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Unknown Feelings Part 3

By Wil McMurranPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Ray gloomed taking selfies of himself in bed.

Two Weeks Buried

(click click click) sounds from a cellphone camera. Ray has been in his home out of the way from everyone for about 2 Weeks now. With no shower, has fast food bags everywhere, and has body odor issues. See he hasn't showered and friends have been knocking and calling with no avail of Ray. See he's been happy, sad, depressed, confused, and lost, to the point of having unknown feelings. Ever since that mystery woman came into his life, not once, but twice leaving him speechless and wagging his tail like a sad puppy he hasn't been the same. Maybe this is what Ray needed to slow down or to gain a sense of control, because he was what most people would call, out of control.

"I'M NOT IN LOVE!" That statement is what he keeps screaming as he lay in his bed taking selfies. The poor man didn't see this coming at all.

Ray is usually ahead of the game when it comes to women, but wow, this woman that no one seems to know has a doozy on his mind, body, and heart. Even though he acts tough and like he's a player to the women, Ray is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Gary has been his friend since 2nd grade when little Ray Ray was chasing a few girls on the playground and Gary tripped little Ray Ray before he caught one of the little girls. He tripped him because he has had a crush ever since he shared his lunch when hers went missing. Well anyway, fast forward to today, and Gary is still that gentleman, but his buddy is still chasing girls and getting tripped along the way. He's walking around his room now taking selfies of his stomach while talking to himself. "Man she didn't see this body, that's what it is," Ray said to the mirror. "I'm going to send this pic to Rachel," said Ray. His arrogance was on another level. No matter what he was going through it was always the other person that must've had a problem, because it could never be him with issues.

This is What It Comes To

Ray's cell rings and he finally answers his phone after two weeks of silence. On the phone is Rachel, the girl he sent his ab pics to. He answers once he sees who's calling. "Hey Rachel with the facials," Ray said. "What you doing big head", she replied. Ray knew her for about 2 Weeks before disappearing from everyone. She was fresh bait still in his eyes. "So can I see you tonight since you sending pics ab man", Rachel asked? Without a second thought, he was back at it with his response to the question. "Of course, why wouldn't I make a ABpointment with you later", Ray said. She giggled and snickered as another one was about to bite the dust. He hangs up after telling her when he will meet her and where.

Ray taking ab selfies in mirror

Even though Ray feels he's back in the game. The subconscious mind is still thinking about this mystery lady and when will she show her face again.

Selfie love is on the rise these days. You send a pic and someone may have never met you in person, but the power of a selfie of yourself will make a person fall all over you. That is what he wishes to do with the mystery lady if he ever gets a chance to speak to her again and get her number. He feels he can conquer her over the phone than in person because his nerves get the best of him and he's feeling something he never felt. Is it love at first sight? Is it his soulmate? Is it negative energy bouncing off her or someone he's done wrong? The thing is, he can't figure it out and it's beating him and causing much chaos.

New Friend?

Well everyone is at the spot tonight which is the bowling alley. Ray walks in looking clean and fresh as this is the first time out since his 2 week hibernation. Gary and the boys are there with some ladies and Rachel smiling as she sees Ray coming toward them. "STRIKE", Gary yelled as the game was getting intense. Ray walks up giving a little hug to Rachel and dap to his boys as they hand him his beer. As the night went on an unknown beautiful lady came walking by giving Gary some eye action. She went by and sat at a nearby table smirking and winking at Gary trying to gain his attention. At first, Gary didn't realize, but one of his friends tapped him on the arm letting him know that he have action across the way. Once he noticed he looked at the lady and kind smiled at her. She walked over in front of everyone, grabbed his hand, and whispered in his ear as she kissed his cheek. Everyone just stared in awe and Ray said out loud, "hey Gary, who's the chick?"

This chick has a name she stated. She told them her name was Terri and told Ray to learn some manners, but strangely called him by his name.

"Um, you just called me by my name, how do you know my name?", Ray said to her. "Yes, how did you know his name?", Gary said. She looked at them both and the friends and said "I heard them call you that when I walked by, but anyway can we take a walk?", as she looked at Gary pulling his hand. So the night went on, and things got tiring as everyone started leaving. Ray checked on Gary because he stayed away from everyone the rest of the night hypnotized by Terri. "He's okay, I won't disappear on him", Terri replied before Gary could speak. "What you say, what you mean to disappear?", Ray said as he wondered why she would say that when his mystery lady did that to him. "Oh nothing my dear, tootles," she said with a smirk. He went to put up his bowling shoes then turned around to speak with Gary and the both of them were gone without a trace. This was very unlike Gary so again, Ray was left standing with unknown feelings.

To Be Continued


About the Creator

Wil McMurran

Wil McMurran Jr is an exceptional man of many talents, but of all talents, Wil McMurran found his passion and love with writing. He loves creative writing and also has ways to use his writing to help give back. please contact and follow.

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