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Your Own Medicine Part 2

By Wil McMurranPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Ray drinking his mimosa at home

Day After

Rise and shine like always, Ray is up and at it again as he sits at his morning table drinking his mimosa after a crazy ending night. His night usually ends with a girl on his arm and morning Uber calls for her soon as the sun comes up. Yes, he wasn't the gentleman you dreamed about taking home to your parents. He was a single guy that claim he was looking for love, but his actions showed otherwise. So now he's sitting and thinking about this mystery woman he slightly met, but failed miserably as he attempted to spit his game at her. Did Ray get a taste of his own medicine as she gave him the T. O. stiff arm as he was trying to chase her down with his weak words that usually always work on others? Well, all I can say is she has him bothered and gut-turning and mind wondering what's going on with him. Sometimes things or people wake you up and make you smell the coffee. He wasn't buying it at all as he sat there talking to himself. "She thought she was all that, I mean, I'm Ray all the ladies love me, and never have I failed with my words," he said. The phone rings as he is sitting there venting. " Whadupdoe! " Ray said in his childhood slang."

" Man, what's going on with you, because you dashed out of the bar last night like you saw a ghost, " said Gary on the other end.

Ray rushed him off the phone because he was getting ready to leave out. " Hey, can we meet up at the wing spot and get a drink, we'll talk then, " Ray said. Gary told him, yes and he left his home.

A Double Dose

Crowded at the wing spot as people are there meeting, interviewing, dating, etc., as Ray walked in Gary was already at the bar instead of the table waiting on Ray. "Yo, yo, my man over here!", Gary yelled across the bar.

The two sat there talking about last night. Ray didn't have any answers to what happened. All he knew was that he was not worried about this mystery lady even though she was all over his mind. He will never admit that but she was.

Ray was getting frustrated with Gary and he could see it. It was like as if Gary was doing it on purpose because he knew Ray always treat women like a game. So after a few drinks and some lemon pepper wings and sweet chili wings, Ray called it quits early and told Gary he had to run some errands. "Hey, sorry but I have to go, um I just remembered I have to do something," said Ray. As Gary replied he just looked at Ray shaking his head because he knew it was some bull. "Oh, okay man, don't worry about the bill I got us," said Gary. Ray walked off as he through a tip on the bar.

Ray and Gary are at the wing spot getting a drink.

Back To Business

Ray is back to business as he's in the local supermarket with syrup, crackers, and cereal in his cart as if he can't cook for himself. "Hello, ma'am, I mean Miss, I don't mean to make you seem old, but can you tell me what goes good with crackers," asked Ray to the lady in the aisle. The lady giggles as she turns toward him with a slight smile. At this moment he knew he had her. She replied, "well no problem at all, you didn't make me old because I know I'm old," (slight laughter between them both) She asked him what exactly he's shopping for, because soup can go with crackers but what can you cook? Ray had a devilish grin as he started to respond to the lady. "Oh, I'm so busy I was thinking I have this cereal, but now I'm thinking about crackers tonight," said Ray. The lady couldn't believe her ears and offered to cook him a home-cooked meal which was a jackpot for him. "No, no, look my name is Maria I'm not allowing you to eat cereal for dinner," Maria said. He told her that it was nice to meet her and his name is Ray, as they exchanged information and it was a date. Wait... who is walking down the aisle as Ray seals his date up...the mystery lady from the sports bar.

Ray freezes up with a blank stare at the mystery lady while Maria is telling him her number. " It's 8-3-2-5-5-5... Um Ray, Ray," she yells but Ray not hearing. The mystery lady smiles waves and disappears from the aisle. Maria is mad as she tells Ray to forget about getting the rest of her number and calls him a jerk.

He snapped out of it tried to apologize and then left the cart running looking for the mystery lady that had him going nuts. He went down every aisle to no avail, not understanding how she could leave so fast once again leaving him in awe. At this point, he looked at the cashier and other workers as he grabs a pack of gum because he felt he had to buy something since he was in the market.

As he drove into his car he yelled from the top of his lungs why is this happening to him?

Two to three days passed and no one heard from Ray. People were living their lives and work was being done and the birds were on his window ledge singing. Gary has been calling Ray's phone but to no avail. This has everyone wondering what's going on because this was not like Ray. Seems he's having a taste of his own medicine, what's next?

To Be Continued


About the Creator

Wil McMurran

Wil McMurran Jr is an exceptional man of many talents, but of all talents, Wil McMurran found his passion and love with writing. He loves creative writing and also has ways to use his writing to help give back. please contact and follow.

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