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Purity Chapter 1

by katherine Vargas 7 months ago in Series · updated 2 months ago

The heart shaped necklace

She finds her self in a clear box


The Clear Crystal Box

Two social service workers sit at a table with a couple, Philip Gall-Ever and his wife Martha Gall-Ever. They have been trying to conceive a child of their own for quite a long time already. Unfortunately, it was becoming more difficult each day. So, they decided to adopt a foster child; Martha calls it giving back to the community.

One of the social workers named Ms. Denise, talks about a 9 year old child who is in need of a guardian. She continues to take out a picture of a little girl whose skin looked so soft and so gentle. Her fine and lustrous long brown hair that curled at the bottom. Her glistening hazel eyes that looked so innocent and full of wonder. She was so beautiful. But, there wasn't a smile on her face.

Ms. Denise passed the picture to Phillip and Martha. She tells them her name is 'P'. She also mentions that the child had been in and out of the system all of her life. The couple make arrangements to meet 'P'. Mr. Phillip hoped that his adopted daughters, Maddie and Sophie, will make her feel welcomed while being home for the summer break.

The next week, Ms. Denise begins to arrive at the Gall-Evers' home with little P mesmerized by the graceful house outside of her window. Meanwhile, everyone in the house seemed very busy and happy. Martha was getting food in and out of the kitchen and Philip...well he was on the grill as usual. “It’s them daddy!” Maddie exclaims running out of the covered pool patio with Sophie chasing behind her. Ms. Denise proceeds to get out of the car and right behind her is P. Her pretty face slightly covered by her long brown hair.

“By the looks of this, I think I’m going to like this place...”, she hoped to herself.

Later on that day, everyone seemed to be getting along and having a great time. The girls are playing at the pool.

“Let’s try again!” says Sophie. She counts to 3 and they all stick their entire body in the water to see which one last longer.

However, the minute P sticks her head in the waters she finds herself trapped in a box a clear crystal box. But, P couldn't get out no matter how much she struggled to find a way out. Maddie and Sophie come up out of the water taking a deep breath in immediately regretting doing so as they saw that P was really good at holding her breath underwater. Little did they know that P was still fighting to get out of the clear box. Seemingly, P notices something approaching her as she continued struggling to find a way out.

Finally, Ms. Denise starts to realize something was wrong and points towards the girls. Martha and Philip's hearts race as they frantically rush towards the pool. P however, was still fighting underwater. Mr. Gall-Ever dives in the pool and emerges P out of the water and made his way out of the pool. Martha is calling 911 while Maddie and Sophie anxiously cling to each other crying and hoping P would wake up. P's body looked lifeless. If only they knew what poor little P was going through. As Phillip lays P down on the floor, she started having a seizure. In the midst of all this, P hears a voice coming from the distance.

“Who are you?" P thought. She starts noticing that the strange figure looked just like herself! Paramedics arrived in no time and immediately began CPR. P finally comes back to reason spitting out a lot of water.

The Gall-Ever family quickly accepted P as their own. The girls and her get along very well. They all go camping, tell stories at night on Maddie's bed every night, and spend lots of time playing together. All of her life, P was passed around like a towel but now she finally feels happy and at peace. Yet, she often dreamed of episodes where she found herself in the clear box struggling to get out. But P doesn't mention this to anyone.

One night, she dreamed that she was walking down a foggy road. The road is empty and scary for her. At the end of the road, two long trees formed a very elegant gate. She walks through carefully. It's naturally beautiful, everything around was full of grass and trees. Suddenly, she hears a voice echoing saying...

“Find me...”

P looks back and sees that everything behind her was disappearing in black smoke. She runs through the green soft grass as fast as she could, when she notices a black cat running through the forest getting away from the black smoke. The cat jumps on P’s arms, but she continues to run as quickly as she could.

P wakes up on her bed out of breath sweating as if she came out of a steaming sauna and sat there for 30 minutes. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would jump out of her chest because of the shock. P looks down and sees black cat hair on her hands! She walks to the bathroom shaking and crying until she fell asleep inside the tub.

❤️ The Heart Shaped Locket

***************************Weeks later*******************************

Everyone is sitting at the table eating the delicious dinner that Martha cooked.

“So girls, Dad and I have been thinking, and we think we should all go to Disney World for the summer! What do you all think?” Martha said with a thrill on her face, as she sat across the table from Mr. Gall-Ever. Maddie and Sophie jumped out of exhilaration and content, but P was captivated at the black cat sitting outside the kitchen window, which looked just like the cat in her dream!

“What do you think, P?” asked Mr. Gall-Ever said with a smile. P quickly looked at him and smiled, “I can’t wait Mr. Gall-Ever”. She looked back at the window and the black cat was gone.

The doorbell rings.

“I got it!” Martha gets up to go open the front door.

Maddie and P are both still eating the delicious meal, while Sophie played with her vegetables. Martha opens the door and looks down to see a package on the door steps. The box was addressed to “P” no last name just “P”. She takes the package upstairs to the girls' room and places it on their study table.

After dinner, the girls run up to their bedroom bathroom to wash up for bed. P was the last one to come out when she found her sisters staring at something. They all stare at the package sitting on the table in front of them. P hurries to get some scissors to cut it open. “Wow it's beautiful!" Sophie says as P pulls out a small clear crystal box just like the one f her dreams. She starts to become very anxious. “What is this...' she thought to herself, 'I’ve seen this box before...I’ve seen it in my dreams.” She continues to look at the box when suddenly, it started to shake and glow!

P looks at both Sophie and Maddie, "This isn't a dream, they see it too.” she thought. The box instantly stopped and the light started to dim. The girls uncovered their eyes and spotted a crack on the box. P walks slowly towards the crack, Maddie and Sophie walk behind her slowly, they started to notice that something was inside. P touches the crack and it immediately opened into 4 pieces! Inside laid a golden chain with a heart shaped locket with a red gentle light floating inside. “It’s beautiful...” she thought, as she laid the necklace carefully on her palms.

“Put it on.” Maddie suggested. P turns around and Maddie helps her put it on. Once Maddie finished, P turns around to look in the mirror and strangely sees the gate made of trees that was in her dreams!

“Girls, it's time for bed,” Martha says opening the door walking in the room. “...oh that’s a beautiful necklace honey, I see where all of your allowances are going.” Martha says with a smile as she kisses the girls goodnight. “What’s this? A meeting without me?” Mr. Gall-Ever says coming in the room joking as always. He kisses the girls goodnight too and both Martha and him walk out turning off the lights.

She transported herself into the forest.

Hours later, everyone is sleeping except for P of course, she feels as if she’s going crazy perhaps. Everything she had been dreaming about somehow came back to haunt her. With her long white sleeping gown, she slowly gets up in hopes if she could see the gates through the mirror again. Just then, the red light in her necklace started glowing beautifully and gently in the dark. P turned on her nightlight, walked up to the mirror, and to her surprise there it was! The tall trees forming a big gate.

A black cat then appeared out of nowhere and stood next to her in the room. P was starting to feel nervous and frightened. She looked to see if Maddie and Sophie had woken up, but they were deep asleep. She saw as the cat walked through the glass into the beautiful forest. But as soon as she turned around to check on her sisters once more, she transported herself into the forest!

Mesmerized by the beauty around her.

P opens her eyes and sees everything so clearly now. She can now touch the grass and enjoy it’s softness and coolness. She can now walk through the natured gates touching every trunk of the trees. The breeze was so refined and sweet. P followed the path mesmerized by the beauty around her. Butterflies and birds, singing and flying around her. All of a sudden, she hears foot steps. P quickly turned around to see a man standing about 20 feet tall from her.

“You’ve come back my Queen!” the man exclaimed bowing down. He was wearing a red velvet uniform with a red cape. His hair thickly braided. He looked STRONG.

“What?” asked P backing up carefully.

“We have been in great hunger and distress my Queen. We have had no guidance for years, waiting on your return.” His face now looked confused. “...but, what are you my queen... a child?" the man questioned.

P continued to slowly back away. “No, I’m not your queen. I’m only 9!" She exclaimed nervously. P tries to get away from the man and finds herself back in the clear box struggling to get out. The man runs to her and begins to try and get her out. Suddenly, P disappears from inside the crystal box and wakes up in the arms of Mr. Gall-Ever who looked concerned. She had another seizure.

“Honey, you had another seizure and your sisters woke us up.” Martha comes in with a cup of water. Maddie and Sofie sat up on their beds very sleepy and tired as they rubbed their eyes.

“What is this?” Martha says looking below P who was walking to the bathroom. Green leaves are 🍃 seeping from her gown! “Could she have been sleep walking?" she whispered to her husband.

“I told you we should have taken her to another doctor, this is still happening.” Mr. Gall-Ever interrupts very upset as he speaks of the doctors.

“Honey calm down, the girls are here.” Martha replies gently touching his shoulders.

“What time is it?" P asks as she comes out of the bathroom with a hand towel.

“It's 3am, can I go back to sleep now?” said Maddie.


Everyone jumped up frightened at the sound of the girls' bedroom door. Mr. Gall-Ever tells Martha to call the police and tells the girls to remain calm. 3 of them hug each other in a corner of their bedroom. Suddenly, the door slowly swings open and in comes a man with a velvet red uniform and red cape.

“Who... what...what are you doing in my house?!” Philip shouts very angry and disturbed.

But the man stood still, tall, and strong while Mr. Gall-Ever charged up to him in outrage. “I’ve come for her.” the man said pointing towards the girls. Mr. Gall-Ever began to argue at the man while Martha in the background talking to the police.

“Come with me, it is time my queen..." the man says reaching out for her arm. P looks around surprised that everyone can actually see him too, the man in her dreams! P slowly reached out for his hand.

"P no! What are you doing?” Sophie screams.

At the touch of their fingers they vanish.

Everyone in the room could not believe what they had witnessed. Just like that, P was gone. The police arrived and immediately started to look everywhere for P.

* * * *

Meanwhile, P and the man walk through the path of the green forest again. “Look at your hands...what do you see?” he says to P.

“Nothing. I see nothing.” she says. P tried to keep up as the man continued walking faster and faster.

“Wait up!” she said in a loud voice. “You're walking too fast.”

“Look at your hands and tell me what do you see!” the man demanded in a strong and angry tone of voice. He stops and looks into P’s eyes. As she looked into his eyes, she saw two young kids who appeared to be in love.


He says as he disappeared. Now little P began to feel hopeless and frightened. She looked at the black cat who was walking away down a narrow path. She follows it closely...

“I know who you are.” the cat said as it slowly formed into a beautiful young woman. She opens her arms to welcome P in for a hug. As if she was compelled, P walks towards the beautiful woman and falls right into her arms.

“There, there, little one. Don’t be scared anymore." The woman said as she gently touched P’s soft brown hair.

"Who are you,” P asks the woman.

“I’m many things, but for now I’m just a cat...well kinda.” The woman says with a chuckle and they both laughed.

“You are very special P, do you know that?" She lifted P’s chin and looked into her eyes. Then, she stepped back and bowed down to P. From a far they see the Element Island. The tall black castle stands firm on a hill. A group of kids are Arriving and lining up to enter into the castle. P can see for the first time.They are all wearing long coats with capes and lots of suitcases and bags on their hands. “What’s happening? P asks the woman. “You see that big castle? That’s where you will be at , and I promise I’ll be here to protect you every day. Your the bravest I have ever met yet you truly are afraid aren’t you?” The lady says, she can’t believe what she’s witnessing, she seems like she knows P very well.

They walk towards the group of kids with their bags. Ms cat whispers something at one of the men in-charged. He looks at P and bows down to her. The loud chatter of the crowd instantly stop, as they see the powerful men bowing down at an 9 year old little girl wearing nothing but a white gown and tears in her eyes. Everyone wonders who is P.

The tall black castle

“Good afternoon everyone and thank you for another year of absolute greatness. It is with honor that I welcome you all again for another magical year. If this is your first time please follow Ms Barns, she will guide you to where you need to go, and may I say Good-luck and have fun finding yourselves. And for all of you my deers, If this is not your first time , you know where your bedrooms are” A men wearing red lipsticks and long eyelashes says with the most welcoming smile. Everyone goes to where they are suppose to go , except for a dozen kids including P. They follow Ms barns an old lady with wings on her back. they walk in, thru the big black heavy doors into a very elegant room there’s plants everywhere and cats laying on the floor and couches. “this is it, I can’t go in no further” says Ms. Cat. P has a look of wordiness on her face but walks in with the group of kids. they all sit down and wait. The kids all start to talk to talk to each-other non of them seem scared at all. except for P. “Ahhhh there you all are, my little ones” says Ms. Jepna. She still wears that pleasant smile. she begins to talk to the students explaining the rules and the principles of the school. They each get a key to their bedrooms which they have to share with other students. Ms Barns walks everyone to their rooms. “There’s change of clothes on the bed. you must wear your uniform at all time except for Sunday’s. Ms Barn says “I don’t have any clothes” P reply’s entering the big room full of elegancy and with beautiful details. Ms barn smiles and walks away. “What’s your element?” a beautiful dark skinned little girl says to P who is still standing at the door. “What?” she asks confused. “I know right, she asked me the same thing a thousand times already” another girl says coming in from the balcony. Her two long pig tales with her freckles give her such a nice pretty look. she smiles at P. My name is Esmie we will share room with Octavia, she's 9 and i’m 10 years old .“I’m 9 and my name is P. “is that P forPenelope?” Esmie asks “I don’t know”P says sarcastically they both laughs. Maybe is P for princess Esmie continues with a smile. Octavia comes into the balcony and ironically says “maybe p for pathetic” she rolls her eyes and sits on one of the chairs. “That’s octavia She 9.” Esmie said “and a half!” exclaims Octavia. “And I’m so upset that I have to share rooms with you two.”she walks out of the room. Maybe “O for ophidian”Esmie whispers into P’s ears. They both laugh.

Next morning, Everyone Must be up by 5:30am for mornings announcements, breakfast and affirmations. P feels very lucky to have met Esmie, she's very confident and funny, P thought. Everyone sits in the long auditorium. The platform is a wide-open space of the outside, you can see trees and grassy pathways. Miss Chapman stands on the stage and explain to the children that because it's their first year at this school they will have to go thru a round of what they call Exclusive Intellectual Studies, they'll have to go and experience every element in order to find out which one they belong to. P feels a little bit familiar about this now since since Esmie fill her up all about it. her older brother goes to this school too but his a magnificent . They are the seniors, They have complete control of their powers and can master anything. P was amazed seeing all of it. But could she be one of them? She thought as she watched them fly and lift heavy objects. She feels over whelmed and attempts to leave the auditorium, A men on stage stands quiet and stares at everyone in the audience, everyone is quiet and very entertained. His able to feel everyone’s energy in the room, As P walks out she hears a voice whispering in the back of her ears. “P come back” The voice whispers . she looks back and there is Master prime, the strong powerful wizard. She feels how powerful he is As if she feels his energy too. “The four elements of life are FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER . Together they form the foundations of life. The heat of the sun, the earth beneath our feet, the air we breathe and the water we drink are essential to our existence. They exist in a harmonious balance and this balance is necessary for us and the planet to stay alive. Each and everyone of you are important to the world.” He continues to speak, Everyone looks at him with a smile they honor his presence his magnificence his voice is so strong and powerful it brings hopes to everyone in the room. P slowly walks back to her seat next to Esmie of-course who is also mesmerized listening to the grand master speak wisdom.

💧🔥💨🌍Chapter 2 - The four elements.

Water,Air,Earth,and Fire

Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Gall-ever, are desperately trying to find their daughter. Maddie and Sophie help put out flyers and Ps face is all over the news. No one can find any prove that shows that P exists. The Gall-ever are outraged at this nonsense and demand justice, Ms Denise is no where to be found.

💧💧💧💧WATER 💧

Everything is working out just fine at the school P and everyone else is getting a hang of it they love the classes teaching them how to focus, how to balance ,how to think. All of the new students are driving around on a train around the school they're going to a new class the water elements. Even the back of this big old black castle looks strong and firm elegant an ancient .They finally arrived at a cottage near the green Lake surrounded by trees the breeze is cold so everyone's wearing white coats and white scarf and They all get on a sailboat. They sail about 5 miles into a big round clear circle. It's constructed under the water. There are stairs and furniture beautiful and elegant. Everything representing element of water and it's animals .There are seniors and sophomores around. Some of them studying, some of them being fools. They walk in a door that leads to a room with a big glass you can see deep in the ocean now there's chairs and tables and everything that is needed for a classroom. A man covered in a blue gown welcomes them in. I'm Eaton the 2nd element of water instructor I'll be here to assist you and whatever you need. If this is not your element you will know it the minute you step into it. But, if this is your element you may stay and continue to participate on the other ones.

About 8 students including Octavia and Esmie begin to vomit, feeling nauseous and sick 😷. Ms Barns helps them out. P and 4 more students stay. “Cool” says Anchor a tall 10 year old boy who seems happy to have stayed. Anchor shows off his backflips he brushes P’s shoulders. “Excuse-me, sorry, he says to her, His blue eyes and curly hair gave him the look of a somewhat bad boy and very intelligent. The big boy Shahid with blue spike hair rolls his eyes and continues to walk.

underground classrooms

They arrived to a spacious room covered in glass surrounded by water you can see fish swimming all around the glass. Sr Eaton, begins to teach the students about the principles of water, each one of them will have to go underwater and find a mystery door that’ll lead back to the same classroom there standing at.This will require them to breathe underwater for 5 minutes. He assures them that if they're in his classroom is because they are part of one of the most important elements of life ; which is water, but they will have to believe in themselves. Two kids Dive in and comes back in no time very confident. Ladies first said anchor as he opens the imaginary door for p to walkthrough. P takes a deep breath, And thinks of what Sr. Eaton had said. “you must believe in yourself you have to breathe is the only way you will know” OK? P dives in the water and holds her breath. Everything looks almost dark shes scared and she cannot hold her breath any longer. She turns around and swims back to find the door but can't see at all. She's freaking out as she can't hold her breath any longer .She looks around and she see the clear crystal box floating in the middle of the waters, afraid and panicking she swims away from it but something seems to be pulling her to it. She closes her eyes and remembers what Mr Eaton has said his words sound clear in her mind “you must believe in yourself and you must breathe”. She slowly takes her hands off her mouth and takes a deep breath she begins to cough and drown as she can't breathe she let her body fall down as she's already thinking she's dying . She takes 1 deep breath again And suddenly she's breathing underwater ! she notices that her heart shaped Locket on her necklace glows a blue light as she swims and find her way back to the class. Eaton doesn't seem surprise he smiles at her with pride meanwhile Anchor takes his deep breath and dive.

Earth Classrooms

Next the arrived to their next quest. next class, a very pleasant lady wearing a dress made of leaves and beautiful pearls covered in rose pedals, “Good greetings everyone please watch your steps” The lady said as they walk thru a long stairs carved on the trunk of the tree leading to a big tree house. “ my names is Mother Thea” the lady continues. As they walked half of the class felt dizzy and sick. “ Follow me said ms barns, who at this point feels tired of walking around and driving the kids around. She walks them down the long stairs. Meanwhile Esmie and P and 2 more students walk in the tree house. Inside looks as if it was a big school surrounded by nature. “ahhhhh there they are,” An old slim men with a long white and black beard welcomes them with a warm smile. He continues; “ please come! come!” P and the others walk up to the stage where the old men was standing. “Magnificent” he continues as a group of student stand up like soldiers and began to walk up to the stage. They all wear dark royal green and matching capes.

P notices that she feels a strange connection with a pretty young lady in that group , Sarah Her golden curls bounce as she walks with confidence as the rest of the students , They stand before P, Esmie and the other 2 kids. “ECUTEABRIL” the men says. The students lift their hands up and the roof completely opens. You can see the beautiful tall trees and the beauty of nature. the old men touches a button behind his desk and a fat tree rises up in the middle of the stage. Old and strong it stands in the middle looking magical and mysterious. The old men points at one of the kids standing with P and Esmie, Scared and confused the kid stands in-front of the tree and immediately his necklace begins to glow a soft green light. The boy begins to become one with the tree. And as he touches it, long branches begin to form and leaves 🍃 around it. The old men points at Esmie and directs her to join, as her necklace begins to grow so does her hair and the trees grows taller and fuller. Is P’s next and just as she touches the trunk of the tree it begins to move! everyone is surprised and anxious, P’s necklace begins to glow. suddenly the tree comes to life. it’s voice sounds ancient and firm. “I can’t believe I lived long enough to witness your coming my deer” it tells P. “you are beautiful just as I remember” The old men looks at P with a mysterious look P can’t quit understand what the tree is saying but she humbly smiles. You are Magnificent” the tree says with a smile then it’s face despairs and the tree stands ancient and firm again. “And just like that Lets give them a welcome applause” The old men said as he try’s to pretend the tree didn’t just spoke. The sunset comes out so everyone must go to their dorms to continue tomorrow. P is laying on her bed looking up at the sealing with a big smile, This is so exiting she thought 💭 I AM SPECIAL.

She stands face to face to the anaconda.

The next morning, After a long drive, they arrive at what looks like and under ground cave. They all walk thru the red fresh grass surrounded by red bushes and tall trees. everything is full of autum colors and the beautiful morning sun rise. “shes here” everyone whispers as P is the only student that was able to go thru the tunnel. Everyone else got sick to their stomach. P walks to a table full of swords she carefully picks the one and everyone claps of-excitement . P feels confused as she turns around to look at the crowd. everyone is wearing royal red coats and capes. from a far is standing Master prime and all the others including ms Denise, they look at her with so much care and love. P feels so small but deep inside she. feels like she belongs and that this was home. master Prime walks to her and blows a white powder on her face. the minute she blinks she finds her self inside of a 🌋 volcano. full of water and lava.

The sound of a trumpet was heard and p notices that the lava is taking over the clear waters, she try’s to find a way out climbing the inner walls of the volcano. her long sword hanging behind her as she uses her upper strength to climb up the volcano. SUDDENLY P looks down and notices a big fat and long black snake rapidly chasing her. “ Her heart filled with fear as she try’s to climb faster. Back in the tree house everyone watches her thru a big screen. Everyone is rooting for her as she bravely fights the snake and manages to kick its nose and it collapse down. As she finally climbs out she notices such an amazing view. At the top you can see the four buildings of elements. and in the middle the big tall ancient castle stands firm. P quickly try’s to find a way out . The big anaconda is going to kill her she thought. “fly” a voice in the wind whispers to her. P places her hands on her ears and begins to fight with her inner self. she’s scared, she’s alone. she calls for help and no one responds. The snake carefully slide its way toward her. “Master we need to help her” an elderly said to Master Prime. Master prime watches with an intense look; “cmon you can do it” he whispers to him self. P stands in tears, covering her face with her small hands. She slowly removes her hands from her face and see such an enormous face only 2 feet from her. Her big brown eyes sparkly and tearing, stares at the snake with fear. she breathes fast as the snake raps her small body and tightly grips on her. “C’mon girl c’mon” Master prime continues to whisper to him self. everyone is devastated as they watch little P defeated and defenseless. as the snake drags her thru the red colored grass and thru the beautiful autum forest P begins to Hallucinate. She can see the trees all coming together to defeat the enormous anaconda. She can see Ms cat and the big strong men that took her out of the Gall-ever home. They are all rooting for her and somehow it’s giving her strength. He necklace glows a soft bright red light. Her eyes and hair change colors to a soft red just like the glowing light on her heart shaped locket. The enormous anaconda feeling the heat of P’s skin begins to unwrapped it’s self leaving P laying on the grass in complete 🔥 fire. Master Prime takes a deep breath and proudly smiles. “There you are” he whispers. P quickly gets up as the snake repeatedly try’s to smash her with her enormous tail. P runs thru the trees feeling as if she flying when suddenly the snake smacks her tail on P’s small body. She falls hard on the trunk of a willow tree. as soon as she open her eyes the tree lights up on fire and comes to life. Fiery branches attacking the enormous anaconda who fights back with all its strength. P runs with anger toward the snake running thru its enormous body until she stops close enough to strike the head with her sword cutting the snakes head at once. The crowd cheers in excitement as they watch . Her small body so powerful and strong. It all starts to come back to normal, her hair is back to its original color and her eyes too. The tree is red and beautiful as it’s no longer on fire. “You did it” the tree speaks to P who is standing looking weak and tired. full of blood and dirt. she takes a deep breath and thanks the tree. The tree explains to her that she did all of it by her self. “ You are A magnificent young lady, there’s nothing you can not do or have,” the tree continues. “ You are one with nature but your mind is your highest strength.” Do you know who you are?” questions that to P they feel so abstract and confusing. “Close your eyes” the tree says to her, and P listens. She wakes up in the room where Master prime and everyone one else waits with victory.

What happened in there?” Esmie asks as they all drive to their last stop. THE ELEMENT OF AIR. “I don’t know” P said with a smile.


Purity 1965

“Why does she gets to go to every element “ Octavia says very angry and annoyed as she points to P. Ms barn who seems also upset at the facts gives her the look of disgust and envy. “ people like her are the ones that end up messing everything up” Ms barn said . Esmie grabs P’s hands.

They arrive at their last stop. Everything surrounded by cherry blossom. white trees and white butterflies. everyone smiles as they look around the beauty. Everyone walk out the train. they see long stairs in thin air leading up to the clouds. They feel the cool breeze and the wind blowing their hair and their clothes. “Welcome! students”.Said a very pleasant lady wearing a white dress and beautiful petals . They all enter thru a white door. Everyone wears a white coat and white cape, there faces decorated in face gems and glitter. As they walk in , P and everyone notice a tall statue of a beautiful young lady holding a baby in her arms, standing in the middle of the long hallway . She has beautiful white wings and long white hair. “P’Antal ,Purity , 1865” she reads the letters carved on the wall. They walk thru the hallway to an open space just as the one on EARTH just , that this one was full of white and cherry blossoms 🌸 everyone wears royal white and gems on their faces. P and her class mates stand on stage before the audience. All the teachers stared at P as they murmured. It was obvious that she felt sick to her stomach, her nerves got the best of her and she had to leave and wait outside, Ms Barns follows her laughing silently. “Guess your not it then” she laughs 🤣. “what?” P asks feeling anxious about the whole thing. “Sit there until this is finished. I’ll be up here. Ms barns walks away to try to see some of the wonderful things that she wishes to be apart of . She hates that she got stuck being the butler of this annoying place so she thought. she deserves power just like everyone in there and she hated that .

“Who is the child that was taken outside?” said a men in white wearing a golden crown. His name is “Lord CAELUS” His one of the head masters just like Master Prime. They are very important, known, and respected by everyone. The lord next to him whispers something in his ears. In the train P feels so very sick, she couldn’t believe this is what her classmates have been going thru while she was making it thru all the other elements. She closes her eyes and slowly falls into a deep sleep. “Fly” the same voice she heard when she found her self on the volcano just hours before. She opens her eyes and notices everything blurry. P walks out the train, everything is foggy and cold. she notices Ms. Barn standing tippy toes peaking thru the big white doors. She frowns as she goes thru the doors, she seems invisible, she can see everything from up high, and she doesn’t even feel sick anymore. A light stands in the middle of the stage. Everyone goes thru the light and they can see their invisible wings. Esmie is amazed just as Octavia and Anchor. P looks behind her to see if she can see hers and there was nothing. “There’s power in this room” a voice from the light speaks. a white box floats in mid air and everyone’s Necklace begins to glow a soft white light. Everyone claps. A small light floats around p, hypnotizing her and she follows it.

She floats in the air following the small light. The light stands in-front of Lord callus. There is no emotion on his face. next to him is his wife Lady Philia. No one seems to see her or the light. She wondered how this was happening. The light continues to roam around and it stops in-front of the statue. P’s necklace begins to glow as she feels one with the light. “ Fly” the voice whispers again. Footsteps approaches as P try’s to hide . Lord Callus walks towards the statue. He can’t see P hiding behind the statue but there’s this invisible connection that tells them that they can feel each-other. P wakes up and finds her self still in the train, she can see the group of students coming back to the train with Ms Barns. Everyone exited and talking about what they had witness. “are you ok” Esmie asks her. P smiles and gets comfortable to lean on the windows and closes her eyes to sleep, thru the long ride back to their dorms.


katherine Vargas

I started wringing fiction from an early age. I love everything about it. I hope one day my story can bring joy and excitement to your life.

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