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Yang Fei is a white-collar worker in a foreign company. She often travels and explores with friends to relieve pressure.

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 10 min read

That day, she received a phone call from her friend CAI Xiang, asked her if she would like to participate in the ruins of the party. Yang Fei asked what is a ruin party, CAI Xiang said: "It is to find a deserted building party, play a little exciting."

CAI Xiang, a tall, handsome man with many new ideas, has been the event organizer in his circle. Yang Fei trusted him and even liked him, so she agreed.

On a weekend night, the party went on as planned. CAI Xiang's organizational ability is not really built, the party venue selected in a rotten end building site, there are hundreds of people to attend.

Before the party began, CAI Xiang asked everyone to wear masks. Seeing that Yang Fei did not have a mask, he thoughtfully gave her a beautiful peacock mask.The party is on. CAI Xiang did not know where to find a rock band, passionate music shaking the sky. At this time, only listen to the host announced, now to play the "diving game". Before Yang Fei could figure out what was going on, the lottery began in turn, and the winner of the drawing of a piece of paper with the unlucky ghost symbol was led blindfolded to a stage more than four meters high, with his back to the audience.

The host shouted: "Do you support him or not?" There were shouts of support. Suddenly, the host gave him a shove and the man fell on his head. A cry of surprise, the following people have reached out to catch him, finally escaped danger.

This game is really exciting. The second round of the lottery began, Yang Fei opened his own sign, unexpectedly is a "unlucky ghost"! She was dragged onto the stage amid the uproar of the crowd.

The HOST shouted loudly: "The beauty came, everybody support NOT support?" Before Yang Fei could react, she was pushed down! In the middle of the air, out of the corner of her eye, Yang Fei caught a glimpse of the crowd under the stage not only did not reach out to meet, but the tide retreated. "It's over! She closed her eyes and braced herself for the painful impact.

Unexpectedly, she fell into a warm embrace and opened her eyes to see an ugly face coming up close. Yang Fei exclaimed, the man took off his mask, and it turned out to be a familiar handsome face. Is Cai Xiang! CAI Xiang smugly smiled: "I arrange good, stimulate?"

At this time, the people next to the heckling, someone shouted: "Kiss a!" CAI Xiang's lips came slowly to his lips. Yang Fei's heart raced and she closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she heard someone say, "The police are coming!" CAI Xiang reluctantly let go of her. Everyone looked out at the road, and saw a police car with flashing lights stopped in front of the ruins.

The policeman did not get out of the car or take it away, so the party became uncomfortable and soon dispersed. CAI Xiang jumped into his car, slammed the door, and left, forgetting Yang Fei.

A flurry of confusion, before the ruins have been empty, Yang Fei this tension. Just now she took CAI Xiang's car to come. Where can I find a car in the wilderness? Yang Fei was angry with CAI Xiang for leaving her. She decided not to call him for help and walked back.

After a while, the road became more and more desolate. Yang Fei became afraid. Just then, a light came on behind. Yang Fei turned around and saw that police car unexpectedly.

Yang Fei was a little relieved and walked on. The police car followed slowly, seemingly escorting her, all the way to the subway entrance. Yang Fei thought she should say "thank you" to the warm-hearted policeman.

She walked up to the police car, and the man inside rolled down his window, smiled and asked, "Remember me?" Yang Fei looked at the face of deja vu, momentarily unable to remember that they have such a police friend.

The man pulled out a round object and showed it to her. "Do you remember this?" Yang Fei took a closer look and saw that it was a guiding needle. Then she suddenly realized, "It's you, Chen Feng!"

Three years ago, Yang Fei, who had just started working, went to Jianzi Peak with CAI Xiang's expedition. CAI Xiang, who likes excitement, is reluctant to follow the usual tourist route. He wants to take the road of exploration that is less traveled. They looked for a guide at the foot of the mountain, and someone recommended a local lad, Chen Feng. At that time, Chen was a junior at Public Security University. Chen Feng listened to CAI Xiang's idea, but refused to lead the way, on the grounds that the road had not been developed, too dangerous.

CAI Xiang angrily said not to guide, and led everyone into the mountain. As a result, they got lost in the mountains. When they were at their wits' end, Chen Feng appeared and led them out of the mountain to his house. Originally, he did not trust, has been following behind.

Moved, Yang Fei found Chen Feng's family was destitute. His father died young and his mother is ill in bed. Chen Feng has decided to quit school and work. Yang Fei urged everyone to donate money. Before she left, she also gave Chen Feng her mountaineering needle to encourage him to look for the direction of life.

Thinking about it now, Yang Fei still finds it funny that she was just starting her job at that time, only two years older than Chen Feng, but she was like a big sister. Today Chen Feng looks strong and lean, not the thin college student he was.

Chen told Yang that he was encouraged by Yang to finish his studies and become a police officer after graduation. Tonight, he was driven to the ruins by complaints about noise.

Even though Yang Fei was wearing a mask, Chen Feng recognized her as soon as she came on stage. At this point, he explained somewhat flustered, "I would have escorted someone here if it hadn't been for you. It is my duty."

After that, Yang Fei and Chen Feng kept in touch. Yang Fei felt Chen Feng liked her very much, but she knew that she could not fall in love with him. Her heart, already identified the passionate CAI Xiang.

Soon after the ruin party, CAI Xiang bought flowers to apologize to Yang Fei, and the two reconciled. That day, CAI Xiang informed Yang Fei, the second ruins of the party to begin, the scale is bigger than the last time.

The party was in a more remote place, and the party was even crazier than the last one. The highlight of the party was a game called "Speed Proposal," in which whoever drew a heart-shaped draw was instructed to woo a particular guest. If the courtship is successful, they can find a private place to spend some time together.

The draw began. Soon, the first couple in the game made a successful courtship. Several waiters brought drinks on trays, and everyone raised a toast. Yang Fei also grabbed a cup without thinking. Just as she put it to her mouth, a man wearing a clown mask suddenly ran past her and bumped her. The drink spilled all over her, but the Joker disappeared in the crowd without so much as an apology. Yang Fei is wiping water stains from her body as the second round of the draw has begun. She took one and opened it. It was a heart!

Yang Fei was asked to "propose" to a handsome man. Handsome is the only person in the room without a mask. His face is very white, and his handsome face looks expressionless. Yang Fei had never seen the man before, but the game had rules and she had to play by them. Unexpectedly handsome boy agreed to the courtship of Yang Fei. After the ceremony, the handsome man pulled her into the depths of the ruins.

Yang Fei felt something was wrong and asked to stop several times, but the handsome man refused to let go. Behind a broken wall, the handsome man pinned her to the ground and began frantically ripping at her clothes. Yang FEI DESPERATELY STRUGGLE, AT A CRITICAL MOMENT, suddenly spread A break DRINK: "LET GO OF HER!" The handsome man stopped. Yang Fei looked back and saw a man wearing a clown mask standing behind her.

The handsome man turned to go, the clown said: "So go? You should take off your mask and show this lady what you really are." Hearing this, Yang Fei suddenly thought of something. She grabbed the handsome boy's face, but grabbed the next "face". Originally, the other side is not not wearing a mask, but wearing a highly simulated face mask. Yang Fei took a look at the face of the mask, almost fainted, at the moment this person is CAI Xiang actually!

Tsai Hsiang smiled and said, "This mask is specially made on the Internet."

Yang Fei is angry straight tremble: "Why do you want SO TO me?"

CAI Xiang said with a smile, "I wanted to give you a surprise. Don't you think it's more exciting?"

"Pa", Yang Fei gave CAI Xiang a slap in the face. CAI Xiang had an angry look on his face, but in the end he did not get angry and turned away.

The clown said, "Shall I call the police?" Yang Fei shook her head, looking at CAI Xiang's back, tears blurred her eyes.

When Yang Fei dried her tears and turned around, the clown was gone. She fled from the ghostly ruins.

Since then, Yang has no interest in participating in such activities. She began to reflect, when did this so-called adventure turn sour? How much do you know about CAI Xiang? During this period, Chen Feng kept in touch with Yang Fei. He seemed to know what was on Yang Fei's mind and often comforted her. Yang Fei found that, in fact, the two are also quite good to talk.

Half a year passed in a flash. One day, Yang Fei received a phone call from her father. The father said bluntly, "Daughter, you are too old. Please find someone to marry. Dad's health has been getting worse every year, and he still wants to hold his grandson."

Find someone to marry? Yang Fei suddenly thought of Chen Feng. He hasn't called for a long time. He actually misses him, but he's embarrassed to call.

Yang summoned up her courage and called Chen Feng. It took a while for someone to answer the phone, but it wasn't Chen Feng's voice. The other party said Chen Feng had an accident and was in the hospital having an operation.

Yang Fei rushed to the hospital anxiously. Outside the surgery, Chen's colleagues are also waiting anxiously. A colleague told Yang, "During this time, we were tracking a drug gang. The main culprit was CAI Xiang. In the name of having a party, they give free drinks and put drugs in drinks to entice more people to take drugs. Today, when the net was collected and arrested, Chen Fengchong was in the front and was injured." "With that, my colleague gave Yang Fei a small bag:" Chen Feng asked to give it to you before entering the operating room. He said he was afraid that if he went in, he would never come out again.

Yang Fei opened it and saw that it was a clown mask. She suddenly understood that Chen Feng had been quietly protecting himself. There is a hard thing in the bag, take out, unexpectedly is the north needle! Holding back tears, Yang Fei silently said to herself, "I understand what you mean. I will choose the right direction, just as I encouraged you. I'll wait here until you come out safe..."

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