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One-eyed Kangaroo "Lulu" Storm Savior

In Mowell, 90 miles east of Melbourne, Australia, lives a farmer named Leonard Richards. He and his wife Lynn have children under their knees, son Luke, 19, and daughter Celeste, 17.

By KianaPublished 6 months ago 9 min read

In Mowell, Australia, 90 miles east of Melbourne, lives a farmer named Leonard Richards. He and his wife Lynn have children under their knees, son Luke, 19, and daughter Celeste, 17. Richards is very fond of nature, and on holidays, he and his family drive to scenic spots for "jungle walks"

One weekend in October 1999, Richards and his family drove to Queen's Cliff for a holiday. It was early in the morning, and the scenery on the forest road was charming and the air was fresh. Richards couldn't help humming: "A little kangaroo, came to my house..." Humming, he found a kangaroo killed in a car accident on the road ahead. When he got out of the car to check, he suddenly heard "squeaking" noises in the kangaroo pouch. When he opened the pouch, he saw that there was a little kangaroo that had been hit and blinded in one eye. The little kangaroo was less than half a year old, and although he was still in shock, he was still alert, and when he saw Richards stroking its head and back, he lay obediently in his arms.

"If its eyes are not treated, I'm afraid it won't survive for a few days in this wilderness. Let's take it to the veterinary hospital." After Richards and his family buried the baby kangaroo's mother, they immediately drove the baby kangaroo to a veterinary hospital near Mowell.

Under the careful care of the Richards family, the little kangaroo's wound quickly healed. Although the little kangaroo lost one eye, it did not affect its daily life. It can eat, bark, run and jump. It is as agile as a pet dog. When it is happy, it has to jump on the "family" to act like a spoiled child, so the little kangaroo is deeply loved by the Richards family. Richards also gave the little kangaroo a famous name "Lulu" - this is the nickname of his father who participated in World War II, and his father was awarded the Cross by the Queen of England after the war.

However, Richards did not plan to keep "Lulu" in captivity, and wanted to let it go back to the mountains after its injury was healed. Perhaps because of his deep feelings, after the little kangaroo returned to the mountains, he was still very attached to Richards and his family, and "not seeing each other for a day is like three autumns". Not only did he often go back to "home" to save relatives, but he also often followed Richards to the fields to "patrol". When they met for dinner, they squatted on its "throne" and ate the vegetables and fruits prepared by the family for it. Sometimes the little kangaroo went shopping or traveling with the Richards family, and the eyes of passers-by widened. "Is the pet here a dog or a kangaroo?"

On Christmas Eve in 2000, after Richards fed Wallaby Lulu its favorite banana, he drove to town to go shopping. Pets are not allowed in the supermarket, and Richards left Lulu in the car. However, when he pushed the shopping cart back, he found that the car he parked on the side of the road and the road on the car were gone. In fact, he was not so anxious when the car was lost. The key is that on the busy and crowded streets of Ma Long, the unfamiliar roads are not only at risk of car accidents, but also at risk of "man-made disasters".

So, he asked everyone and looked for the way, but he walked all over the streets and alleys, but there was no trace of the way. In a hurry, he went to the police station to report the case. When the police heard that he was looking for a kangaroo, his eyes widened in astonishment: "Looking for a kangaroo named Lu Lu? Sir, did I hear it wrong?" "Yes, looking for Kangaroo Lu Lu Lu, it is not a relative more than a relative!" Then, he told the story of the "family love" between his family and Lu Lu. Hearing the police's face "cloudy and sunny", he finally dispatched the police to help Richards find the little kangaroo road.

"Hard work pays off." Two hours later, someone called after hearing the radio announcement to find the "rat": "I saw a one-eyed wallaby wandering outside my neighbor's garage."

Under the guidance of the informant, the police soon found the way in an unoccupied villa on the outskirts of the city. Seeing the hairy and bruised Lulu curled up alone in the grass, Richards' eyes were red: "I shouldn't have left you alone in the car!" However, how did it get here? Why did it "guard" here and not go? Where did Richards' car go? Just as everyone was puzzled, Lulu jumped out of Richards' arms and slammed the garage door with his claws. Richards' heart moved, and he looked in through the gap in the garage: "Wow, my car!" The police opened the garage door, and Richards' blue Cherokee was really parked inside.

In less than half an hour, the police caught the car thief in a nearby bar, drunk with a large beer mug. The police followed the trail and quickly busted an unbroken car theft gang.

It turned out that when Richards parked, the car thief was "stepping on the spot" nearby, and found that Richards' car just met the buyer's requirements (Australian car theft gangs look for the buyer first, and then "follow the picture" to steal the car). The car thief saw that there was no one around, so he set off a dumb alarm, picked the lock and slipped into the bridge. He was driving the car before it drove out of the city, when suddenly a gray and furry thing came from behind him. "My mother, how did the kangaroo get into the car?" The car thief knew that it was very dangerous to "entangle" with the kangaroo in the car at this moment, so he did not drive the car to the delivery point 30 kilometers away as originally planned, but drove the car to his home. After parking, he drove the little kangaroo away with a wooden stick, and then hid the car in the garage: "Go to the bar for a drink, it won't be too late for delivery tomorrow!" However, he never dreamed that after he left, the road he had driven jumped back and stayed outside his garage until Richards and the police found him.

Little Kangaroo Lu Lu helped the police solve the unsolved case, and Richards praised him repeatedly: "Awesome!" However, he did not expect that Lu Lu also saved his life in an accident.

In the early morning of September 21, 2004, there was lightning and thunder, and a heavy rainstorm that had not been seen in many years. Richards was uneasy: "This rain is coming fiercely, and I wonder what happened to the beets I just planted?" He had a sleepless night. As soon as it was dawn, Richards hurriedly got up and went to the farm to check the situation of the disaster. Maybe "he has a good heart". As soon as he walked out of the gate, he saw Wallaby Road jumping towards him.

The rainstorm has been raining for four or five hours, and the road has long been soft. As soon as you step on a pit, plus the big raindrops of beans hit people so hard that they can't open their eyes. If you don't pay attention, you will fall into a big somersault, a section of less than 200 meters. On the road, Richards fell seven or eight times.

Looking at the crops that had been washed to pieces, Richards was so distressed that he couldn't be more distressed. "If you replant it, it will be available two months later than others." He was checking the ridges that had been washed away by the torrential rain when he heard Lulu shouting behind him. "Silly boy, what's your name?" Before he turned around, he heard a "click" when the branch of a century-old tree next to the farmland suddenly broke and fell just to hit him on the head, and he immediately fainted in the field.

Seeing Richards lying still in the field, Lu Lu hurriedly sniffed with his nose, arched with his mouth, and called to Richards again and again. But no matter how hard it tried, Richards remained motionless. Lu Lu was anxious, so he roared loudly and used his claws to drag Richards, but it was obviously impossible for a wallaby like him to drag Richards, who was 1.8 meters tall and weighed 200 pounds. After being busy for a while, it suddenly jumped in the direction of Richards' house at a speed of 100 meters.

The wind and rain were raging, and all the doors and windows of the Richards house were tightly closed. After Lynn had cooked breakfast, she went upstairs to the living room to turn on the TV, trying to see what kind of disaster the rainstorm had caused. As soon as she sat down, she heard the sound of banging on the door outside, "It's so strong, it's knocking the door'dong dong dong '." So she turned the sound of the TV to the maximum, so that the reporter could not hear the live broadcast due to the interference of the "wind". "Mom, something seems to be calling outside the door?" Celeste stuck her head out of the bedroom and said. " The wind and rain, the wind blows like people are crying. "Lynn replied nonchalantly. At this time, Luke also ran out of the study:" It doesn't look like the wind and rain, hey, it seems like Lu Lu is calling! "After saying that, he ran downstairs to open the door. It was Lu who was really arching the door with his body and shouting loudly, trying to attract the attention of the people in the room.

"No, something might have happened to Richards!" Seeing Lu Lu's unusual behavior, Lynn was agitated. When Even, Luke and Celeste ran along Lu Lu in the direction of the farm, ran to a place more than 200 meters away from home, and found Richards, who had been knocked unconscious by tree branches, lying in the farmland in mud. When Richards' family called the rescue team, Lu Lu had been guarding Richards' side and did not want to leave for a moment. It was not until the rescue team lifted Richards into the ambulance that Lynn "pulled" him in: "The hospital does not allow pets to come in and out casually, he will be fine, don't worry."

Richards was taken to a hospital in Melbourne. Although his head injury was serious, he finally woke up after the doctors' full rescue. Afterwards, the doctor told Lynn that it was fortunate that Lulu called the police in time, otherwise Richards would probably die. After relatives and friends heard the news, they all went to the hospital to visit Richards. Speaking of Wallaby Lulu, everyone gave a thumbs up: "You deserve the name'Lulu ', just like your deceased father, you are a real hero!"

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