "This... what the hell is going on?" The swordfish and swordfish were even more confused. They looked at the seahorse mother who was not giving birth, and then at the seahorse father who was giving birth.

  Mama Seahorse looked at the swordfish and the others and suddenly laughed. She laughed and said, "Children, I did give birth to them. However, when I gave birth to them, they were still eggs. I gave birth to them in their father's pouch, and the children grew up in their father's pouch and became little seahorses..."

  "Haha, dad has a baby, so that's what happened 1" The swordfish and swordfish both laughed.

  "But this lively child came out of me after all." Dad Seahorse "gave birth" to the last little seahorse, pointed to his pouch, and looked mischievously at Gentleman and the others. Sailfish looked at Seahorse's mother and said playfully: "It seems that your husband is still unwilling to give up his reputation for having children."

  "But then again, my husband is a good father. Not only does he help me raise my children, but he will also be responsible for keeping the children safe in the future. If they are frightened or in danger, they will hide in his pouch." Mother Seahorse gave her husband an affectionate look and added, "I don't leave the pouch until the children are grown up."

  "Oh, what a good father." The swordfish, swordfish, and remora said goodbye to the seahorses and swam to where they came from. Of course, the remora would not give up her chance to "hitch a boat", but this time, she got into the gill hole of the swordfish, and planned to go looking for sharks as soon as she returned to the old place, because she had to travel with him everywhere.

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