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Our weekend getaway was turned into a nightmare by an uninvited guest.

Two friends slowly drifting apart go on a weekend break to a picturesque cabin in the woods to reconnect, little do they know that their weekend would become a nightmare by the encounter of a hellish demonic creature beyond any grotesque imagination.

By Callum ShergoldPublished 2 months ago 15 min read

We drove up the snowy, winding road towards the cozy A-frame cabin. Me and my best friend Jake had decided to book a weekend break in a small cabin in the forest. We had known each other since elementary school and we had done everything together, but for the last few months we had both been distracted with work and family commitments and not had the opportunity to see one another, and this weekend was meant to help us reconnect. We had left just after 2PM on Friday, but after a couple GPS malfunctions, reading a map upside down and an abundance of traffic, we didn’t get there until it was already dark. Even with snow chains and my headlights on full beam I still had to drive cautiously so I didn’t get stuck or end up driving off the road as the heavy snow made it hard to see. Finally the headlights illuminated the sight of an A framed cabin getting closer, I smiled to myself when it came into view, happy that the long car journey was finished, and at the thought of a nice cool beer next to a warm fire in a cozy wooden cabin. I stepped out of the car, the snow was almost shin deep. A faint feeling of unease hit me as I stared up at the cabin. It stood in the middle of a small clearing surrounded by trees with no lights on. The darkness gave the structure an intimating, almost creepy atmosphere, but I brushed those thoughts aside and reassured myself I’ll feel better once we’re settled. I threw the front door key to Jake, which he expertly caught with one hand.

“Show off!” I said to him. “You open the door and put some lights on, I’ll get the stuff from the car.”

Jake gave a thumbs up to me and started to trudge through the snow towards the door. I walked over to the car and opened the trunk. Starting with the easiest to reach items, my suitcase and a crate of beer, leaving Jakes suitcase, plus the cooler with our food and snacks to pick up next time. I had also brought a basket of firewood with us in case there wasn’t any in the cabin. I took the crate of beer and my suitcase and put them on the porch for Jake to bring in and turned back towards the car again. About half way to my car, I heard the sound of a stick breaking, it sounded heavy and deliberate, like whatever broke it wanted to make it’s presence known. I jumped and turned towards the tree line where the sound had emanated from, then I saw the low branches and the shrubs shake, something emerged out from the trees towards me, my fear quickly turned to relief when I realised it was only a deer.

“You ok?” Jake called out to me from the doorway, the deer promptly ran off back into the trees, spooked by Jake calling out to me.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I called back. “That deer made me jump, that’s all.”

“Oh, ok.” Jake turned around to head back into the cabin but quickly turned back.

“Hey!” He called to me again. “What do you call a deer with no eyes?”

“What?” I said bluntly, already knowing this was the set up for another one of his terrible dad jokes.

“Correctly spelled!” He replied, sniggering at his own joke. I just rolled my eyes and turned back to the car and grabbed the rest of the stuff, the cooler and Jakes suitcase first, then came back for the basket of logs, now feeling a lot more reassured that there was only wildlife in the trees… or so I thought.

The inside of the cabin was very pleasant, the atmosphere was cosy and rustic. The living room was the first room you entered from the front door. It was square in shape with one wall slanting slightly as part of the A frame structure. There was a stone fireplace in the middle of the structural wall with a big four person leather couch and two matching armchairs around it. The stairs to the right of the front door took you to the two bedrooms and the bathroom. I picked up the food and carried it to the kitchen at the rear of the cabin. It was small and basic with a few cupboards and a small countertop complete with a propane stove. I swore at myself for forgetting to bring extra propane with us, luckily there was an almost full canister hooked up already which I hoped would be enough. I put the food on the counter and opened the back door to see what was out there, maybe a footpath into the forest we could explore over the weekend. Outside were a few pieces of garden furniture, a table, two chairs and a barbecue, all covered in a foot of snow. The back area extended about another twenty feet up to the tree line, I didn’t see any paths, perhaps I’d have to make my own.

That was when I noticed the external side of the door, it was covered in long, deep scratches, almost like how a dog would if it wanted to be let outside, but these were much bigger than any dog could make. I felt increasingly distressed, when I picked up the keys from the guy who owned the cabin they didn’t say anything about large animals like wolves living in the area. I quickly decided that whatever made those scratches in the door wasn’t anything I wanted to encounter so I shut the back door and locked it tight. I finished putting the food away in the and joined Jake back in the living room, he was already sitting on the couch drinking a beer, he handed another one to me and I took it, sitting down in the armchair next to him. I considered telling him about the scratches on the door, but I didn’t want to scare him so I thought it best to keep it to myself for now.

The rest of the night went by pretty uneventful, we stayed up drinking a few beers and talking to each other about old memories and making plans to do things together more often. It wasn’t until just after 1AM that we decided it was time to go to bed. We both got up from the couch and stumbled our way upstairs to our rooms, mine being the first door on the left with Jakes on the other end. The rooms weren’t particularly big, but there was enough space for a double bed, two nightstands, wardrobe and chest of drawers. I took off my shoes and put my phone on one of the nightstands and flopped onto the bed. I stared up at the ceiling in my quite intoxicated state just taking this opportunity to appreciate having a double bed to myself for the first time in years. It was so comfortable It completely took my mind off the strange scratches on the back door. Eventually my eyelids started getting heavier and I drifted off to sleep.

I was startled awake by a loud banging sound. I switched the lamp on the nightstand on and looked around the room to see if something had fallen off a shelf, but nothing had. I reached out to the nightstand and checked my phone, it was 4:27AM. I had been asleep for less than three and a half hours. I lay on the bed listening, for any more unexplained noises. After a while I hadn’t heard anything so I turned off the lights and put my head back down and chalked it up to my imagination. Just as I closed my eyes however, I heard it. A blood curdling shriek, like an animal in pain coming from downstairs in the direction of the back door. I bolted upright almost immediately, paralysed by shear terror! I listened again, silence. Somehow I managed to gain the courage to get up from my bed and investigate. I cautiously opened the bedroom door, descended the stairs to the living room and slowly tip toed towards the back door in the kitchen. Looking out of the window I could see nothing but darkness. I crept up to the back door and slowly unlocked it. I grabbed the door handle, took a deep breath… and opened it! And there lying on the back porch were the mutilated remains on the deer me and Jake had seen when we arrived. The poor animal had deep scratches all over its body and the porch was covered in blood. I let out my own shriek of terror at the grotesque sight, my body completely frozen in fear.

“Sam, are you ok?” I heard Jake call from upstairs. I didn’t reply to him, I didn’t even acknowledge he had even said anything I was too focused on the gruesome sight before me. I heard him coming down to stairs and walk into the kitchen.

“I heard you screa…” he too froze in shock when he saw the deer on the porch. “What the hell!!!” He exclaimed through terrified breathing.

It was then I snapped out of my trance and slammed the door shut.

“Sam! What the hell happened to that deer?!” Jake asked again, visibly shaken.

“I don’t know.” Was all I was able to say, I couldn’t think of anything else, I didn’t know what kind of wild animal that could inflict such injuries to another living being, so I couldn’t offer any words of reassurance.

“We need to call the police!” Jake said.

We both ran upstairs straight to our rooms and grabbed our phones.

“I’m out of battery!” Jake shouted from his room. I grabbed my phone, luckily I was still on 49%. I dialled 911 but couldn’t get through. Figures, no signal out here in the middle of nowhere!

“Doesn’t matter whether you have battery” I said as I walked to him on the landing. “I can’t get a signal!”

“Great! What do we do now?” Jake asked.

I thought for a second. “We’re gonna have to drive to the nearest town.” I replied.

“You can’t be serious!” Jake said in hysterics. “That thing could be outside wait for us, even if it isn’t, the drive into town will be extremely treacherous!”

“What other choice do we have?!” I said back, my voice raised over his. Jake stayed silent, taken aback by my outburst.

“Ok” he said, a lot quieter. “How far is the nearest town?”

“About two miles.”

“So we better leave now then.” Jake finished.

We turned towards the stairs. Then we heard the loud BANG on the back door. The force was so great, whatever made that noise had to have the combined strength of five people. The sound was so loud it resonated throughout the entire cabin, we both stopped in our tracks on the stairs. Then from outside we heard a stomach churning high pitched demonic squeal like no animal noise I ever heard. Me and Jake both exchanged a horrified look, then another loud BANG on the back door was heard, then another. The third BANG was followed by the sound of wood splintering.The door was about to give way! We bolted down the rest of the stairs and wrestled with the front door handle desperately trying to open it. I got the keys out of my pocket but in my panicked state I dropped them on the floor. Jake grabbed them instantly and tried with great difficulty to get the key in the hole with hands shaking so much with fear.

“HURRY UP!” I screamed at him.

“I’M TRYING!” He screamed back. Then the key went in the lock, the door unlocked. Then we heard the sound of the back door being destroyed. Heavy footsteps on the wooden floor came closer to us, we both slowly turned around and came face to face with it!

This… thing, that we stood only ten feet away from, can only be described as beyond a nightmare! It stood at a good seven feet tall! It was incredibly thin, it’s skin, large chunks were missing, exposing Bone. What skin that was still there was pulled tight against its bones making it look skeletal and covered in frostbite. It also had long gangly arms that stretched down the the creatures knees. With razor sharp claws gleaming with blood from the dead deer. And it’s head, it’s eyes were pure white with tiny pin size pupils in the middle, and it’s jaw hung open revealing this monsters teeth, just as sharp as it’s claws. It took one step towards us, and let out it’s blood curdling high pitched screech again. Me and Jake snapped out of our state of paralysis and we threw the door open and ran as fast as we possibly could towards the car! We forced our way through the snow which was now almost to our knees like it was nothing. I unlocked the car and threw open the passenger side door before diving in with Jake jumping in a second behind me. I expertly managed to get the key in the ignition first try and started up the car, i put it in reverse and floored it the FUCK outta there! When we were a good distance away from the cabin I spun the wheel hard left then put the car in forward and hit the gas like they do in the movies. We drove as fast as we could away from that cabin, the slightly downhill grade working to our advantage. We didn’t say a word to each other until we reached the nearest town, which we managed to get to in just over twenty minutes. We found the local Sheriffs office and we told him everything, from the dead deer on the porch too the deep scratches on the back door, and of course, a grotesquely detailed description of the creature that attacked us. I could see in the Sheriffs face he was taking it all seriously until we gave him the description of the thing, regardless he still told us he would send up a team of officers to investigate. In the meantime they were generous enough to put us up for the night in a local hotel so we wouldn’t have to stay in the car.

I didn’t sleep a wink for the rest of the night, I had no idea how to process what I had just been through. Morning eventually came and we were greeted by the Sheriff and a few other officers in the hotel lobby. They had told us that they had not found any creature matching our description, but when they got there, they found the entire living room completely destroyed. The furniture had been torn to shreds and there were deep scratches in the walls and floors. They had looked outside the back of the cabin, the rear porch was indeed drenched in blood, but the deer carcass had disappeared.

We told the Sheriff “We know what we saw up there! We don’t know what it was but we know it was real.” I saw through the expression on his face he didn’t believe us but he still talked sympathetically.

“Look boys, I don’t know what you saw up there, but we didn’t find any evidence of such a creature, and there hasn’t been any witness reports of such a creature either, perhaps it was just an animal like a wolf that attacked you, and maybe being in an isolated area, slightly intoxicated, your imaginations made you see things that weren’t actually there.” The Officers that went up to the cabin had been nice enough to collect our stuff, which the Sheriff handed to us before heading back to his office. I felt extremely pissed off by his god awful explanation for what we saw, like we had just hallucinated the whole thing, but in my traumatised, sleep deprived state all I cared about was getting home and putting this horrific ordeal behind us as soon as possible.

We never did tell our friends and family about what happened, just like the useless Sheriff, we knew they wouldn’t have believed us, hell I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. We made up an excuse to our families that we had to leave early because Jake was feeling sick, and we told the owner of the cabin that a hostile wolf had broken in and tore the place up, which he actually believed. After that ordeal me and Jake never made any more plans to go on a vacation together again. As time went on we continued to see less and less of each other until we eventually lost contact all together, I think the last time I spoke to him was probably three years ago and that was only the return his drill I borrowed five months before. It has now been the best part of six years since that encounter and after a few months of intense therapy I was able to put it behind me and I went on with my life and my family. In fact I hadn’t even thought about it for such a long time, that was until I saw a news article which brought the traumatic memories flooding back. The exact same cabin we had stayed in all those years ago was on the front page, a family of four had been found dead! Their bodies were so badly mutilated they weren’t able to immediately identify them. And they were all covered in the same deep scratches!

The end.

HorrorMysteryYoung AdultShort Story

About the Creator

Callum Shergold

I’ve always been a bit of a fantasist, making up stories with friends to entertain each other, which is probably why I’m here now, to reconnect with my creative side that enjoys writing.

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