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by Epic Writer Inbound, L.J. 10 months ago in Fantasy
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Wake up or die...

Photo by Kahfiara Krisna on Unsplash

From a former, and unpublished, Supernatural fan-fiction I made...

Selena’s eyes opened wide. She quickly sat up. She didn’t scream or call for help, or call for Riley in particular. Instead, she was overcome with shock as she looked around the room she was in. How did she get there, her father’s home in North Carolina? Selena last remembered being suspended sideways in the Audi somewhere in Mississippi. She didn’t remember anything else that could had possibly occurred afterwards. As she stood from the living room floor and twirled to get a good look at the place, she wasn’t sure if she was just dreaming about being back there or if she was actually there. Quite honestly, it was hard to tell if it was reality or fantasy because everything looked so real.

When Selena took a step backwards, everything changed in the blink of an eye. Instantly, the carpet was soaked in fresh blood. Christi Moore, Riley’s mother, wasn’t in her deceased position beside the carpet but her blood was there, creating an outline of what had remained of her body. The corpse of Ryan Piers, Selena and Riley’s father, wasn’t exactly where it'd been when found; no, his body had been on the couch while his head was on the television; only his head was where it was supposed to be, though there was blood on the couch. Selena stared in horror and closed her eyes, hoping she’d wake from the nightmare; she was certain that she was back in her little dreamland. If all that was occurring, the Doppelganger couldn’t be too far away. However, when she opened her eyes, she screamed and jumped back, staring at the body of Ryan; it was standing upright and its shoulders were moving like it was breathing but its head remained missing. She moved far away as it walked around the couch with ease. She watched as it found its head, placing it onto its body incorrectly. However, it fixed that problem when its body swirled around to correct the mistake and realign the body.

“Hey, baby girl,” the corpse cooed. It stared at Selena with a creepy smile. “It’s been a while. How come you don’t visit?” It sounded nothing like Ryan, its voice almost a mixture of robotic and demonic. Its mannerism was way off the scale to be anywhere close to how Ryan spoke. Blood dripped down its neck. “Life’s not fun without a head, you know? My poor wife got the worst end of the deal but no head, that really takes the cake. How come you still have yours?” It walked towards her. “Why aren’t you dead? We should be dead as a family, but you, you left us. You and your good-for-nothing sister left us to die, to be slaughtered like animals.” It grew closer. Selena backed away but it still appeared to be getting closer to her person despite the distance she thought she was putting between them. “You should be slaughtered like an animal, too. It’s only fair. Don’t worry. It’ll only hurt a lot.” It lunged at her, nails like claws as it tried to scratch her. Selena dived out of the way. It ended up crashing head first into the wall, its head falling off easily and the body hit the floor motionlessly.

Selena was momentarily safe again, but it didn’t last long. She felt a hand on her shoulder as she took a few steps back. She spun around quickly, mouth dropping in horror and surprise. The corpse of Ryan hadn’t been the only one to come alive, but surprisingly, it wasn’t Christi. Instead, the new corpses were of Brian Alderson and Emily Swan. Emily’s corpse had blood dripping from its mouth, blood pouring from the wounds in its abdomen that had been caused by the demon that possessed it while it was living, its neck twisted and broken. Beside it, the corpse of Brian stood, blood coating its body; it looked like it was ripped to shreds, barely holding together as its guts and organs slowly dropped out. Both spoke as one, sounding as robotic and demonic as the last one. “Why didn’t you save us? Why did you let us die? Why are you allowed to be alive?” Selena moved away from them as the corpse of Ryan began picking itself up from the floor; it placed its head back on its body correctly. All three moved towards Selena. “This was your fault!” they growled, all of them lunging at her as one. She jumped out of the way and, in a panic, attempted to send them flying with telekinesis; it was her dream, it should work as well as it did outside.

Nothing occurred.

Realizing she was powerless, Selena took off running to the bedroom she once shared with Riley. The corpses chased after her.

Selena slammed the bedroom door shut, locking it. She didn’t have much time before the corpses would bust in and attack again. She looked around, searching for salt; she and Riley used to keep it in their room for special occasions. Fortunately, she was able to find it at the edge of Riley’s old bed and quickly made a line of salt at all entrances. When done, she sighed. That would buy her time.

She needed to think. Why wasn’t she waking up? She was usually able to force herself to awaken whenever she got too overwhelmed, but she couldn’t that time. Why couldn’t she? What happened? Had she been hurt worse than she originally thought? Is that why she was stuck there? Was she comatose?

Unbeknownst to her, something was forming behind her. Darkness was appearing and she had no clue, her eyes on the door. Out from the darkness, a feminine body began forming as it walked into the light. Its body was extremely thin, its bones were showing; its skin was extremely pale; its hair was to its shoulders and was platinum-blonde. It glared at the back of her head with sunken red eyes, its bloody mouth full of sharp teeth that it would likely use to bite her while she was unaware. It was wearing a strange attire; it consisted of a tattered white tank-top, which covered its large breasts, and a pair of white panties. Knees and feet stained in blood, the last of its features was its twelve-inch bloodstained claws for fingers. It looked more demonic than any demon Selena encountered. It slowly approached her from behind without her knowledge. When the creature began growling, Selena became aware of its presence but was far too late to fully react.

Turning halfway on her heels, Selena screamed in pain as its claws slashed her left arm. Gripping her wounded arm, she dodged the next attack and managed to kick the beast away, knocking it across the room. Taking a risk, Selena unlocked the door and sprinted out of the bedroom, uncaring about possibly running into the corpses again. She'd rather deal with them instead. She had no protection against it since it could enter circles of salt. How was she gonna prevent it from attacking again?

Selena was holding one of her wounds that had been inflicted upon her. She could feel the pain as if it were real. Was it not a dream after all? As she ran around the house, going through every room, the monster was right on her ass. When both somehow made it to the kitchen after a long chase, it clawed at her, slashing her left leg pretty badly. She cried out and dropped to the ground, hands going onto her leg. She wanted it to end. She wanted to wake up if it was just a nightmare. She was losing her mind. She wanted it gone. She wanted her powers.

Selena looked at the creature in horror as it approached menacingly but to her surprise, it didn't attempt to harm or kill her. As she waited for the inevitable while crawling backwards slowly, the creature started laughing evilly and changed into something else entirely. She realized what she was dealing with as soon as she heard the laugh; she heard it whenever the thing appeared in her nightmares. In no time, the Doppelganger was standing before her, still cackling. It was still dressed in the other outfit, not magically switching it to her usual dress. Selena was actually very terrified of it, more so than she ever had been. She had no clue that it could morph into other things. She only thought it showed visions of the horrible future that could occur. "Surprise," it greeted. "It has been quite a while, hasn't it? A few weeks? I lost count after a day. I missed you. Did you miss me?"

Selena stared, trembling in fear. The thing was more unpredictable than she originally thought. She hadn't expected it to harm her. She hadn't expected it to prevent her from doing what she wished. What if it killed her? She had no means of self defense. What if it took over? Would it kill her friends and sisters? Would it kill everyone? Would anyone even tell the difference if the Doppelganger somehow became her? "Why are you doing this?" she questioned as calmly as she could manage, removing her hands from her wounded leg. Strangely, the only wounds she had were the wounds the Doppelganger gave her; her wounds from the outside weren't there. "What do you want from me?"

The Doppelganger grinned, clasping its hands together. "I am so glad you asked. I grew so tired of waiting. I want to be real. I was gonna be patient with you, let you ruin yourself." It started shaking its head, its amusement turning into anger. "But then you left the Winchesters." It started yelling, it's composure gone. "You were supposed to stay put! Why did you leave?! You stupid bitch, you nearly ruined my chance of becoming a reality!" Its anger died down a tad. "Your actions resulted in consequences and that's why you're here now. You're stuck in my world, all because of a little accident. How sad. Your sibling is crying her eyes out, you know. I could hear her babbling on and on in our ear about how sorry she is." It started smirking. "She will be the first I will kill when I take over your soul. We'll truly become one, sooner than we would've. However, now that I think about it, I am rather glad you broke the rules. I can come out to play. I. Can. Exist." It started laughing like a maniac.

Something unexpected occurred. Selena felt rage overtaking all emotions that she had been feeling up to that point. All at once, she was so tired of the Doppelganger messing with her. She wasn't gonna allow it to roam free and kill her sister or anyone for that matter. She wasn't gonna allow it to pretend it was her. Suddenly, the sink faucet shook violently. The Doppelganger stopped laughing, turning its attention towards the sink. Seconds later, water sprayed into the air and drenched the lookalike. It growled in anger as it turned its glare towards Selena, unamused and angry that she somehow bypassed its hold against her. Immediately, Selena knew what to do and raised her hand; she could feel power flowing throughout her and the water dripping off the Doppelganger was beginning to freeze. As the entity protested, not wanting to be sent away so easily when it had been doing so well, Selena rolled her eyes. "You creatures never learn. You should not monologue in mist of a confrontation."

The Doppelganger released a scream before it was completely frozen. Selena stood quickly. With a spinning kick, she shattered the ice sculptured entity. She knew it wasn't dead and that it would be back eventually but perhaps she'd wake up.

And she did.


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