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Night Vision

by Abigail McFarrlen 6 months ago in Short Story · updated 5 months ago
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Seeing with My Eyes Closed

I’ve been to such a place so unimaginable, that even after sharing my experience, you would not be able to fathom what I have seen, felt, or witnessed. But…this is my attempt to share with you what is beyond. Beyond comprehension. Beyond what we’ve been conditioned to believe to be real or fake.

It was a Wednesday late afternoon, November 18th to be exact. I finally arrived home after a long day at work. My feet are throbbing, I’m starved, and ready to crash. Eat or sleep first? Those were the options that faced my evening. I could barely think of anything but my bed. Welp! That was that! I threw my heels off, quickly changed my clothes into a very large oversized tee-shirt. I walked over to the left side of my bed, lifted the blanket up and over, climbed into bed, and covered myself. I let out a deep sigh that sounded like “the anxious wait is over”. I scooted towards the edge of the bed to have one leg out and my arm bent slightly over the edge. Before I realized it I was out for the count!

Just when I thought I would have a peaceful rest, suddenly, I was being pulled up and out of my bed. Did you catch that? I was being pulled up and out of my bed. I was confused, frightened and amazed. I couldn’t choose which emotion to settle in. I looked down to see how far up I am, but to my surprise, I saw my body laying there! I kept blinking and shaking my head to try and snap out of it but nothing worked. I finally looked up to see what or who was pulling me upward, and it was a bright-lighted being. I began to wiggle and yell for help. This bright entity, this person whom I could only guess was an angelic being, looked down at me and descended to my eye level, placed its hand on my head, then on my right shoulder. The light-being then says, “Peace”. That’s all. Just “peace”. But that was all it took for me to truly be calm and comfortable with this new experience. We continued upward, out of my house. Then over the city. Eventually, we were above the country, then the face of the earth! We traveled past the clouds towards the darkness of space! I looked up at this angel and asked, “Please, where are you taking me?” The light-being’s response was, “Do you not know?” I was confused by this, like come on! This is my first rodeo.

I remained silent because I was in awe of what I saw next. We were headed to only what I could describe as a translucent, wavy-like substance that reflected all kinds of colors. Colors I couldn’t describe even if I tried. We got closer and I couldn’t believe what it was! “Is…is that water”? I asked. Before I knew it we were traveling through water in space! But this wasn’t ordinary water. I didn’t drown. My lungs didn’t fill with water. I’m not sure if that is because my actual body is back at home in my bed or not. I just know that what I am experiencing is unimaginable. Oh, how to describe how this body of water felt. It was like touching life. I could feel this water protecting me in some way. It was as if I was submerged in 100% certainty and knowing what that felt like, truly. No, I got it…it felt like I went through absolute truth. Through the water, I looked up and I could see many colors of light becoming deeper in contrast as we were about to come out. As we emerged from the watery-like portal, I was coated with the water. I then looked down to see what I was standing on. I can only describe it as a dragon-glass like surface. I was full of amazement. “What is this?” I asked, looking at the water coating my body. The angel finally released me and answered, “You are not yet in a form that can stand here. The water covering you is meant to protect”. Wait?! Where is “here”? I had nearly forgotten this isn’t Kansas anymore.

The light-being motioned me to follow. As I followed along, I looked around me and I saw many beautiful colors glowing and flowing all around. I continued to explore with my eyes and saw more light-beings bringing other people like me through the water portal. I thought to myself, this must be like how we take a train and arrive at the station where people are waiting to board or departing to go to their next destination. I was shocked and honestly relieved. I was about to yell out to a person I saw in the distance but my guide, the light-being, stopped me and said, “This journey is for you. Come.” I nodded in agreement and walked alongside. We approached a watery barrier that towered so far past the eye view! It was massive! Much like the water portal we just passed through. “Do you know where you are? Do you know why you are here?” the guide asked. I, without shame, replied, “No. I do not know where I am or why I am here. Am I dead? Is this heaven?” He replied, “No Olivia. You have not passed on. This is not heaven.” I looked around again and at the water barrier, “Is this a special realm? Is there such a thing as realms?” I asked. “Yes. You are about to enter the vision realm.” He removed his gaze from me to look toward the water barrier. “This is where you will see many wonders. You will see the present or you may see the future whether it is pleasant or destruction and death. You see what they choose for you to see”, the guide explained. “Wait! Who are ‘they’?” The guide doesn’t answer, he instead extends his hand and points toward the water barrier. I could only assume that means go through. I took a deep breath, I stuck my hand in first, then quickly retracted it. I took a step back and began shaking in fear. The guide touched my back and said, “Peace”. I took another deep breath, relaxed my shoulders, lifted up my head, and proceeded through.

I can't believe what I am seeing. It’s like a war-stricken city. It’s horrible! Buildings are in ruins and smoke arises from them. People running and screaming in fear and agony. I can no longer see myself, it's like I’m viewing this through a lens. I feel like a fly on the wall. I continue to look on and see a modern-looking warrior running and taking cover multiple times as if they were on a mission. I see others like her following her lead. She’s decked with dirt-soiled clothes, combat boots, black gloves, an automatic weapon roped around her chest, a quiver with many arrows on her back, and the bow and arrow in her hands. Her hair is pulled back, her face covered in dirt and blood smudges. She looks focused and afraid at the same time. “Wait…is that me? That’s me!” I exclaimed. I continued to look. I, the warrior, carefully cross a parking lot with burning cars, trash, and debris to the entry of a partially bombed building. This warrior, well me, stops at the entryway, grabs the automatic weapon to look through the sniper scope to look out for nearby threats. She then motions the rest to hurry and cross through the parking lot and meet her. She opens the door and everyone is pouring through. As the last one runs through the door, she looks out once more and closes the door behind her. They descend to the lowest floor of the building where it seems like survivors are holding up. There are children, men, and women all in their assigned areas. Everyone seems to have a role to play to survive. You can see some sorting rations, others building and repairing weapons. Even children are being taught to play their part in the survival efforts. I can only feel an atmosphere filled with nothing but sorrow. Some seem just too tired to carry on like this. Some are duty focused. No matter the countenance of the people, none had joy or happiness. Only fear and a strong determination to survive the day. I’ve never felt such sadness. I enter a room where other group leaders are gathered to debrief. There’s a table with an atlas laid out and a whiteboard with assignments lines and graphs drawn on it. I walk over to my place in the room and someone yells out, “Thank God, you made it!” Others clap their hands and warmly welcome me back. I nodded in gratitude and called the meeting to order. “We just heard word in the East sector that the military figured us out. We must…”

Suddenly the dream was fading and I could no longer hear what was being said! It was like I was being pulled out of the dream. I kept saying, “Wait! Wait! There’s more! Bring me back! Wait”! Next thing I know the right side of my body was hurting. I looked down and around, and realized I was back in my room and fell off the bed! I began patting the floor, the wall and my bed, then finally my face to see if I was truly back. Well, back in my body that is. I was indeed back. And before I knew it I was fully overtaken with emotions. I began to cry and even chuckled a little bit. I asked myself, “Did I really just leave this earth and enter a whole new dimension?” Did I really witness wonder and devastation all in the same experience? I couldn't go back to sleep. I had to tell everyone and warn them! I told my family and friends. I wrote to TV and radio stations of that night, November 18th, the night I slept and traveled beyond. But literally, everyone thinks I’m touched in the head! They all think I’m crazy. But I’m not crazy, you see. I know things that the average person can’t handle, that's all. I took a deep breath after ranting on and looked around at white padded walls, the plainly covered bed, and the psychiatrist looking down at his pad, writing down his observations. I quickly remembered nothing I'm saying will ever matter. I’m trapped in the one place I will never be heard. The psychiatrist, Dr. Zamdine says, “So, Olivia, you’ve been here for 2 years now. We had hoped your delusions of grandeur would gradually fade away. But it seems you are still a danger to yourself and others.” I look toward the black tempered soundproof glass as if I knew there were others behind it observing me. I yelled, “You know I’m right! That’s why I'm here isn’t it! But I won't be for long. You’ll see!” Dr. Zamdine, held a slight smirk saying sternly, “Until you recover…you WILL remain, right…here”. He rose up from his chair and took it with him as he exited the room. I angrily stared him down as he left. I laid back down, faced the wall, clenched my fist in anger. I then began to cry silently from frustration and confusion. I couldn’t fathom why I would be shown such wonder and of an apocalypse to come only to suffer this fate. While I lay in sorrow, suddenly I felt a warm hand on my right shoulder. I immediately stopped crying because I recognized that feeling. It was my guide! I then heard, “Peace unto you Dreamer of dreams. Peace.” I smiled, relaxed myself and closed my eyes to sleep. When I woke, I was laying down in my bed, in the same oversized tee-shirt I put on before I laid down to sleep. I popped up from my bed, sweating and breathing heavily. I immediately got out of bed and tripped all over the place as I frantically ran into the other rooms of my house. I got to my kitchen and opened the window to smell and feel the cool crisp air outside on my skin. I needed to know I was truly back home! I ran back to my room, stood at the doorway of my bedroom and fell down on my knees with my eyes full of tears. Many thoughts raced through my head. So many emotions pulsating through the center of my being. I realized this wasn’t just a dream from bad Thai food I had for lunch. No. I was chosen to see what the end will be.

Most cannot handle what I have just told you. But, I think you know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t you? Do you recall when I told you I saw others with their guides emerging from the water portal? Well, I think you are one of them! I have spent 5 years trying to track down others like me…like us. Those who have been where we have been and maybe seen what we’ve seen. I strongly believe that we all have seen the same future apocalypse in pieces. Like a puzzle, we are to come together to complete the picture! I know I’m right about you! I can see it in your eyes. I haven’t told a living soul ‘til now because the dream warned of what would happen if I just went around telling everyone the fate of the world. Right now, only a Dreamer of Dreams can hear what we have seen. I've come all this way, and have risked everything by sharing what I’ve seen with you. Will you join me in finding the others and prepare for what is to come? Or will you take the easy way out and pretend it was just a dream? The choice…is yours.

Short Story

About the author

Abigail McFarrlen

I am a new writer on the scene! The fantastical world of imagination and the mysteries of the unseen captivate my soul! I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I did writing them! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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