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Private college student makes fun of public college student

A private college student gloats and mocks their education and prestige to a public college student

By Jordan HarrisPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

It was a crisp and chill autumn afternoon in the Greater Boston Area. People got off their jobs, getting ready to go home, and college students were done for the day. Speaking of college students, there was a coffee shop that a lot of the young people liked visiting whenever they weren't cramming for exams, partying, or trying to make it to their next class on time. One customer in the coffee shop was a sophomore at Harvard University, the most prestigious college in the United States, and part of the Ivy League. His name was Derek, and he was a pre-law major. Another student walked in, and he was a computer science major at the nearby University of Massachusetts Boston, the only public research university in Boston. His name was Marcus, and he also a sophomore. As they were both getting their orders, they accidentally bumped into each other.

"Do you mind?!" exclaimed Derek, "You nearly ruined my sweater." "Sorry" said Marcus, "I didn't see you there." Marcus then noticed that the sweater that Derek was wearing was a Harvard sweater. "You go to Harvard?" he asked. Derek smirked and said in a very snarky tone, "What do you think?" "You think I bought it just for style? Well you're wrong! I am currently a second year pre-law student at Harvard. My father attended that school, and I am following in his footsteps." He stood there in a pose, all proud and vain.

"So your father went to Harvard when he was younger?" asked Marcus. "Yes." replied Derek. "In fact, everyone in my family went to an Ivy League school. My mom and sister went to Yale, one of my brothers went to Princeton, the other one went to Dartmouth, and my uncle went to Brown." He then saw that Marcus was wearing a plain t shirt and jeans and smugly said, "Of course you wouldn't know what it's like to be a college student based on the way you're dressed."

"Actually," explained Marcus, "I am a college student." "Oh yeah?" Derek sarcastically replied. "Where are you enrolled, some make believe college?" Marcus then said, "I'm a sophomore at the UMass Boston." Derek then snorted with laughter when he heard what Marcus said. "So you go to a public institution?!" he cried, then he caught his breath for a second. "Then you are a sucker for attending a public university!" Marcus then got slightly angry when Derek said that. "Hey, not everyone has the luxury to go to a private college, ok? Plus, I made this choice to go to UMass." Derek then cackled, "Oh, your family must be very disappointed that you chose to attend a public college." Marcus took offense to this and said, "Actually, my family supported me with my decision. Besides, my dad went to Ohio State and graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. He is currently one of the top executives at his job."

Derek then replied, "Well maybe your father would've been number one if he had went to a private school." Marcus wanted to punch Derek in the face, but didn't want to have his scholarship revoked, so he humbled himself, and said to Derek, "You know, just because someone went to a public college or public university, does not mean that they are failures. Public colleges are just as good -if not better than- as private colleges."

Derek was speechless for a few seconds, then he howled with laughter. "Yeah right. As if public colleges are just as good as as private colleges." "Oh and by the way, what are you majoring in?" he asked Marcus. Marcus then said "I'm majoring in computer science." Derek then started bursting into laughter again and said, "Why don't you study law or medicine? That's the only way you'll get a real job." Derek then walks away laughing even more while Marcus shrugs it off. Just then, Derek returned and had one more comeback: "Oh, by the way, My parents are paying for my education, how about yours? Marcus responded. "I'm on scholarship." then Derek chuckles while walking away.

Time passes by, and despite what Derek said to him, Marcus continues his college education. He spends half of his free time studying, and he spends his other half socializing with his peers. He gets excellent grades on all of his quizzes, tests, projects, and other assignments; which are mostly B's, but occasional A's. He made the dean's list for three consecutive semesters, and ended up graduating on time. His parents could not have been more proud of him. Meanwhile Derek's life started to go downhill. After making fun of Marcus, he decides to go and make fun of students at Harvard who aren't as privileged as him. He picks on and makes fun of the students who are on financial aid, and, this results in the students reporting him to the college board, and at first he is given a warning, but then he proceeds to back to doing it, and this time, he goes too far. The student he picks on tells him to stop, when Derek does not stop, the student tells him to shut up and insults him. This enrages Derek who proceeds to shove the student, and the student knocks Derek out. The student who knocked Derek out got suspended for a few days while Derek got kicked out from Harvard. Derek begs and pleads for another chance but the dean did not want to hear it. Derek's family is extremely disappointed in him, and disowns him, calling him a disgrace to the family. Derek is now forced to live in an apartment and work 2 jobs to make ends meet.

Many years later, Marcus is working as a software developer at one of the top software companies in Boston, while he is about go out for lunch, he runs into Derek. "Hey" says Marcus, "I remember you, you're that guy who clowned me in the coffee shop." Derek then recognizes him and says, "Oh yeah, I remember you too." Marcus then notices that Derek is wearing a janitor's outfit. "Why are you wearing that?" he asked, "I thought you were studying to become a lawyer." Derek says, "Yeah about that: I got expelled from Harvard and was not able to complete my degree. And my family disowned me, so now I work two jobs: a day job as a waiter, and a night job as a janitor." Marcus then replies "Oh, that sucks." Derek asks. "So what have you been up to since you graduated?" Marcus said, "My dad got me a car as a graduation gift, and I've been working here for 4 years now. I am going to get promoted to head software developer soon." Derek says, "Oh really? Good for you. I'm sorry for how I treated you." "Well it's like I told you" Marcus said, " 'Just because someone goes to a public institution does not mean they are failures.' I tried to tell you, but you did not listen and did this to yourself." Derek and Marcus then walk away in separate directions going on with their daily lives, each thinking about the past.

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Just a 20 something college student trying to find his way in life. I'm new to the writing world so give me a chance.

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