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Return to one

by John K Delgadillo about a month ago in Short Story
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During this year's May Day holiday, at the end of April, I was ordered to pick up my grandparents who had been playing back home for a long time, and return to Chengdu, where I also spent a few days by the way.

Return to one
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

During this year's May Day holiday, at the end of April, I was ordered to pick up my grandparents who had been playing back home for a long time, and return to Chengdu, where I also spent a few days by the way. I spent a part of my childhood with my grandparents in my hometown, until after the third grade when I went to live with my parents in Xinjiang with my eldest father. I remember the last time I went back to my hometown was my fifth grade, nine years ago, the memory of the vague and intimate scene has changed dramatically, so I was a little unable to adapt to a few of the sadness of things not being the same.

The process of returning home from school to Yilong was not smooth, although my father and great aunt told me in as much detail as possible how to go back, from Mianyang to Nanchong by car, then by car to Ma'an, through Yilong to Wushan Township, grandfather will come to pick me up. But the implementation of the specific practice will always be a little unexpected, for example, if I took a bus early in the morning to arrive at the Mianyang bus station to go to the Nanchong car, this can immediately disrupt all my original plans, I did not expect this situation or go out too little, too shallow knowledge, in the guidance of the kind security uncle, I took a bus to another bus station to take a car, almost I sat from this end of the terminal to that end of the terminal, and finally bought a ticket to Nanchong only after a long queue at the station. It's the first time I bought a ticket at a bus station by myself, so I'm glad my roommate reminded me to take my ID card with me before I left home, otherwise I would have made a trip for nothing. From Mianyang to Nanchong took more than two hours, and after arriving it was hot sunny noon, as soon as the car was surrounded by a wave of heat, the burning air made me almost suffocate, and then very understand why some people are so dependent on air conditioning, too hot feeling is very bad. It took four hours to get from Nanchong to Yilong Wupang Township by car, the further away from the city, the mountains are not wide road winding circles, you can see a small village surrounded by mountains, as well as a small house floating out of the smoke, the afternoon soft warm sun shines on all this, to the sparse smoke dyed with a layer of warmth, smoke gradually dissipated, warmth enveloped this side of the land, gradually settling.

The car stopped in front of the river dam in Wushan Township, and as soon as I jumped out of the car, I turned around and saw my grandfather sitting on the side of the road, wearing a gray hat, his body was not very dirty, but I felt that he was covered with dirt, how can I say, maybe a kind of dirt temperament, grandfather is an old farmer, and the land has been dealing with the land all his life, and inevitably dyed with the characteristics of the land, this It feels good, like being one with nature. The bus was waiting for a series of murmurs to fade away, and the world became incomparably quiet. The voices of my grandfather and I talking in this quiet environment seemed so abrupt and harmonious, and occasionally you could hear the call of unknown bugs, strong or weak, slow or fast, like a vague and unintentional harmony performance. The feeling of stepping on the mud ground is very different from the feeling of stepping on the cement ground, the cement ground is very flat and hard, but the heart feels very hollow when stepping on it, it always feels like something is missing, while stepping on the mud ground is not flat, there are bumpy places that can be felt at once, the road surface is firm and not stiff, there is a slight elasticity when stepping on it, but the heart is very solid, this is probably the This is the charm of the land, which is the mother of the earth that nurtures life, this kind of intimacy from the soul and blood, a sense of identity and a sense of belonging is the modern technological civilization in the concrete tile land and so can never be copied.

Walking along the country road, there is lush farmland to the left and right, and the plants of dark and light green are growing enthusiastically, completing their lives with the most devout attitude. Looking straight ahead, there is a not too high and not too low mountain in the distance, the left side of the mountain is still bright but not blinding sun, only unfortunately unknowingly has become the sunset, emitting the last warmth and light step by step towards the back of the mountain. Along the path forward encountered a bridge, with a large stone piled into a small bridge across a turquoise river, this small river meandering flows on the edge of the small countryside, the bank of green bamboo forest and the turquoise river reflect each other, seems to be in a competition whose green is more pure, deep. I was pleased that there was no garbage on the river, showing a flawless green. Occasionally a bamboo leaf floated down on the water surface, creating a gentle ripple, which returned to calm in no time. The river carries the drifting bamboo leaves slowly flowing, near and far ...... gentle water, lonely leaves, pure green, my heart goes with them, this match has a fatal attraction for me, let me immerse fascinated, unable to extricate myself. I love the blue of the sea and the sky the most, melancholy and deep, but that is still a dream waiting for me in the future. Besides blue, I love green most of all, the young green buds, light green new leaves, yellow-green branches, green bamboo, grass green fields, and the turquoise quiet river and pools, all let me love to let me enchant, that contains in the green vibrant vitality, let me feel the power and beauty of nature. If the blue color brings me a dreamy and pure world and a vision of the mind, then the green color brings me the ubiquitous breath of life, and the peace and tranquility that comes from nature and finally returns to nature. Influenced by the blue, I dream of traveling around the world, seeing the world in all its forms, and experiencing the vastness and splendor of the world; influenced by the green, my ultimate goal is to get away from the world with someone who is in tune with my heart, to find a place with beautiful mountains and clear water, and to return to my old age in the embrace of nature.

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