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Ribbed Maniac Tossed

If you hadn't seen what I'd done

By Rick PensionPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It was three o'clock in the afternoon when I realized that the bump protruding from my left forearm was moving. Though it had only been a year since I detected the bump, it had grown exponentially. Before I knew it, I was accepting the bump as part of myself, whether it was grown from me or inside me. Suddenly, my arm began splitting in the middle as if there was an invisible seam from the inside of my elbow to my wrist. The sound of my skin ripping apart normally would've likely made me sick, but I understood that I was finally greeted with an audience with the bump in my arm. As the blood from my arm began to thin from the opening, my skin slid down the sides of the bump, revealing that it was not just a bump.

Staring at me from my open arm was a snake. The snake looked like it was going up my arm were I to see the rest of it's body. It's face looked surprisingly similar to a man I worked with at the Toenail Restitution Company named Robert Grimes. It's teeth were large, not sharp, and it had a nose that looked like a leopard's snout.

"It couldn't have been simple growing inside my arm." I said, greeting the snake.

"No, it wouldn't have been if it was me. Your bump was a slug named Louis and he was planning to devour your heart when he was large enough. I instead ate him." The snake explained, curiously glancing around where we stood.

"Where did you grow? What is your name?" I asked.

"Orkaphinie is my name, but if you'd prefer to refer to me as Urify, you may. And I grew in your left lung." Urify said, squinting it's eyes at the canyon nearby.

"London over there isn't having a good time." I said. Urify swung his head and saw my best friend London Gracy holding his stomach, leaning on the wooden rail leading to the cliff of the canyon that dropped only fifty-six feet.

"London... London will destroy us."

"Destroy?" I questioned his use of the word destroy. Did he mean defeat in battle? Or did he mean kill?

"London will slaughter us if we don't retrieve the wrench from the vehicle." Urify seemed trustworthy ever since I learned that he saved my life. At the moment I turned to look at the vehicle nearby, the one that drove us to the canyon, London began emanating a deep tone that reverberated the ground we stood on.

I turned back to London to see his face glaring at me, his body still canted towards the canyon. His eyes were white, but his eye sockets were dark. Purple flame climbed his clenched teeth and a green substance oozed from his hair.

"What's happened to London?" I asked Urify.

"It must by Kammie, my mother. She's always hated me." Urify spoke, but I failed to grasp what he meant.

"What? Why?"

"Kammie, or Kammersonfourisicos, is my mother, and when I appear with the intention of making a new friend, my mother possesses the nearest human and forces them to act in aggression toward my friend. She always loved my brother more."

"Where is your brother?"

"Jusurikiminafastashincaspramension died when I made love to his crush. They were not even romantically involved yet, and I did not know until it was too late. Anyways, he killed himself with the spirit of Ghurso."

"How do we harness Ghurso, so I may protect myself from London?"

"It's in the wrench inside the vehicle!" Urify yelled. I jumped and sprinted to the vehicle. I could hear London's heavy feet chasing after me, causing the ground to shake. I pulled the vehicle's door open and the wrench lied on a bag of mushrooms.

Once I grabbed the wrench, I could feel the power immediately. I turned back to London, grabbing his throat. He choked under my hold, but then his ribs split. His stomach opened, rib-cage opening like a gate, revealing an eye that had purple flame surrounding it's pupil. I hesitated at the sight.

"Throw him!" Urify shouted.

I swung my whole body, London's neck still in my hand, and at the end of the spin, I launched my best friend to the canyon. London's face turned from vengeful spirit to a sorrowful friend. His no longer possessed body fell over the cliff and into the canyon, never to be seen again.

"Thanks, Urify, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you." I said in appreciation to Urify.

"Because you are my host and you have defeated my mother, we will be soul mates. Live your life as usual and we will carry on as two, one in the same. I prefer a brunette color of hair, but if you find someone who truly makes you happy and they are blonde, or red headed, we shall talk."

That was the decade before my life changed forever.

Short Story

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Rick Pension

Writing has been a passion of mine since before I was 8 years old. I’ve evolved my stories in various ways since, and I only want to write for people to enjoy my stories. I don’t like to typically stay within a specific genre.

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