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by Test 2 months ago in Fantasy
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In the old kingdom there lived a sweet-looking little boy.

In the old kingdom there lived a sweet-looking little boy. The little boy's father was a tailor, and the family lived in the tailor's store, and his mother took care of his two sisters and newborn brother. The little boy's favorite thing to do every day these days is to stare at his father's fabrics. These fabrics are used for the engagement ceremony of the young people in the city, but these fabrics are not used to make those fine clothes. Instead, it was made into tails, a tail of different colors of cloth. The red fire wave-like tail represents the desire for a passionate love, the blue sea tail represents the hope of finding a relationship that will allow them to settle down, the purple lavender-colored tail represents the desire for a romantic relationship ... Engagement ceremony each young man can pick their own cloth tail. Then go looking for those who belong to them, with their tails match that person. Red tails can be matched with the same red tails, but also with the purple tails representing romance. However, there is only one color tail exception. It is the black tail, the color of darkness. Hollow, nothing. People who choose this color tail means that they do not want to fall in love this year. Other young people who see others with this color tail will not generally go to mess with him. The boy became an adult, he can participate in the engagement ceremony for the first time this year, the boy stared at these tails feverishly. Because it is made by his father these cloth tails sake he will go to see the engagement ceremony every time. Each person will go to find the tail that matches the color of their tails. Green with blue, yellow with orange, red with purple... But, the little boy already had someone he liked. The little boy grew up with her, he liked her, but he didn't know if she liked him. He certainly didn't know what color cloth tails she liked either. The boy looked at the cloth tails and wondered. He didn't know which one to choose. He didn't know what she liked. "She probably likes the blue cloth tails, and she always tells me to read more of those books that I can't read. No, no, no, she likes the red ones. She dragged me to steal eggs from Sister Cuihua's hens next door. No, she likes purple! She said she would grow up to eat dinner at home without lights and only candles." The little boy struggled all night and still couldn't figure out which cloth tail she liked. The next day he went to the engagement ceremony with a small panda eye. The engagement ceremony is the same as usual, the same music, the same cupcakes, even the tablecloths are the same small stripes. But this year's engagement ceremony had a different little tailor involved. He was wearing a black tail. The little tailor was afraid of guessing the wrong tail. Terrified that if he guessed wrong he would miss her. So he preferred to miss a year. The little tailor with a small black tail, sitting with his head down. He thought of the girl, thought of the girl to persuade him to study when only the eyes of his parents can see, thought of the girl to steal all the eggs to him when the dirty look, and the girl talking about their own ambitious future proud of the simple. The little boy's eyes could not stand the tears fell out. It fell on the tail that was coiled around him. Fairy tale scenario happened, the little black tail was touched by the boy's tears after the sun actually issued a rainbow of colors. The black color faded and the seven colors popped out. The little boy was stunned, he looked at the little black, no, the little color tail for a long time. The little boy hugged his little tail and ran to the girl's residence, where he saw the little girl with a black eye and teardrops on her cheeks, surprised by her rainbow tail. He looked at her and smiled, and she was looking at him and giggling. It turns out that the nicest words are not "I like you", but "I like you too". Good night, baby.


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