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one night with libra.

by The Reflections Of 13 days ago in Young Adult
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gentleman, always.

one night with libra.
Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

“I had a really fun time tonight. Thank you.” Jasmine smiled up at Theo as they stood under her front porch. She’d been fine to walk it home from the retail park, but he'd insisted in accompaning her home even though he would have to walk in the complete opposite direction after. 

Strolling down the back roads, the autumn leaves crunched under their synced steps. The cool air was a perfect container for their conversation, where neither one dominated but instead, encouraged a mutual activity of sharing fuelled by open-ended questions and reflections.

Moments of pause. Moments of reflections. 

They had just returned from the a night at the movie theatre, where under the cover of darkness, Theo had tentatively reached out for her hand. She’d flashed him a sweet smile and given him a comforting squeeze. For the remainder of the film, his thumb traced circles on her palm.

Being the well-brought up gentleman he viewed himself as, Theo leaned down to gently bring the smooth skin of her hand to his lips. “No thank you. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend some time with this evening.” 

The words rolled off his tongue, sounding like music to her ears. Blushing, she ducked her head. Her skin tingled a little. Releasing her hand, he nodded once and said his goodbye. 

Biting her lip, Jasmine watched as the shadows cast by his dark figure become less and less pronounced. It was a Friday evening after all, and the night was still young. There was still a few more days for them both before they returned back to university for their final year. Her parents were at a work do which was bound to go on to to the early hours of the morning. This week Jasmine’s father had closed a very important deal with an overseas client so celebration was in order.

Her house was empty, if only for a few hours.

Before he disappeared clearly from view, Theo turned around and lifted a hand. Jasmine took this as her chance. “Theo?”

She had to say it a couple of times, but the sound level barely increased as she didn’t want to wake up any neighbours. So instead, she waved her arms above her head and looked like a mad woman instead. 

Lightly jogging back to her, his eyebrows were raised as he approached her.

The house keys jingled in her hands. “Ah….would you like to come in? I can give you a glass of lemonade before your journey home. I know it’s a bit far.”

Theo’s eyes lit up as he started to voice his wanting to, but then the image of her father obtrusively popped into his mind’s eye. Bald on top, with a thick moustache under a pug-like nose, he could just imagine the beady eyes of Mr Jefferson scrutinising him right now. Ready to wallop him with any move deemed ‘not good enough for his daughter.’ 

“Uh, I’d love to. Thank you. I really would. But, I don’t want to upset your father….” He didn’t need to finish the sentence.

Wincing, Jasmine understood his trepidation. Bob Jefferson had made a name for himself around town. He exuded a no-bullshit demeanour, a man of tangible results in the world, and super protective over his little girl. His only little girl. A term Jasmine had desperately tried to wipe from his vocabulary, both inside the home and outside. 

“He’s not home.” Twirling a braid around her finger, she pouted slightly, and with coquettish eyes, gazed up at him. “What about upsetting me…….” The question hung between them, laced with temptation.

Theo gently scoffed, looked away for half a second, exhaling a long breath as he assessed the proposal. She was working her feminine charm that evening, playing all coy in her floral summer dress, ballet shoes and Levi denim jacket.

It was a good two sizes big for her, but that was expected at it was his. He wouldn’t ask for it back though. It looked good on her.

They weren’t in a proper relationship. But they were dating. They saw each other at least once a week, sometimes twice. They had yet to share their first kiss, but Theo was in no rush at all and neither was she.

For him, on a mental level, they were two peas in a pod. That really was keeping him around and gave him more anticipation for how things would be physically. He could talk to Jasmine about anything. Conversations just flowed between them, and if they weren’t up all night talking about everything under the sun, they’d be back and forth texting. She held her own too, which he found extremely sexy.

Theo didn’t want the night to end. In fact, he’d been mentally trying to sike himself up to kiss her in the cinema tonight but the right moment never seem to come. The film of choice that evening was a psychological thriller, and it didn’t set the mood. He wanted their first kiss, to be perfect. Perfect for her. 

He was still holding on to the idea of wanting to be the 'flawless' guy for her as he deliberated on the role he played in the closing scene tonight.

Jasmine shifted from one foot to another, waiting for his decision. 

Opening his arms, he cheerfully asked. “How can I resist some lemonade?” Seeing an eyebrow go dangerously high, Theo quickly backtracked. “Did I say lemonade? I mean lemonade and you. OK, just you.”


Watching him with a sense of fondness, Jasmine took the empty glass from him and placed it in the sink. The sharp ding sounding from the microwave announced the salted caramel popcorn was ready. 

Gleefully clapping her hands together, Jasmine hastily shucked on some oven gloves and carefully took out the piping hot, brown bag of sweet goodness. Watching her get so excited over something so simple as microwave popcorn made Theo feel excited too.

Jasmine struggled to open the packaging with the oven gloves and so took them off to better tear the bag. A total fiend for sugar, she mindlessly stuck her hand in, only to sharply recoil as her fingers made contact with the piping hot contents.

“Crap!” Her finger stung but she couldn’t help but laugh at herself in this situation. Theo joined in, shaking his head softly as he carefully took the popcorn away from her. 

“Come here.” Turning on the cold faucet, he gently held her fingers under the water to ease the soreness. Under her lashes, Jasmine observed him as he dutifully cared for.

“Better?” Theo gently dried her finger and placed a soft kiss the red marks on the pads of her fingers. 

“Thank you. You’re so sweet Theo.”

“Anything for you.”


Jasmine picked the second movie of the evening. A comedy this time. Theo soon lost interest as he is become more zoned into the feeling of them cuddled up together on her sofa. Her braids were spread out on his chest and he flexed the fingers that rested on her waist, only to lightly stroke the curve of her body again. Through the thinness of her dress, he could feel her warmth.

She felt just right in his arms.

The popcorn precariously rested on his leg so they could both snack on it. Theo smelt the sweetness and also, a slight waft of coconut coming from Jasmine’s hair.

When a funny scene happened, they both turned to smile at each other. The light from the screen reflected the desire apparent between them in their dilated pupils. 

This close, Theo was able to take in all her of beauty. The faint scar on the arch of her eyebrow due to a narrow escape in a car crash as kid. Even in the dark, the sparkle in her brown eyes took his breath away each time.

Jasmine enjoyed putting on make up, but she didn’t go overboard. He liked that about her. Blush dusted across her cheeks complimented the warm tones of gold across her eyelids.

For her she was revelling in every moment being in Theo’s arms. She really liked him, so much so, that she could see them going further and putting a label on things. She bit her lip and Theo took that as invitation he just couldn’t refuse.  

Jasmine tasted sweet and that gave him such a buzz. Her lips responded to his, moving in sync to follow his lead.

Theo handled her with such care. He didn’t stick his tongue down her throat but with slow kisses that steadily built up arousal within her. A mewl bubbled past her her lips. 

On hearing that he pulled back, eyes expressing worry. “Is everything OK? Am I moving too fast?”

A ghost of a smile appeared on her face. “No….it feels really good.”

Theo nodded and visibly relaxed. “Can I continue making you feel good?”

She breathed out her assent, eyes already drifting closed. Their lips merged again and his tongue traced the seam of her lips. Without hesitation, she allowed him entry.

She couldn’t have predicted how intimate it felt though. Kissing this way. Infused with wanting, she wrapped her arms around his neck as she leaned into the kiss, gearing up to straddle him.

They broke apart when popcorn rained down around them like confetti, the bowl a soft thud on their carpet. Mouths wide, they froze for a heartbeat until their laughter filled the air.

Theo scratched his head as he observed the mess created on the floor. Thankfully they’d managed to make god headway on the once towering mound of popcorn, but still, like an array of golf bowls on a court that were so far off their target, they dotted the floor. “We should probably clean this up.”

“Later.” She leaned in again.

“Wait.” She did, her hands hovering just inches from his shoulder. “I love spending time with you, but it would feel wrong if I didn’t ask you something.”

Jasmine’s breath caught in her throat. “Would you like to be my girlfriend? Oh, wait, you’re already smiling so I guess that’s a yes.”

Swatting at his head with a cushion, she beamed at him. “I would love to.”

He nodded slowly, as he took in what just happened but then he broke the seriousness of his character by grinning at her, drawing her body flush with his. “That’s good. Thank you. Now, where were we?”


It didn’t take long for their their bodies to become horizontal on the couch. Clothes joined the food art as the night went on.

He whispered his approval of her matching pink lace lingerie in her ear. It was only when she said that she was comfortable with his weight did he relax between her thighs.

Stroking her hair, his eyes fondly scanned her beneath him. The beauty mark on her left rib. The sharp ridges of her collarbones. The tempting fullness of her lower lip. Super distracting.

He whispered that in her ear, too.

If he thought he was hard, more torture would he have to suffer when he peeled the thin straps of her bra down her shoulders. She looked like an angel.

Theo closed his eyes as his sucked gently on a nipple, the other hand gently massaging the soft flesh of the other. Jasmine sighed in pleasure. When his tongue swirled over the bud she couldn’t help but giggle a little. it wasn’t her first time, but everything felt like she was going through the motions of the first time all over again.

This close to her chest, he could almost see her heartbeat and gently placed a palm between her breasts. “Is this OK?”

Words she was without, so she just nodded. Theo took her mouth again, cupping the back of her head so he could deepen the kiss. A small part of him felt like he needed to reassure her. That he was a good lad.

Jasmine’s hand fluttered over the planes of his chest and down his arms, where she could feel the veins under the skin. Groaning, he pulled away from the warm sensation of her mouth to manoeuvre down her body as best he could without falling off the sofa.

In position, he pressed a kiss into the warmth of her belly before his head descended down as he reached to remove her panties. It took her a moment to distinguish in the fog of desire that Theo was laughing.

Uncertainty washed over her as she propped herself up. Soon though, she too was laughing. 

Between his teeth, Theo had a single caramel popcorn between his teeth.

Young Adult

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