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Raccoon dog love

When I was born, I was locked in a rusty iron cage.

By SalamPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

I am a raccoon dog.

When I was born, I was locked in a rusty iron cage. I don't know how many raccoon dogs I have been locked in this cage, let alone my future destiny. Every day, I squatted in the cage and watched the sunrise and sunset alone.

That day, another raccoon dog was locked in the idle iron cage next to me. She huddled in horror, her thin body like a dirty mess. I asked her sympathetically: "Where are you from and why are you locked up here?" She cried, as sad as when I was first locked in. I understood that her fate was the same as mine.

The same fate has made us good friends who talk about everything. However, we have no more topics than comforting each other. Because neither of us know anything about the outside world, and the only thing we can see is the small courtyard in front of the iron cage.

In the beginning, the master always gave her the leftover food. And I was favored by the master because I was strong. I would always hide a little minced meat or bone or something, and bring it to her through the hole in the iron cage with my mouth, and she was always moved to kiss my mouth with her tongue.

After a few months, she turned out to be as strong as me, and the smooth fur was satin-like, so beautiful. At this point, I realized that I had an indescribable feeling for her. Every day, we would stare at each other affectionately through the barbed wire in the cage.

Our relationship was often threatened and abused by the fierce big yellow dog outside the cage. But that didn't stop our relationship from developing. In the middle of the night, we cuddled together through the barbed wire, and I said, "If only we could live freely! That way, I can build a comfortable nest and marry you into the house."

She also said emotionally: "I think such a nest must be very warm -" Before she finished speaking, she cried sadly.

I persuaded her that maybe there will be a chance later.

When the opportunity came, the owner accidentally broke the latch of the iron cage while feeding. Then, I took advantage of the gap between the big yellow dog in heat going out for fun and knocked the door of the iron cage open. Then, I bit the latch outside her cage with my teeth. My mouth was cut by the wire and bleeding. I just wanted to open the iron pin, but no matter how hard I tried, it didn't move.

She urged me anxiously: "Go away, leave me alone..."

I knew that if I couldn't open the iron pin that was holding her, there would be two outcomes: she would be found by her owner and put back in the iron cage, or she would be torn apart by the big yellow dog.

But how can I let her go? In my heart, she is more important than my life. As a result, my actions were discovered by my master, who put me back in the cage, and he also checked all the latches of the cage.

We have been growing in an iron cage for seven months.

That day, the owner loaded us into a tricycle together with the cage. It turned out that the outside world was so beautiful, and we both looked greedily at the sky outside. The owner took us to a market, and soon there were many people around, they were talking about prices.

At this time, I felt the thick smell of blood filling the sky of this market. On some nearby shelves, there are actually many furs of my kind, as well as foxes. In some bamboo baskets under the shelves, there are many corpses of peeled raccoon dogs and foxes.

Suddenly, we had a premonition of our future fate, and her body trembled violently.

A woman with a headscarf flipped her iron cage on and off, grabbed her by the tail, and then threw her high and fell heavily to the ground. Before she could shout, the wooden stick in the woman's hand had fallen hard on her forehead. Bright red blood gushed out of the tip of her nose, and she looked at me with helpless and painful eyes, shedding two lines of tears.

Immediately, a man with a sharp blade gestured a few times on her hind limbs, and with a "squeak -", the fur separated from her hind limbs. She turned back with all her might and glanced at me.

The fur was completely stripped from her body. Her red, hot flesh was thrown into a bamboo basket. I shouted frantically at her in the cage, but I knew she would never hear again.

I know how fragile the love between the two raccoon dogs is in the eyes of human beings. I bit off my tongue, and then tore my fur open with my bloody mouth.

The people around shouted in surprise: "Look, that raccoon dog is crazy!"

The moment I fell, I vaguely heard someone sigh: "This is a high-quality fur, worth a few hundred yuan, just like that!..."

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