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Script Love

The Beginning Part 1

By Wil McMurranPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Ray, day dreaming about love.

How it started

Ray is laying in bed staring up at the ceiling as the sun rays shine through his blinds across the room. He's thinking about the decision he made the night before. Looking at the ceiling and talking to himself not knowing how his life is about to change. Wait, before we get into Ray's changed life, let's go back to how it all started.

Six months ago

"Hey Ray how was the date last night", said Gary. Ray stood there with a blank stare, before answering he took a shot. "Are you going to answer?", said Gary. Oh yeah, last night wasn't great at all. It was a typical Ray night out. I just don't get it at all. Why do I find the worst women? Gary did a slight laugh as he ordered another round at the bar for the two. Ray didn't think it was funny as he tossed some salted nuts in his mouth. Ray is known for looking for love in all the wrong places and Gary never holds back on how he feels. So while getting their drinks, Gary told Ray, "why do you go on these dates?" As he was about to answer, Gary cut him off mid-word, "no, no, I don't want to hear nothing you have to say", sighs shaking his head before continuing to let Ray know about his life choices. He told Ray, he can't keep using these apps for love. "Your last date robbed you after the date, then called you in the morning," said Gary. " She didn't really rob me", Ray replied. " What!? You were founded by a hotel maid with your wrist tied to the bedpost with nothing but socks on. ", said Gary controlling his laughter.

Time pass as Ray continues his quest for love. I mean Ray will be at the church singing hymns and brushing up against women in the church. At the grocery store pushing a cart with cereal, crackers, and milk telling ladies he's having trouble deciding what to eat for dinner because he can't really cook so he has to eat cereal. The ladies will fall for it and volunteer to cook him a home cooked meal. One time Ray ate at the wrong house when the husband came home early after Jenni, the lady that met him at the farmers market who said she was single, now husband walks in the door. Ray went jumping out the window onto the lawn in his boxer briefs running down the street because he didn't have a car. "Hey Ray!", yelled Ms. Johnson getting her mail as Ray ran by her in his briefs. Ms. Johnson was the type of woman we call mature, older, beyond her wonder years if you know what I mean. Ray didn't want any parts of Ms. Johnson and kept running.

Defense beats Offense

Ray walk inside bar as friends are waiting for him at table that's full of drinks and starters.

"Ray's Boom Boom room, what's the latest episode?", yelled Gary. The rest of the table laughed as they joined in saying different female names that they know he has gone out with and had a bad experience with.

"Okay, okay, I see everyone wants to be a Comedian", Ray replied as he grabs the beer that they were handing him. "Take a seat and eat some of these nachos", said one of the friends. As he took a seat he notice it was more than usual females at the bar and one, in particular, had already caught his eye. "I see it's some lovely ladies in the house tonight.", Ray said to himself in a whisper. He wasn't exaggerating when it came to saying the ladies were in the building, but this particular one stood out from how she looked and she wasn't dressed how most of Ray's women dress. By the time halftime came around Ray went and made his move. He went to the bar and told the bartender to give him the usual and that could he give the lady at the end a Mojito since it look like that was what she was drinking. He stared for a moment then casually walked down to her. Once he approached her he asked her, her name as she looked at him and replied, "Hello, or how you're doing will be sufficient". Ray wasn't expecting that because any other time that works just fine. He then said, well did you like the drink? "It's okay, next time introduce yourself first.", she replied. So Ray backed up and walked back to her introducing himself as Ray and asking her how she was doing that evening and her name. It worked for the moment, as she said she was doing fine and she won't tell her name to strangers she just met. Got up and actually walked away and left the bar. This left Ray in total confusion because he did everything the lady said she should have done and she still walked off. Well by this time the fellas were yelling for Ray to come to the table where they had some ladies at table that is now enjoying the night with their newly founded friends. Ray came and took a drink but anyone can tell he wasn't into it like he normally would've been. "I heard you're a ladies' man, well how about we call it the night", one of the ladies said. Ray looked at her up and down with a big sigh but told her he was okay and can he catch a rain check. The lady looked at him and laughed saying "rain check? You really a cornball denying me." Gary and the fellas looked wondering what just happen, but Ray repeated what he said, "yes a rain check ." Gary pulled Ray to the side and was speaking to him trying to figure out what the problem was and at the same time telling him he's spoiling the vibe tonight with the ladies. Ray eyes glanced over Gary's shoulders and he noticed his mystery woman was back, but on her way back out the door because she actually left something it seem at the bar. He grabbed Gary shoulder and said "look sorry, but I have to go explain later." At this point he ran out the door but his mystery woman was nowhere to be founded.

To Be Continued


About the Creator

Wil McMurran

Wil McMurran Jr is an exceptional man of many talents, but of all talents, Wil McMurran found his passion and love with writing. He loves creative writing and also has ways to use his writing to help give back. please contact and follow.

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  • Wil McMurran (Author)about a year ago

    Please let me know, do you think Ray will find this mystery lady? Comment below.

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