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On our wedding day, I put the groom in jail for getting married

At a wedding, my best friend was being pulled by the best man to squeeze a balloon, but his hand went up.My best man ripped off my dress and made me happy.

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My boyfriend Bruce and I were together for three years.

Although he comes from a mountain village, he is quite capable and kind to me.

I can understand that the wedding will only have a few tables in the small courtyard.

I'm really looking forward to a once in a lifetime wedding.

I specially chartered a bus, took my parents and relatives, and traveled over mountains and rivers to Bruce's home.

Everything went well, and I took four bridesmaids into the courtyard.

Bruce and four groomsmen led the way.

"What a beautiful bride! What a blessing for Bruce!"

"The bridesmaids are not bad either! There are so many beautiful girls here all at once, our village looks good!"

Listening to the discussion, we all smiled shyly.

Just as we were about to enter the house, a young man said, "How boring is it to let them in like that? What a fuss!"

"Yes! A proper wedding is a noisy one!"

"Come together!"

There were plenty of other people around, including the groomsmen.

I've been to weddings before, and I know that there are games like the groom saying his vows and the best man applying lipstick, but this doesn't seem right.

"Come, the groom first pick up the bride!"

Bruce grinned and gave me a princess hug.

To my surprise, the next moment the groomsmen were also picking up the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids were a little shy, but for the sake of my wedding, they didn't say anything, just a princess hug, they were okay with it.

No sooner had I breathed a sigh of relief than I heard my sisters screaming.

The groomsmen threw up the bridesmaids!

And then another person catches it.

The spectators all burst into laughter.

"What is this, stop it!

My face sank and I struggled to free myself.

The bridesmaids are all friends and family I've managed to find. What if I fall?

Bruce, still smiling, said, "It's okay. Just make a fuss. We'll be at the door soon."

At the end of these words, we were already lowered and herded through the door.

The door was small, the room was not big, and Bruce and I, plus the cameras, the best men and the bridesmaids, were already crowded, along with a few other men and women who liked to join in the fun. For a moment, it looked like a subway entrance during rush hour.

Even my mother's family can't get in.

Suddenly, I felt something touch my butt. I thought it was an accident in the crowd. After all, it was my own wedding, so I kept quiet.

The new house was in the family's east room, a shabby but festive arrangement.

Finally entered the new room, head ornaments and clothes on the body are a little messy.

I was seated on the kang covered with red quilts and was relieved.

Unexpectedly, this thought has ended the marriage, but just began.

"Next, we're going to play some games to heat up the field! Please welcome the bridesmaids and groomsmen!"

Bruce's emcee now squeezed in and started.

Why are there little games?

I cast my eyes to Bruce, who was sitting nearby.

He looked cheerful. "This is our custom, can be lively."

He got the MC and the camera from the town next to the village, and I didn't get to talk to them.

I shot him a warning look. "Almost done. Don't go too far."

He nodded hastily.

The MC takes out several balloons and asks the best man and bridesmaid to pop them together.

Before they could react, the sisters were dragged up against their will, face to face with the best man, and pushed to squeeze the balloon by someone nearby.

"Don't push!

"What are you doing? Let go!

The maid of honor was pushed face to face with the best man, her chest up against his chest.

Sisters look pale, but struggle.

My brain hum, this game is common, but not so play!

I quickly stood up and blocked the way.

"All right! All right! Let go!"

One of the groomsmen smiled and said, "The balloon hasn't popped yet!"

Do not know where they bought the balloon, very strong, I use the hand pinch and clap, the balloon was not broken.

I glared at a few people, pulled out the golden hairpin on the head, hard to stab!

The balloon burst at the sound.

I scrambled in the middle and separated the best man and bridesmaid.

As the process went on, all four bridesmaids were finally put back into action.

Their eyes were red, and even the youngest began to cry.

"That's the end of it! If we do this again, I'll be very rude!"

I took the hairpin waving, very angry heart.

I never thought a wedding I was looking forward to would be so ridiculous!

Why do bridesmaids and groomsmen have to be forced to make physical contact?

How does that make me face these sisters, their families, their boyfriends?

None of the Bruce family was impressed.

"Really? That's angry?"

"Yes, my sister-in-law is too stingy to take a joke."

"What family wedding is not like this? No fun, no noisy, that is also called a wedding? We are not for the sake of your newlyweds?"

"This little girl is too rude, Bruce son, you don't take good care of?"

Think of me? Well said!

As I consoled my weeping sister with my arms around her, I looked at these rude, smiling men and women.

I don't care what I'm doing.

"I'm in charge of my own wedding! What are you doing?"

They seemed angry and turned on Bruce again.

"Oh, Bruce! Look at what your wife said. She doesn't give you face at all!"

"Yes, can you stand up, can this wedding still go on?"

Bruce felt embarrassed and grabbed my wrist.

"Come on Abby, don't be unreasonable. This is our custom. People get married the same way.

You're not doing me a favor, are you? After the wedding, I'll buy some presents and apologize to your sisters."

"Then he smiled apologetically to the people around him," Go on, go on! Thank you for coming to support me!"

"Enough! What more?!"

I pushed one of the groomsmen out of the way and looked Bruce dead in the face, laughing back in anger. "I'm being ridiculous? Don't act like you're taking it for granted!

What happened next, however, confirmed what I had said.

Suddenly, one of Bruce's buddies rushed out of the crowd and threw me down on the low kang!

It's time for the bride to change her clothes! Everyone help! The more people help, the better!"

My heart clattered.

The man laughed and began to tear my Xiuhe clothes.

Before the ceremony, should change Xiuhe dress into wedding dress, but definitely not such a change method!

I screamed at the top of my lungs to let go of me. People around me turned a deaf ear, laughed and laughed, and even touched and scratched me.

A wave of shame came over me.

The bridesmaids tried to pull them, but they were thrown on the kang, their salty hands plunging into the girls' necklines.

"Quickly give me a pen! I'll draw a bastard, ha ha!"

The crowd roared with laughter.

In front of a crowd, the men started touching each other.

Every now and then a hand would even be offered.

I was doing just fine in my silk dress, but the bridesmaids were wearing organza bridesmaid dresses, either strapless or suspenders, which they couldn't hold for very long.

My mother's family is outside, and I have no idea what's going on inside.

I glared at Bruce, who was watching with interest as his buddy took down the bridesmaid and even stood on tiptoe to see the light.

At that moment my heart burning anger like being poured on the hot oil, as if to leap out of the chest!

I'm blind. Is he still a man?

I saw the man with his head down, unbuttoning my clothes.

I tried to raise my head, as hard as I could, and hit him!

There is a clanging sound, and the man is holding his bleeding nose for an instant.

My head was buzzing too, but I didn't care too much. I bent my leg and hit the man between his legs.

Men eat pain, cover the crotch up, a face of pain bared teeth, ferocious face, like to bite me to death.

I struck while the iron was hot and kicked him far away. The crowd hastened to help him.

Others looked at me disapprovingly, rolling up their sleeves as if they were about to strike.

I had a moment of reflection in my heart. Instead of trying to rescue the bridesmaid immediately, I rolled onto the kang, took off my high heels and smashed them against the window.

These people are crazy, and we little girls are alone, and even if I go, it won't help.

I managed to break free. My parents need to know what's going on in there, that there's more people to get us out!

This may be my only chance!

The glass of the Windows broke at the sound, and the spectators and diners outside were shocked by the incident.

The yard burst into flames.

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