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Old house


By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 16 min read

Like a snail renewing its hole and a snake renewing its skin, Australians change the house in which they live once every seven years. So the houses they lived in would come to the market for sale once every seven years. Elderly people sell a big house and look for a small house. Similarly, houses change not only as the family grows, but also as the family splits. People who have come here from countries like Sri Lanka and India cannot believe this attitude of the Australians. They will live for many generations, until a hundred-year-old houses collapse in our countries. They will be proud to live for so many generations. What is right and what is wrong is not an argument here.
The more people who work in the community, the more money there will be in the community. That money will keep the community spinning like a wheel. If an Australian had lived seventy-five years he would have lived in at least ten houses.
How many home brokers, lawyers, would have benefited from those ten times? Why, only the banks would have benefited?
Who benefits if you live, grow, mature, die, and go to the box instead of a home? The exchange of money does not occur much there. This money transfer is the fuel of the capitalist machine. From here, jobs are created and the country's economy thrives.
We sold the big house we lived in for the last quarter century because it was no longer necessary. After coming to Australia and staying in five rental houses for five years, we bought a house of our own near a school for children.
The children's grandson and granddaughter have said goodbye, and our need for the children to leave the nest has diminished. But we did not have the opportunity to comfortably buy a house that suited us. When we got the price of a house we wanted, we hurriedly sold the old one. Since we had already decided on the holiday by the time we sold the old house and bought the new one, we insured the new house we bought and went to India.
Arriving by taxi directly to the new house we bought directly from the airport on our way back from vacation, it was midnight. We thanked the son who caused it when the scent wafted through his breath as he opened the house and cleaned the house for us who came in because we had the opening. The first week before we arrived our son was holding a cleaner and cleaning the carpet.
Although newly purchased, the house is not brand new or refurbished. Sixty years old. Aged couple, house lived for forty years. He lived alone for a hundred years after the death of the householder's wife. He lived in a nursing home for six months and died last month. His two sons had sold that old house to us without making any repairs.
The old house is located in a quiet suburb of Melbourne. Five kg to the beach. House on Branch Street coming from Small Street. Not much vehicular traffic. You can walk in and buy groceries. The old house had trees growing as an oasis around the house.
The north-facing house where the awning does not come into the house in the summer. Small land around the house. It does not require much maintenance. I liked this house as soon as I saw it on the internet for so many reasons. The thought came that this should not be left out. When we found out that the house would be put up for auction, we knew for sure that many would come and that those who were more comfortable than us could come. And with good credit, you might find exactly what you need. So we caught an experienced professional system representative in the home auction for us and asked him to participate in this auction on our behalf.
A home auction is a street play in Australia that takes to the streets and takes the stage without a hitch. The bidding protagonist will be specially hired. Five or six people around him will stand as assistants to that real estate agent and inspire listeners.
Suppress the voice and slowly raise the volume for the bidders. Serious bidders will stand in the inner ring, those who think they will participate if the price comes to them will stand in the next ring, and those who leave will stand in the big ring.
I remember one time in my thirties when I was about to participate in an auction like this. It was a time of clean blood and a healthy heart. But, in this day and age of medication for high blood pressure, I have appointed someone for us that is why unnecessary squeezing. My son and I decided to have fun watching the auction play.
Summer is summer for us. The tree-lined road was only accessible by daylight in the afternoon. More than sixty people stood leaning against the surrounding trees and walls.
When the auction started at exactly eleven o’clock my heart started in first gear and continued to climb. My heart rate also skyrocketed when more than ten people participated in this auction early on and the price of the house skyrocketed. My agent said nothing.
Why is he silent?
Is the money given to him worthwhile?
I myself may have been participating in the auction. Unnecessary work. Already by my wife, ‘We can attend directly ourselves. The policy statement was that 'everything that catches an agent is a waste'. I scolded myself for thinking why I ignored it.
Will it go up in price for us uncontrollably?
I was in the mood to look at the picture of from the front door thinking that the house had slipped away.
In the final round two middle-aged men competed with a small amount of tug-of-war. One of them seemed to be cheering with a young girl like her daughter in her arms. I thought he was the father bidding for the daughter. The other was a Chinese family standing in a crowd. It was a Chinese real estate agent who gave a voice in Tamil Nadu to actor to help the Chinese family. My heart raced like a Formula One race car but I was able to watch these scenes as well.
Just as the United States ended World War II with the atomic bomb, so did those around me when my agent quoted the price in a single leap.
Our swaying protagonist spun around the necks of those standing in the three rings to see if anyone else was increasing the amount. The bidders were excited by the word and body as they tried to keep the already standing supporting actors alive by giving oxygen to the dead in Corona. Everyone silently retreated successfully with a face of evening flowers.
Auction amount , how he sees the final price of the Word with those who have face. The auction would have been even higher if I had said that amount was wasted.
After a few minutes the bidder, after making sure that no one asked for a refund, said one, two, three and hit the refusal with the hammer in his hand and handed over the house as ours. My firm belief is that the house would not have been available without that agent.
Another thing was not to take my wife to that auction. Home auction is often likened to the murder of criminals by guillotines during the French Revolution.
Here too hundreds of people would have gathered to watch as the debt rope fell guillotine around one's neck. what will happen…? For the next twenty-five years, the bloodless man would have run around with a hammer tied to his nose. When he pays off the loan and owns the house, he is blind and stumbles to walk into the house.
We bought the house and left because we had already made arrangements to go on vacation. The house in front has also been sold. We also sent home the bed furniture we bought.
When I was temporarily staying somewhere else for a few months after selling the old house, many times my car went to the old house without me knowing. When I go to the door, I will look for myself. Once when I went there to pick up the letters, the Chinese woman who bought the house had completely changed the wooden floor of the house to black. I cursed the Chinese woman in search of the old floor in my mind, even though she said in words that it was good to see her.
Twenty-five years of memories are indelible, aren't they?
A pomegranate tree was planted by my father-in-law in the backyard of our old house. He will shed sweet fruits in every picture after he dies. Giving to friends and eating too. Similarly, a curry tree was planted by my father-in-law and flourished.
For many years they were both self-sufficient for us. Although I wanted to record both of these in memory of my father, I called my friend because I did not know the technology of farming.
But in the case of pomegranate, the texture was correct but not in the case of caraway. The Chinese woman who bought our house said that if you want, you can take the whole caraway tree with you.
I did not want that.
A vacuum appeared in my mind when I sold the house we had lived in for a quarter of a century. At the same time as leaving the country of birth, mother and father, the moisture for the feelings in my mind would easily dry up like rain falling on the sand dunes of .
But since the wife's father and mother lived and died in that house with us for many years, their memories do not easily form a flood of rain falling on the clay floor. So at least before I went on vacation, I asked a friend to pour water on the pomegranate I had left in the house in memory of my father-in-law.
I remember reading somewhere that the gods appeared in those days as a result of humans giving shape to whatever they wanted. Then the pomegranate tree, the father-in-law will stand outside our new home.
After the holiday, we boarded a taxi from the airport, packed up, and headed to bed. Not hungry because I ate on the plane at night. There is nothing at home to eat even if you are so hungry. We emptied the refrigerator and turned off the electricity. I put a cup of water by the bed and left before going to bed.
No sleep the first night in the new house. Having stayed in India for six weeks, the body clock was given the key to Indian time. She closed her eyes but refused to turn off the sleep.
Slow, but never-before-heard rustling sound was heard. It was as if two small stones were touching each other and coming back. When we looked back it was like a sound we could only hear when the teeth were biting each other. At a young age, I heard Achi say, 'Potion smells like a tooth, like an insect in the stomach.'
I also remember spending a night in Sri Lankan prairie, one night naked and gritting my teeth, as I went on duty without clothes. We can only hear if we gnash our teeth. But that night, as I lay in my new home, I heard a loud bang. Standing outside and brushing one's teeth with a loudspeaker can be described as lucrative. The ascendant continued to descend even as Osai left.
That noise, that fear did not create something in me. I closed my eyes and listened as if enjoying a psalm of something. It's half past one.
The house needs to be repaired anyway.
Is the window not locked properly? Or is the air coming in through a hole? The sound of something coming off the roof tiles ..? I was left with many questions in my mind as to whether the surrounding trees were being knocked to the roof by any wind.
When there is an illness it will be easier for the doctor to find the cause of the disease. I got out of bed thinking that I could easily find the bug when I saw the noise, just as the mechanic would easily detect when the engine noise is coming from the running vehicle. The wife nearby heard a slow snoring sound
I picked up the phone without turning on the light and came out of the room with its light on and looked at the bathroom. Nothing is known. The glass window above was locked. I looked up at the toilet on the side. The cold air came in with small wire nets there and slapped him in the face. A strong wind blew outside. But summer in Melbourne. The toilet door slammed shut.
In the rooms other than the bedrooms the unoccupied boxes were lying on the floor. I went to my classroom and pushed through the boxes lying there and pushed the closed window with my hands. I noticed something was coming up. I placed it near my ear and examined it as if the doctor were examining the chest. Nothing. Similarly, when I looked at the other two rooms, there were clothes, boxes and luggage in one room. In the last room the wife had pictures of the cat and her suitcase.
There is nothing there. When I tapped the window of that room by hand , there was a slight vibration in the glass window. I tore up a small piece of cardboard box lying on the floor.
I knocked on the other windows at the front of the house, thinking that the sound might have come from there. I saw the kitchen area and the door to the exit from there.
For almost half an hour I saw a new house I had bought as an architect examining it before buying a house. We bought the house at auction on the basis of a certificate issued by an architect who had already paid and researched before buying the house.
No matter what the housekeeper examines, the cause of the noise is not clear. I came to bed with satisfaction. Memories of the old house continued to linger.
Immigrating to Australia and selling that house where life’s dreams have lived for a quarter of a century is no easy task for us. Not only do we currently not need a large terrace for the two of us to live in, but we decided to look for another house because maintaining a large house is not easy. The green memories of his wife and children growing up in that house and his parents living and dying continued to cast a shadow. For me there are no such big sentiments. The only idea was to make it easier to maintain a small house in a quiet place.
I slept that night in that new home in the mental flow of wanting to live in a quiet place towards the end of life. I went the next morning and brought our pet dog Cindy. During our vacation it was maintained elsewhere.
That eight-year-old Labrador is the next life living with us. Snoring at night as we lay on the ground next to our cot. Even if you hear some small noise, the selected guard will get up and go outside.
The night it came home the next day it didn’t even sleep. There was a series of walks throughout the house. I thought the new house would have required him to marry places like us and harmonize himself. But, on some days the night has calmed down. I also fall asleep as soon as I get used to the Australian time.
Again one night I was relieved to hear the sound of teeth brushing. Cindy also went to the back door as she collapsed. I got up and drank the water from the glass jar and looked at the cell phone. One o'clock at night. I also got up and stood in the back door as Cindy continued and collapsed. As well as its neck muscles bulging and hair pierced. The ears were also erect as a loudspeaker at the time.
She looked at me as if she was pretending to open the door, stretching her forearms and twisting her muscles to get ready for the day. I opened the back door and put out the lamp, thinking that something might have appeared in its eyes.
In the light the area became daylight. Nothing is known. Not even the trees danced to the wind. Cindy didn't mess up. Came outside and sniffed the back of our bathroom. He put his feet on the bathroom wall for a while and sniffed the wall again. As soon as I got out I looked out the windows and the house. Nothing is known. When I came around the house and looked through every window and door there was no sound coming from anywhere. When we went back inside the house with Cindy, our wife heard us and got up and inquired, “Nothing, Cindy is upset. That's what I saw. "
Again a few days later and one night Cindy was devastated to hear the sound of teeth grinding.
Everything inside and out has been seen. The roof area is still there to see. I can't do that. The roof area was covered with dirt and moss.
I called someone to look at the roof of the house and arranged to remove the moss by fitting the broken parts. The visitor washed the roof and sealed it with broken tiles at several points.
When I was satisfied that I had inspected all the parts of the house, my wife and I decided to make some more repairs and repaint the interior.
Corona came to Melbourne and made us stay at home. We forgot the sound that came at night because we could not call anyone for housework
Two months later, again in the middle of the night, Cindy burst into tears. I looked out the window screen. The full moon shyly hid among the trees. It was winter and it was forbidden to go outside so we reached inside the house and forgot about the sky , the sun and the moon and stayed inside to warm the house.
Cindy went back to the back door. Then when the door opened it bounced towards the fence. At that time we saw a giant jump from an electric wire to a tree. When , who was looking down from the branch of the tree, saw that in the moonlight, she ignored the and went back to the window and sniffed Cindy.
This time the wife who came behind me
" I think. It was as if the old man who had been in the house before was coming to the house from time to time. Who lived here for many years. We need to get this house repaired and repainted as soon as possible. ”
I laughed without believing it.
Although I woke up the next morning, I was still in bed reading until nine o’clock.
When my wife yelled "Ginger buy… Ginger buy" I ran as I asked "What happened?"
"Take a look at the incense," he said, holding out a red-covered plastic jar.
“What? ”
"Look, take this and throw it away."
Two sets of teeth in it looked at me and smiled. The cavities in those teeth widened in my mind
“Where were they? “
"Plate above the window"
“Haven’t slipped in our eyes yet? “
"Sin, as if had been taken to an old age home without a set of teeth. He's looking for a toothpick to bite into. "
I put it in the trash can of our new house, as I was told, "Most old people give me mashed potatoes at home."
After that, we locked the house a couple of times and when we went out and returned the house was left unopened to open. Eventually those two times the door had to be broken.
"It simply came to our notice then. The house needs to be fixed soon.
“Let the corona end. Pulse is no more. Man will never come again. ”

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