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Poppy the Pirate Vol. 7

by Leotie Valhana 2 months ago in Series

Zombie Dragons, Oh My!

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

The sun was peeking over the trees as they all stood, trying to make a plan. Micaiah decided to shapeshift into a bird, and she flew overhead to do some recognizance. They waited patiently for her return. As she came back, she shifted back and reported there were no humanoid guards, just five zombie dragons.

They started to hatch their plan. Jansaadi suggested pulling one at a time. Everyone agreed that it was worth a shot. So she flew up over the wall with her flying shoes and hovered there. Poppy watched as she shot at the Dragon and kept coming back. As if she was taunting him. It made Poppy bounce a bit with excitement. She could not wait for this fight to start.

Before she knew it, the Dragon jumped over the walls. She could tell he was lucky to have made the jump with all the holes in his wings. Jansaadi signaled that there was only one, and it made Poppy sigh with relief. She knew that taking on all five would be quite a feat.

Poppy runs in right next to Saandare, and she hits him with a flourish. Everyone seems to be hitting it with all they have, and then the Dragon gets upset and does a tail sweep. Jansaadi was still in the air, but it hit everyone else. Poppy flew backward, landing on her legendary booty. As she looks up, she saw the tail hit Sandaare, and he pushes it away. It whips around and hits the Dragon, and he falls over dead.

She jumps up and then finds herself next to Sandaare, “That was impressive.” He seems to brush off her compliment as if the deed he did was not as impressive as it was. She shrugs while smiling, ready for the next Dragon.

Jansaadi goes to bring the next Dragon, and Poppy begins bouncing again. Her excitement is overtaking her. She watches as Jansaadi seemingly has a more challenging time bringing this one over than before. It finally gets closer, and it is not moving any closer. Poppy thinks that everyone should break the line of sight as they are standing where the gates are. She is relatively new to the group and does not feel she should be telling anyone what to do.

She continues watching as Jansaadi keeps trying to pull him back, and he just won’t go. So Poppy shrugs and starts running in. She hears everyone yell at her. She stops and looks over her shoulder, “What? He isn’t going to come towards us!” At that moment, she sees Saandare looks slightly amused and annoyed at the same time as he moves up next to Poppy.

The Dragon still does not move forward. Poppy closes the gap between them and begins to fight. Everyone else eventually moves up to attack the Dragon. As the Dragon dies, it lets out a shriek.

Poppy spoke without thinking, “Oh shit!” She looked towards the manor and saw movement in the curtains. That was when she also noticed the dragons looking their way. She took a deep breath and readied herself. She was glad to have the biggest in the group by her side. She was more than 3 feet shorter than him. This means they would most likely go for him and leave her alone.

She begins bouncing again as she watches the three zombie dragons come their way. One of them is a colossus. She knows that is the one she is going to go for. Waiting until it is as close as it will go, she runs forwards and attacks. She has no fear. Fear is for the weak, and she was not raised weak.

Sandaare is beside her, fighting as the rest move to other dragons. Once the Colossus drops, she notices they had taken out the smaller Dragon. This was when Poppy saw Morthos had summoned a Monolith Earth Elemental.

Poppy looked up at him, “Geez, that guy is HUGE!” She quickly made her way to the last remaining Dragon, and as they watched him fall, Poppy jumped up and down. It was hard to contain her excitement. It had been a hard battle but exhilarating!

They all stood around the dragon corpses as they were dead once again. Everyone looked at the house. V casts Consecration a few times and seems discouraged. Finally, Morthos sends his Earth Elemental, which he now calls Ralph, to attack the house. He was able to hit it twice, and then he disappeared. Poppy assumed he went back to where he had come from in the first place.

Morthos steps forward and casts his spell as well. Once that is finished, V came forward with a new resolve and casts a spell that made the earth shake. When V cast his spell, the building was starting to fall in. Michaiah stepped forward and released the same spell. All that was left of the building was rubble.

Within a few moments, she noticed there was movement coming out of the two outbuildings. She saw zombies and skeletons started to shuffle out towards them. She ran to the closest building to her and started to take on whatever she came across. V cast a spell that took out all of them at the other building. Morthos decided to take out the rest in front of Poppy.

She was happy to do her part. She may not be a gifted person with spells, but she knew how to use her weapons and take advantage in a fight. She had plenty of practice and knew she could hold her own. Poppy hated fighting the undead, though, and they made her skin crawl. What is dead should stay dead, she believed.

Once all were dead, Poppy kicked one of the ones she had killed. Turning around, she started skipping back to the group. She then saw lightning strike towards the group. Near where Anastrianna, Sandaare, and Jansaadi were standing. In that instant, there was a black hole that seemed to appear.

Poppy took a moment to steady herself as she was feeling sucked towards the hole. She noticed others doing the same. That was when poppy saw V slip and steady himself in time. She was not sure what would have happened to him if he had not. She did not know him well enough yet. However, as one of the group she found herself with, she did not wish anything bad to happen to him. Plus, she thought his heals were convenient.

Poppy notices rubble flying towards the hole from the manor. There were trees and boulders and many other things coming flying past her towards it. This made her increasingly worried something was going to hit her and knock her into the hold. Where would it take her?

She was making her way slowly towards the manor, as did everyone. She arrived moments after Sandaare, and she felt the resistance from the black hole fade. Poppy looked over her shoulder and saw it disappear.

Returning her attention back to the manor, she noticed the basement remained. There was the Vampire Lord, she assumed. With him were two Death Knights and two Blasphemes under the forcefield he had created. Poppy thought it was to keep them alive during the earthquake.

There was recognition in Sandaare’s eyes, and Poppy could almost feel his anger. She looked back at the Vampire Lord and saw a sneer on his face. She then saw him hold up a rod tauntingly. Poppy remembered hearing him complain of a Vampire stealing his Rod of Lordly Might.

As he shows it to Sandaare, “I deal with you for the last time.”

Sandaare readies his weapon, “Yeah, you do because you are going to die.”

V takes this opportunity to cast Turn Undead. Poppy notices one go and hide further away from them up against the forcefield. In a few moments, the forcefield comes down, and things got hectic. Poppy watched Sandaare jump down onto a Death Knight. She decides to take her opportunity to join in with him.

She noticed a Blaspheme jumping out of the basement, but with everyone out there, she was not worried. She wanted to stick close to Sandaare. Not that he needed her, but she liked he was such a big target compared to herself.

As they fought the Dead Knight, she noticed huge stakes flying past her head towards the Vampire Lord. One caught him in the chest, and he fell to the floor. As they dispatched the rest that was there, she felt pretty proud of herself for having helped.

Poppy watched as Sandaare strode up to the Vampire. He took the Rod of Lordly Might from his grasp and turned it into a flaming sword. “I wish he were awake for this.” With a quick motion, he cut his head off. He placed blessed wafers in his mouth and dropped it on the ground, and used the heel of his boot to shove them in his mouth.

This was when everyone started to look around. There were crates everywhere in this room. Poppy was not sure where to start. She needed to find the Talisman of Gashti so she could get information about Kalardash. Sighing, she pushed her shirt sleeves up and started to dig around.

This was a campaign for a Dungeons & Dragons character I played


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